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Dana White teases another big announcement

Several eyewitnesses have indicated that during Wednesday’s airing of “UFC Unleashed” on Spike TV, a “major” announcement by UFC President Dana White was promised for Saturday’s network TV debut of UFC 84.

During the show, which will be going head-to-head with CBS’ live telecast of EliteXC’sUnfinished Business,” White is expected to officially announce that UFC 89 will be televised on Spike TV on Oct. 18, according to a report on the Wrestling Observer website.

UFC 89 is currently scheduled to be headlined by a middleweight bout featuring Michael Bisping taking on Chris Leben.

  • batman says:

    This is like the Mark Coleman thing, it’s just plain dumb.

  • Batman, you are so right. What I really want to know is, when the F we’re going to find out what the fight card is for UFC 90. Why bother with this boring announcement? Let’s get on with the good stuff! There aren’t very many fighters left who haven’t been in bouts recently…. and I’m skeptical about who we’ll end up getting in Chicago. I was looking really forward to this fight until I saw the stacked lineup for Atlanta! WTF!

  • finkrod says:

    It’s because they know nobody in their right mind would pay to see Bisping main event a PPV. That’s just f’ing crazyness.

  • Bryan says:

    Dana is going to announce that he has one hell of a hemorrhoid. He will also announce that Preperation H is the new sponsor of the UFC.

  • the amazing pancracist says:

    probably about 89 and the aquisition of the ifl

  • detroit_fan says:

    Well, at least they didn’t try to sell us Bisping v. leben for $45. I’d rather Tivo the spike broadcast and FF thru the commercials than pay to see that ME.

  • Jackyl says:

    I don’t see where all the hate for Bisping comes from. He was clearly a cut above everyone else on his season of TUF. He’s a well rounded fighter and a hard worker. He has good striking, decent submissions, and he can take a punch. While Bisping and Leben may not be headliner quality names I think this matchup can certainly be a headliner quality fight. Don’t be suprised if Bisping gets a title shot with a win here. But a lot of you do the same thing with Forrest. You hate on him just because he was on a tv show, and every time he gets a victory it’s always because of some excuse for the other guy and not because he is a good fighter. The main reason this is being shown on spike is because the buy rate will be low due to the tape delay. Personally, I think it would be a good idea to put all of the British cards on Spike.

  • justinoshi says:

    could it maybe be the IFL purchase?

  • ultmma says:

    IFL purchase yawn

    Free card that nobody would pay for anyone, a big thank you followed by a yawn

  • Johnny Lawrence says:

    I’m so over these Big Announcements…it was cool the first time. But they usually result in them promising a huge fight that never happens…

    Dana just loves the opportunity to mug for the camera and drop a few F Bombs over the PA system.

  • Kelvin says:

    It could be that Anderson Silva will defend his title against Cote….and we’ll get to see it for FREE on Spike.

  • bDavid says:

    @ Jackyl i think Matt Hamill was as good or better on that tuf season he just got injured ( i think he beat Bisping when they fought in the uk)

  • DamonO says:

    Why is the Mark Coleman announcement just plain dumb? It’s marketing dude. I think it’s time for network television and a new show.

  • DamonO says:


    Free card that I would pay for. : )

  • finkrod says:

    I don’t know whats crazier, Bisping headling or him claiming he could beat Silva.

  • Jeremy says:

    UFC 89 looks pretty damn good for a free card.
    Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben
    Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva
    Keith Jardine vs. Brandon Vera
    Luiz Cane vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
    Akihiro Gono vs. Dan Hardy
    Shane Carwin vs. Neil Wain

    Are all bouts I genuinely want to see. I agree this would not fly as a ppv without a better main event, but it is a pretty nice card.

    While we all have been hearing about this being free, the average Spike viewer has not.

  • