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Lawler vs. Smith II weigh-in pics: goat butt & more mean muggin

Normally we post the official weigh-in pics provided to us to EliteXC, however Esther Lin over at CombatLifestyle has a much more interesting collection.

Nick Thompson’s bare ass, Tonya Evinger getting violated by a Gina Carano cutout, and the Diaz bros Stockton 209 crew… it looks like good times were had by all yesterday in Stockton, CA.

Click here for weigh-in results (Nick Diaz made weight!!)

Check back tonight for up to the minute results and commentary on EliteXC “Unfinished Business”

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  • ultmma says:

    you know even though thats just a cut out with Tonya as I guy I find it oddly hot…..yea or nae??

  • marc says:


  • sam says:

    No, I’m gonna have to disagree with you Nick Thompson’s bare ass is not attractive

  • ekc says:

    great pics Esther!!!

    and Tonya is looking hot!

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Is it just me, or does Nate Diaz look big as hell in that group shot? I wonder what he’s walking around at?

  • Cathedron says:

    Diaz just makes me laugh. He always seems to be taking himself way too seriously. He must have a LOT of insecurity to repress. I bet he has a picture of Superman painted over all his mirrors at home.

    Now if we could just talk Gina into standing in for that cut out…

  • thomas says:

    does anyone else just f*ckin hate the diaz brothers?

  • jjdnb says:

    yeah i hate those dirty mexicans too, especially marble mouth Nate.

  • fightfan says:

    I find it hilarious when a guy with a toothpick like physique pumps himself up like a pufferfish. Nate Diaz looks like he hasnt taken a breath in a week. And I thought that in 10th grade was the last time I would see such idiot behavior. If you are going to do that, at least have somewhat of a muscular build so you dont look like a tool.

    And as for post 5……AGREED 100%. Together they make a tag team of douchebags. I could see if they had records to back it up or were demolishing top fighter, a la Anderson Silva……..All they do is cry, run their mouth, then cry some more, then start shit like 15 year old hoodlums running wild, then act like immature high school kids, motherfuck this and that and this, then REPEAT

  • Simco says:

    “Nate Diaz looks like he hasnt taken a breath in a week.”


  • Sumbaris says:

    Nate does his usual buff thingie, as seen in TUF aswell when Karo acted like a kid.

  • asmiley420 says:

    Dirty Mexicans? Believe me there’s just as many Dirty whiteboys. Try keeping your racist comments to yourself.

  • Smokes says:

    Seriosly you guys are going to rag on the Diaz brothers? They fight at least get over this sally bull and take a look at the guys record. He beat Gomi, I don’t care if he got DQ’d for smoking thats the lamest shit I’ve ever heard. The best part is both those tooth picks could flatten the over weight bloggers talking shit about them.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    For the record, I wasn’t knocking either of the Diaz boys. I was serious when I said Nate looks big, regardless of whether he’s bowing up, he still looks big for a 155’er.

  • HexRei says:

    @#11 Amen brother. fuck the haters.

  • mike wolfe says:

    What’s the story with Thompson? Is his jock some kind of goof or is he oblivious to the fact that his pasty buttocks would be all over the internet minutes after the photos were taken? For his sake I hope it was some kind of practical joke because bare ass does not equal bad ass. It might equal dumb ass, though.

  • drdsanders says:

    I think Dana White said it best when he said “The Diaz brothers are angry at the world”. I like them both. They speak their minds…anyone remember Nates comments in the ring after he won TUF? Unlike many others Nick will fight anyone, at any weight, anytime. Nates last fight he was losing then out of nowhere he sunk that beautiful triangle and simultaniously gave the middle finger with both hands. They may come across as punks but they sure are entertaining.

  • Greg Urban says:

    WTF? OPf course you hate the Diaz bros. They actually step up and fight motherfuckers. You dont. So you hate.

    They are arrogant and can be annoying I agree, but give them props for fighting. I like them, they add some much needed spice to the Elite xc cards.

  • Drew says:

    Nick “the goat” Thompson is known to be a joker, yes. He once fought with a neck beard. Check out his mouth piece. He’s also going to take the bar exam a few days after the fight. Pretty impressive guy.

