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Gruesome cut on Robbie Lawler’s head (pic)

For the second time, Scott Smith dropped a measured elbow to the crown of Robbie Lawler’s head.  And for the second time, that sucker split wide open. Check out the gash and the bruising on Lawler’s noggin.  Robbie states the first cut had to be closed with staples; no doubt he’s headed back to the doc for some more metal.

photo pulled from video content on

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  • Bad Monkey says:


  • ACK! says:

    I actually thought Smith might pull it out when he connected with that elbow, but he gassed and gave Lawler every oppurtunity to put him away by laying on the fence–apparently waiting for the ref to separate them to check the cut…

    I like Smith a lot, but that is no way to lose such a great fight.

  • ryan says:

    what is next for lawler?
    they have to cross promote again with strikeforce and have
    lee v lawler unify middleweight
    alverez v thompson (i think would be better than knoons but have any of those three fight)

    and if you guys watch the interview with shields after the fights (on he says that he wants to unify the welterweight belts
    i understand the ufc will never do this but at least there are guys like shields.
    hes not calling dudes out he is just saying that he wants the best to fight.
    also he has trained with fitch and people say that it is even some days shields gets the better some days fitch does
    lets see the best fights!!!!!!!
    ufc is bad for the sport

  • Bill says:

    I know this comment does not belong here with the Scott Smith story, but I was reading your rankings, and completely disagree with Lyoto Machida. His biggest win is Tito, and Tito has not been a game fighter for a few years now. He often looks more like Kalib Starnes running away from opponents ( i’m exaggerating a little ) rather than someone who wants to engage in a fight. I know hes a good fighter with plenty of skill, but I just feel like he hasn’t beaten a top fighter yet. Chuck, Quinton, Wanderlai, Sho-Gun, or even a Keith Jardine. His next fight is against Thiago Silva, whom I think is a fast rising star, we’ll see how he does then. I just don’t think he belongs in a top ten ranking.

  • JoHn says:

    RYAN, your a putz for the last part of your comment, UFC is great for the sport

  • Bryan says:

    UFC is good for the sport. Sure there are some dream matches we don’t get to see, but do any of you who say that UFC is terrible realize they’re protecting an investment. I’d personally rather see Diaz v. Sakuri but because EXC needed a star we got Denny instead, but EXC isn’t getting the badguy rap. So until Diaz is the DREAM WW champ or Bigfoot gets a crack at the WAMMA belt give it up, your point is useless.

  • Kelvin says:

    #3 is wrong…also…why did either fight think they would stop that fight because of that cut?

  • ACK! says:

    I don’t know why or even if Smith thought they would stop the fight… Obviously that’s not the sort of cut the doctors are going to be too worried about since the blood is unlikely to get into the eyes. Personally, I think Smith was just so gassed that he was banking on getting a minute or two to catch his breath. That’s the only explanation I can think of for leaning against the cage and waiting for the ref to step in when you are in the clinch. If he wasn’t gassed and seriously wanted the doctors to check the cut then he would have done whatever he could to break the clinch and separate.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Why should UFC care about WAMMA or unifying the belts? UFC’s competitors would benefit because they will ride UFC’s coattails any time one of their contenders fights a UFC champ. On the other hand, none of the other orgs. are big enough to bring comparable market share, so UFC doesn’t get much

  • ryan says:

    i understand all your points
    also the ufc is not bad for the sport they just fuck us the fans over
    they have a stable of fighters to put on much better cards than they do.
    i talking from top to bottom i am sick of paying for two fights a card and the rest are just fighters that they are trying to groom and should not be on ppv or they are making matchups of guys they they want to protect.
    they would be stupid to cross promote at this time but they have the ablity to sign any fighter
    don’t you ask why the fighters don’t want to sign with them and its not only the slap in the face that the ufc gives by offering scraps

    also you have to take the other promotions for what they are right now.
    but i will tell you that they are coming and to you people that only watch the ufc open your eyes DREAM had a great tourny final a few weeks ago and all there shows have been solid
    eddie alverez needed more support as the only USA fighter left and really would have won!!! but i saw nothing on this website about him and only one article about dream
    all i want is the best and it has gotten better in the last couple years but we deserve more as fans

  • Bryan says:

    1. DREAM got unfourtunately smothered by the UFC vs. Affliction battle, but yes the LWGP has had at least 2 Fight of the Year candidates. And Eddie would have beaten Aoki unmerciful.

