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Brandon Vera vs. Keith Jardine at UFC 89

The UFC has officially announced the long figured news that UFC 89 from Birmingham, England will air on SpikeTV free in the United States on tape delay.

MMAWeekly is also stating a rumored bout between Brandon Vera and Keith Jardine in the light-heavyweight division is now also confirmed for the event. The bout is much needed for both as Jardine wants to quickly rebound from his beating at the hands of Wanderlei Silva while Vera wants to look impressive coming off of a decision win over Reese Andy last month at Fight Night 14.

UFC 89 will take place on October 18th with a scheduled main event of Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben. In addition to Vera/Jardine, also scheduled are two more light-heavyweight duels between Lyoto Machida and Thiago Silva as well as Sokoudjou battling Luis Banha Cane.

  • Matt says:

    Should be a solid matchup. Jardine coming off a brutal loss, against the stronger opponent in Vera.
    Normally I’d take Vera in a heartbeat, but I’ve learned to never doubt the Dean of Mean.

  • mo says:

    wow, real nice card, and if the UFC and Spike TV market this correctly I would think it would gain huge ratings. all 4 of these fights have the potential to be exciting and you would have to think this is certainly a card to promote.

  • Kelvin says:

    This card is madd nice…I would like to see the winner of Jardine/Vera vs. the winner of Machida/Silva.

  • Warcry says:

    If the Ufc gets on the network tv with live shows then that with pretty much spell the end of these other promotions. The Ufc has the names and the matchups that fight fans want to see. I like the fact that these other promotions have pushed the Ufc to put on more shows!! Ahh Capitalism !!!

  • fightfan says:

    We better see the Vera of old. If the Vera that has been showing up lately, the one who has been fighting NOT to lose, then Jardine will win. I am a huge Vera fan, but his stock has been dropping. I have not counted him out yet, but, you know Jardine needs to win this fight badly, so he is gonna be coming guns blazing

  • Jay says:

    #4: The UFC has had several live events on network T.V. ????? Do you mean NBC, CBS or ABC?

    I’ll take Jardine by decision and Machida by Narcolepsy.

  • Network = ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW (and to a MUCH lesser degree MyNetworkTV)
    Cable = USA, TNT, SpikeTV, TBS, etc
    Pay = HBO, Showtime, etc

  • Johnny Lawrence says:

    What’s Vera’s purse this time 2.5 million? Honestly, his Agent/Manager deserves some mad props for digging that deep into the UFC’s shorts.

  • Cathedron says:

    This is turning into the best card the UFC has done in the UK. Definitely one of the best free shows in the US. The UFC is finally stepping up their shows a little. Competition’s a wonderful thing.

    Jardine should be able to win as long as Vera isn’t too aggressive (which he hasn’t been lately). Jardine doesn’t like to be bullied. If he can keep control of the pace, Vera shouldn’t be a problem for him.

    I hope Sokoudjou does well. I don’t really care about Bisping/Leben as I don’t think either of them are all that relavent right now. I’m sure I’ll be fast asleep during the Machida fight… right along with his opponent… who will lose by decision… as always… Damn. I’ll sign my soul away to any deity that makes Machida not be so scared of getting hit. He could be amazing if would just put himself in harm’s way once in awhile.

  • Davey D says:

    I think someone is going to get knocked out in this fight. Vera is a big LHW and Jardine isn’t small either. Both have a lot of power behind their punches and more so with their kick’s so I think that will amount to someone getting KTFO. Fireworks baby, it’s going down.

    My pick for a winner is gonna have to wait until the stare down or the countdown show. This isn’t an easy pick for me. I need more time to decide this one.


  • Bryan says:

    #9 Machida isn’t scared of getting hit…he’s calculating and timing his counter strike. And while I haven’t really enjoyed a fight of his in awhile, he’s an amazing martial artist and is frankly a better fighter than anyone in the division right now. Although I think Thiago could pose a problem for him. He likes to press the action and if he can get in close and fire off a few good shots Lyoto might come out with his first loss.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    #9 Cathedron makes a good point about Jardine not liking to be bullied. I don’t think Vera has the size to do that, though. He’s tall and long and rangy. It’s the thicker guys like ‘Wand and Alexander who bullied and beat Jardine down. Jardine will be a legit test for Vera, and right now I’m leaning toward Jardine.

  • Davey D says:

    I have Machida defeating Silva via submission (choke or stikes, possibly even tapout). UFC 89 will be badass!!!

    Then we get UFC 90 one week later which I’m planning to attend. October will be another great month for MMA just like July has been.

