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Robbie Lawler is totally pumped for tomorrow night (pic)

Lawler’s face in the blow pic is kinda funny. This was taken at the final press conference before tomorrow night second CBS/EXC card, featuring Lawler vs. Smith II for the Middleweight Title.

The first CBS/EXC card was hyped for months with Kimbo and Carano bringing the causal (and new) fan to CBS. This second card, not so much hype. I hope Lawler’s expression isn’t a metaphor for the fight card as a whole.

Now Nick Thompson on the other hand, truly is “totally pumped” to be a part of the show. Either that or he really is impressed with Jake Shields suit.

And here is the face from Nick Diaz we all know and love.

With the personalities and back-stories of these fighters, this should be an entertaining card. I’m anxious to see what production changes CBS/EXC has in store.  Not having the distractions of Kimbo and Gina may actually turn out to be benefitial…

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