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Welcome to the NEW 5 Oz. of Pain!

As you can tell, we debuted a brand new site design and layout for 5 Oz. of Pain last night.

I hope you all enjoy the new look. We believe it’s much cleaner and sleeker and overall, just more professional looking.

This is just one of several new projects we’ve been working on. We’re still working out some kinks (such as the server load time) so your patience is appreciated.

I wanted to thank our designer, Derek Bess, and our site operations administrator, Matt Cava, for all the hard work they put into the new site.

5 Oz. of Pain continues to grow and we’ll have some forthcoming announcements we’ll be making soon. Thanks again to everyone who supports the work that we do here. It’s greatly appreciated.

  • Popetastic says:

    Looks good. Well done.

  • Nick says:

    Looks awesome Sam. It really does.

  • rob says:

    just making the best site for MMA news even better – – – (both writers and posters) – -I’m with it

  • Jeff L says:

    Nice overhaul, congratulations. I bet you come to regret that “Top Commentors” box on the right panel though.

  • Love it! The layout is a bit less busy and easier to read. Fabulous!

  • joetheacupuncturist says:

    sweet stuff sam. are video and audio feeds next?

  • Ross says:

    looks great… first a shout out on natl tv and now a new layout….Id like to say Welcome to the Big Show Mr. Caplan, I hope you enjoy your stay.

  • AG Silver says:

    KUDOS on the new site!

    It looks great!!! Keep up the AMAZING work!!!

  • Ross says:

    side note- Pappa Johns as a sponsor-jeez——-I wonder how long until a fighter has a big yellow M on their shorts?

  • JacRabbit says:

    Looking fresh–I like it!

  • Jesse says:

    Dig it. Next up a mobile optimized version please. I like to check it on my phone, too. We’ll see how the load times are with this new format though.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • Jesse says:

    One other thing, please add the index link to the 5oz graphic in the header. Who uses a home link? :)

  • Echolocating says:

    Nice site, 5oz. I love the upgrade. Definite improvement. You done good. 😉

    Good catch, Jeff L. That “Top Commentors” section will be gone shortly, I suspect.

  • eazye says:

    The new 5 ounces is sweet … nice lil treat to wake up to this morning. Keep up the good work guys

  • Mike C. says:

    Nice job. Most of the other sites that have changed recently changed for the worse but I actually like this one better.

  • Fire says:

    Me likey!! Well done gents.

  • Nolan says:

    Looks like cagetoday.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    LOL. I just went to the site for the first time and our re-design looks NOTHING like it. Way to go with the shameless plug.

  • Nolan says:

    lol yeah they arent similar at all.

    I like the new look a lot, im not accusing anyone of anything sir, and I am not a shill for that site at all. You guys are both in my set of homepage tabs.

  • Bird33 says:

    Very well done! Easy to read and looks fancy, I’m happy either way since we come for the info, but always helps when the page looks smooth too.

  • Looks good guys. Congrats.

  • dbess5 says:

    thanks everyone for the compliments on the new site design. There will be upgrade, and everyone just be patient while we worked out some of the bugs.

  • Looks great. Keep up the good work.

  • Danny says:

    Very nice, clean and very easy to read!

    Thank you very much and keep up the hard work :)

  • BJJDenver says:

    Where am I?!?!?

    Just kidding, looks great, but the comments section is going to take some getting used to for me.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    Love the new look, congrats to all involved.

  • Justin B says:

    I love the look on my computer, but only can see half articles on my palm centro that I check in with you guys while I am out and about during the day

  • Mark Aulet says:

    The only suggestion I could make is … have the sotyr in the center of the site … looking left or right is annoying and not as easy to read as it would be if centered. Otherwise Bravo to all of you it looks really nice.

  • OCD says:

    Looks great.


  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    “The only suggestion I could make is … have the sotyr in the center of the site … looking left or right is annoying and not as easy to read as it would be if centered. Otherwise Bravo to all of you it looks really nice.”

    How huge is your monitor that turning your neck half a degree to the left or right is annoying?

  • Ryan Bonds says:

    I’m not much on posting comments, but having seen the new site congrats are in order. I have recently noticed more and more sponsors as well. So, Congrats! The site was already functionally great, now it looks good doing it! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  • saerbarnet says:

    Could you please change the small icon thingie that appears in Firefox when you have it in your favorites and at the URL field.. It’s just an RSS-feed icon atm 😛

  • dbess5 says:

    Keep em coming guys. This is the best way to keep improving on the site.

  • HexRei says:

    I love the new look! One suggestion- in the old design, the Recent Comments section gave the user’s name, then the first portion of their comment, which I found more informationally useful than the new format which gives the user’s name, then the article they are commenting on.

  • HexRei says:

    holy crap, i just realized im the top commentator on this site. in terms of total comments, anyway 😉

  • doubleA-ron says:

    Awesome website. This was my #1 website for mma news before and now its still my #1 site, alright! Congrats hex rai. u r the #1 commentor. is that by submission or tko. I dont know if u r the #1 P4P

  • doubleA-ron says:

    me like the fight finder on here too. I always went there to find a fighter and now i don’t have to leave this site for that. Hell if u just had some naked girls on here i wouldn’t have to leave this site at

  • ak47 says:

    Fantastic new design. Kudos.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    I like the site and article design, but I think the comments look less readable.

  • dbess5 says:

    michaelthebox I with you about the comments being less attractice then the rest of the site. I’m def. going to work on that for you bro. So I’m putting that down in my planner for things to work on.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    I agree with michaelthebox, the comments could use my sprucing up. Something to distinguish each comment from the previous and the following posts.

    Also would like to see the posts numbered again. That may be just me, though.

  • Ian says:

    I fear change.


    Maybe require registration to post comments, with the ability to have an icon or something ala fightlinker. At least then if someone wants to come here and say “fador sucks lol he cant beat ne1”, they’ll have to at least wade through the ADD long enough to get through a reg. process.

  • fenrsz says:

    Sorry Sam, the new layout is AWSOME. Please NEVER change back..

  • dbess5 says:

    thanks fenrsz!

  • steak_knife says:


    Bring back the ‘Gina Carano Pics’ link on the front page:


  • I thought I was at Cage Potato for a minute.

    Where are the navigation buttons on the page? I shouldn’t have to keep going to my RSS feed to get to the next post.

    Complex Media Network? Sponsors or new site owners?

  • Looks sharp, bizzels.

  • Evan says:

    I keep thinking I’m reading bloodyelbow

  • Kris says:

    Looks good guys. Props for the Fight Network deal too. Keep up the good work.

  • steak_knife says:

    Cool. Gina’s back on the front page. The site is officially more awesome than ever. THANK YOU.

  • JBAR says:

    The site looks great. My thanks go to you for continuing to have such a great site for MMA fans.

  • Matt C. says:

    steak_knife – I did that just for you. And the fact that like 10% of our monthly traffic visits Gina-related content.

  • steak_knife says:

    You’re a good man, Matt C.

    & ‘googling’ Gina is exactly how I found this site, but I’ve been on it ever since for the rest of the good reading.

    Nice job.


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