    2. As a fan of MMA I find that there is generally only one or two fights on the entire card that I could live without, and they’re generally relegated to the untelevised portion. The rest are often good matchups, and while not necessarily big names end up being good fights. Hazelett v. Burkman and Reljic v. Gouveia come to mind recently. They groom these kids for a reason, they’re gonna be monsters. Hazelett will own a belt someday, mark my words.

    3. The UFC doesn’t offer scraps. Big name fighters make millions of dollars per year (some per fight). There are other underlying reasons for alot of big namers that won’t sign with the UFC. Fedor won’t because he requires the ability to fight in Sambo tournements, Dana White reportedly met his salary demands but would not let the Sambo fights happen. Barnett and Dana don’t get along at all and Josh wouldn’t sign and Dana wouldn’t offer. It’s a similar situation with Jeff Monson. Alot of these guys were in the UFC.

    4. It seems to me that the UFC is head and shoulders above every other org. in terms of talent. They have roughly 200 fighters and about 40-50 of them are in the top 15 of their respective divisions. I personally enjoy the UFC much more than the other promotions right now. I think DREAM is doing a great job and while Affliction had it’s kinks they could be something special (if they can not hemmorage money). But I just can’t bring myself to put EXC in that group of “A” list promotions. No matter how hard they try they come off second rate to me.

    5. We are in the midst of the best 3 month stretch of MMA EVER! I personally don’t think (from a fans perspective) that it can get much better for us.

    Sorry for the long post, bad day at work and I needed to vent and ramble.

  • Bryan says:

    #3 was supposed to end with “Alot of these guys were in the UFC, but left because Dana is a prick, not for money”

  • Warcry says:

    Overall it is a net gain for the sport. The fact that the Ufc has Two ppv in less than a week in October is a testiment to the competition between the promotions. We benefit from the need for the Ufc to hold there spot a big dog and the other promotions trying to grab a position in the MMA heirarchy

  • ryan says:

    the ufc can put together much better cards look at the next one
    two goods fight GSP v Fitch and K-flo v huerta
    that is it say what you want i know all about the other guys on the card i know what they have done who they have fought and the ufc can do better
    UFC 88 could be stronger hendo needs to fight a top guy and franklin will be exposed against hamill and chuck should have a top opponet not to hate on rashad(repping michigan) but he has not shown that he is at that level and dont give that he beat bisbing
    UFC 89 i know is free but if you are going to have sokoudjou and jardine on the same card why are they not fighting each other a lot of people have them both in the top 10??
    well jardine is coming off a lose but to a top guy so that shouldn’t matter but they are giving him a comeback fight
    that to me is bull shit if you lose to a top guy that is fine
    what i am saying is have the top guys fight eachother all the time the ufc has a deep as roster they are just playing the politics

  • ryan says:

    also i know that he is fighting vera
    but who is vera he had a poor showing at 205 debut and has had boring fights all around

  • ACK! says:

    #10 Bryan
    What fighter makes millions per fight in the UFC? I can’t even think of a fighter who made millions per year. Frankly, that’s a load of crap.

  • Bryan says:


    “Couture also claimed that he had talked with other fighters, and the approximately $250,000 plus a ppv percentage that he made per fight was nowhere near what they made. ”

    and check this out

    Now tell me that Chuck Liddell, Rampage, GSP, Tito (while he was there) and even Forrest now don’t get something similar.

    Frankly, I don’t appriciate being called a liar.

  • Bryan says:


    Responding to criticism from resigned champion Randy Couture that they underpaid fighters, Ultimate Fighting Championship executives Tuesday took the unprecedented step of publicly announcing what they’re paying the former heavyweight star this year: nearly $2.9 million.