  • rob says:

    ….not only beat Gomi – but by gogoplata (quick poll how many post-ers even know what that is? – and I mean no disrespect by that) biggest question – when are we going to see Nick / Mach?

  • Drew says:

    I bet we’ll see Nick vs. KJ Noons first. Dream will put someone else up against Mach in the mean time.

  • HexRei says:

    @#18 I think most people into MMA enough to post on 5oz probably are familiar with the gogoplata. it’s had a lot of press lately. now ask them to describe a biceps slicer or a twister, hell even a darce choke…

  • hindsightufuk says:

    jjdnb – dirty mexicans??
    wow thats an intelligent breakdown
    man i love the internet, allows dicks to truely speak their mind
    way to go

  • samscaff says:

    I agree the Diaz brothers are douchebags.

    They’re pretty good fighters, but complete A-holes as far as their attitudes go.

    And I’m not even just talking about their wannabe-gang-member antics.

    After Noons boxed circles around Diaz and cut his face up with hard, crisp punches, legitimately causing the end of the fight, Diaz talked shit like a sore loser. Thats just pathetic. Any doctor would have stopped that fight, and all the cuts were from strikes. A real man can admit when he’s lost. I hope Noons knocks him out in the rematch. Not that he deserves one.

  • Jeremy says:

    If you don’t take them seriously, the Diaz brothers are hilarious, and they are always good for a fight. Although Nick has been a little off lately, and his comments i listened to in a recent interview didn’t exactly seem like things were going to change any time soon, or at least until maybe the Noons fight happens.

    Here is to Nick putting on a good show tonight and destroying Denny.

  • Cathedron says:

    The Diaz bros may be good fighters, but they have no class. I don’t think there’s any excuse for professional athletes to behave like that. I have difficulty respecting EliteXC simply because they allow (and sometimes seem to encourage) that kind of crap. It disgraces the sport. And for what? A little extra attention? MMA isn’t supposed to be pro-wrestling. Hell, at least with pro-wrestling, all that bullshit is fake and controlled. Honestly, those guys make me have a little bit of respect for Tito Ortiz. He may talk shit, he may promote himself more than he bothers to train, but he doesn’t act like a damn thug. And for making me respect Tito Ortiz, I can never forgive the Diaz bros.

  • HexRei says:

    @#23 I lost count of the thugs in pro and college basketball and football a long time ago… and lets be real here, the Diaz brothers may talk thuggish but at least they’re not out shooting people, running dog fighting rings and torturing animals, committing robberies, etc…

    They’re street tough because of they way they were raised, but they are both warriors, not gangsta posers.

  • Bryan says:

    @#20 it’s actually a “d’arce” choke

  • HexRei says:

    @#25 You’re correct :) Sorry, heard it said in the gym more than i’ve seen it written…

  • Jesse says:

    Douchebags or not, they are entertaining fighters (and skilled) so I don’t mind them that much. As long as the bring it, and they have so far.

    D’Arce, anaconda, side choke, head arm triangle – pick a name, they’re all basically the same thing applied from different angles, etc.

  • Davey D says:

    Nick and Nate don’t have any problem telling you how they feel at any moment. Wheter it is offensive or not they’ll let you know what’s on their mind. They almost never let their guard down. However, people will percieve you as an asshole for doing such.

    As long as you’re true to yourself and stand up for what you believe. I don’t care what people think of me.They do the same except are more than willing to physically fight to work a situation out than most. They project an image as tough guys but their not unapproachable. Just don’t piss them off.

    From what I’ve seen, they haven’t caused any trouble. It was more of them defending theirselves in the heat of the moment. In the process, getting a rep for being arrogant punk’s. They are respectful until being dis-respected. In their case, a lot of it get’s caught on film.
    Being in the public eye, maybe they should calm down a little. But, in their field, people need to know who they’re dealing with rather quickly.

  • Bruce says:

    #26 Cathedron

    “And for making me respect Tito Ortiz, I can never forgive the Diaz bros.”


  • steelbus287 says:

    actually I think he was right the first time, it was a gogo, as in shin choke. not an arm triangle or d’arce or anaconda.


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