  • brutus says:

    Looks like Machida will have to wait for that title shot. Especially if chuck beats Evans.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    whats the chances of the winner of silva/machida getting the next title shot? both on good runs. unless chuck/rashad gets the nod first. forrest/chuck would be a huge draw for the UFC, one of the biggest. tho i think the brazillians are more deserving of a shot

  • Warcry says:

    If the Ufc wants to be fair than I believe Machida and Chuck should go Toe 2 toe to see who gets to beat the brakes off Forrest. That’s if they win their perspective fights

  • Dan says:

    This is what Vera needed, someone that would stand and bang with him. It looked like he had Arlovski Syndrome (lose a couple fights in a row and get gunshy) against Andy.

  • Jackyl says:

    Awesome card. Great decision to put it on Spike. I’m sure the buy rate would have been low with the tape delay. They should push to put all UK cards on Spike. They have Bisping to help anchor the promo and they could build some international talent there. Hopefully they can get off the ground in some of the other countries. Mexico would be cool. Or how bout this…..Thailand.

  • Jackyl says:

    Dan: I don’t think Vera was gunshy. He looked great in the first round. He clearly gassed from the weight cut. I think he will be in better shape this time out but I’m not sure he can stop Jardine and I don’t see him pulling off a decision. I’m taking Jardine by UD on that one.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    After re-watching his last couple fights, I’ve got a serious man-crush on Thiago Silva. That guy is a stone cold killer in the octagon. As has been mentioned, if he cut the cage off against Machida and force him to engage I think he can definitely take him. I don’t see any area where Machida is better than Silva, and given Silva’s killer instinct I think he takes this one.

    Jardine/Vera should be great as well considering Jardine knows he’s got to come out kick some ass to stay in the ballpark for any title shot.

  • Bruce says:

    I agree with #4…

    I think the other promotions have forced the UFC to put on better free cards. Bisping/Leben isn’t a great PPV main event but it could be an explosive finish to a solid Spike card. If only UFC could get on FOX (or one of the others that Huckaby mentioned in post #7)

  • Cathedron says:

    #11 I’m convinced Machida hates to get hit and is scared to death of a loss. I’ve seen it before and it kills careers. You don’t develop such an incredibly elusive style unless you work hard on it. He’s incredibly talented, but needs to realize that fans and promotions care more about exciting fights than win/loss records. I mean, Chuck Liddell is a counter striker as well, but his fights are exciting because isn’t afraid to take risks. As it stands, Machida’s talent is going to be wasted because he’s pretty much reached as far as he’ll ever go in MMA. The best fighters won’t touch him because he’ll make them look dull even if they beat him. I hate to see Machida get used as nothing more than a punishment on fighters Dana White doesn’t like.

  • Chicken Lips says:

    zzzzzzzzz! This will be boring trust me. In a division with W Silva, Lidell, T silva, Rampage, Rua and Griffin this match up is not that exciting for me. Jardine is an overrated fighter and so is Vera. All they’ve ever done is beat other fighters at their worst. Neither of these two will ever amount to anything. Harsh but true. As for Machida, all he does is tag and run until the other fighter gets that frustrated that he walks into something, It’s like a game of tag not a fight. Please let somebody figure out this style quick so we don’t have his style of “fighting” spreading or ruining the sport of MMA for too long.

  • robjob says:

    this is great for keith jardine! im a fan of the dean of mean and cant stand vera. vera desrves to get caught by one of jardines unorthodox punches and get knocked out after his last performance. go dean of mean!!! and wtf is all this shit about giving bisping a look at lebens record and tell me hes a chump. he has HUGE wins. im going with leben in this fight. very heavy handed. and lyoto vs silva..hmm im going with the more skilled and not tough fighter lyoto! what a card~

  • badui says:

    vera can beat dean if he comes out smoking ready and focused…
    he’s previous fights are not good and not explosive…
    he must learn how to ground and pound since hes a big guy and can easily throw down an opponent…
    mabuhay brandon!
    dugong pinoy!

  • hiv says:

    brandon will win for sure..jardine doesnt have afoot work, he doesnt have the speed but he has power behind those knuckles and as well as vera. but for sure vera will win coz he has speed, footwork and power. he could knock a guy with one blow. but u knw…lets see if the cutting of weight will affect me. he’s much bigger even if he looks thin, look at his body frame..

  • dan says:

    Go Vera GO! Tough fight for Dean of mean

  • cio says:

    I wonder why a lot of people are counting on Vera’s two consecutive losses hard enought on Him. C’mon, Tim Sylvia is huge for Vera whereas Vera’s loss to wyrdum is a bad one that should be counted against the referee and not to him! Vera’s UD win over andy was because of a bad weight cut rather than lack of fighting passiona and talent…Tho, I like both vera and Jardine as they are stand-up fighters, but i believe that vera is way more talented than jardine.. Jardine’s only a chance is when he hits vera with a lucky shot! Though, i hope to see awesome kickboxing from these two..
    Ingatz brandon and go for the kill…


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