    “We pay our fighters very well,” UFC President Dana White said at a news conference in Las Vegas. “The statements [Couture] has made are not true.”

  • ryan says:

    dana white is a fag and a dirtball liar
    you cant believe a word he says
    also the pice of shit prolly fixes his books
    keep on ridin his dick and only being a ufc fan not a MMA fan

  • ACK! says:

    Signing bonuses and PPV bonuses do not mean fighters are being paid millions per fight. And just because Randy Couture was paid nearly 3 million in one year doesn’t mean much to me. Randy was used by the UFC for a lot of things beyond fighting considering he is one of the biggest faces of the sport. I’m concerned with what fighters are paid for fighting (such as actual purses). Not signing bonuses, fight bonuses, or whatever else that is contract specific.

    If you examine the information you linked to:

    Here were the highlights of the press conference:

    – Couture did indeed receive a signing bonus with his new contract (contrary to his claim). The bonus totaled $500,000 — half of it was paid upon signing the contract and the other half was paid after his UFC 68 fight against Tim Sylvia.

    – Couture was also paid a salary of $200,000 per year as a UFC employee in 2006 and 2007 as well as $56,000 per year for his commentating gigs for the promotion.

    – At UFC 68, Couture’s purse was $250,000. His pay-per-view bonus was $936,000.

    – At UFC 74, Couture’s purse was $250,000. His pay-per-view bonus is calculated as $787,000. And he received a $35,000 bonus for fight of the night.

    – Mulkey estimated that Couture’s pay this year is just under $3 million to date.

    I think it’s clear that Randy had such a good gig because he is one of the faces of the sport, not just because he fought good fights. In fact, he never had a purse larger than $250, 000. If you want to use Randy to prove all fighters are paid great by the UFC, consider that Randy Couture is a one-of-a-kind fighter and a huge PPV draw–maybe the biggest in the sport.

    Maybe I was and am wrong and many fighters are paid like him, but that’s yet to be proven either way.

  • […] for waiting on the ref to stop the fight and check the cut on Robbie Lawler’s head. But after seeing the cut and now seeing this picture of blood squirting out of Robbie’s head with more pressure than […]

  • Tapout2GJJ says:

    #19 Ryan- that was a mature response. Learn to use spell check and be articulate to argue your points. Calling Dana a “fag” might be cool with the junior high crowd, but you just come off as ignornat and an idiot here.

    Couture made a substantial amount of money in his last year with the UFC, and the UFC made a substantial amount of money off Randy. However, it was a mutually beneficial relationship. The UFC took Randy and made him a household name with TUF and his fights with Tito, Chuck, and Tim. In return, we tuned in to see Randy fight and entertain us on TUF.

    Who is right in this arguement? Neither side is right, yet neither is wrong. Randy probably deserved to make a quite a bit more money that the UFC was paying him, without a doubt. HOWEVER Randy was under a contractual obligation to fulfill said contract, not “retire” then come back to fight in another org because he was unhappy.

    Just my opinion on the matter.

  • Bryan says:

    A PPV bonus IS what they are being paid to fight. They fight on the PPV and they get a percentage of it. Would you not consider a win bonus part of their purse?

    -BJ Penn made 250,000 for his fight at 84. If he fought 4 times that year w/o Fight of the Night or KO/Sub bonuses he made $1 million dollars just in UFC salary.

    -Tito Ortiz on the same card made 210,000 to LOSE to Lyoto Machida. If he LOSES 4 times in one year he made 840,000.

    -Same with Rampage, 225,000 to lose to Forrest. And forrest made 250,000 to beat him.

    If any of those that I mentioned above took home even a small cut of the PPV money for any of those cards. They made more for one event that I will over the next 4 years. And I make a decent amount of money.

    Bottom line is that these guys aren’t poor. They get paid very well to fight. Alot of the undercard guys don’t get very much. But if you work hard and win some fights you can re-up for a whole lot more (just ask forrest).


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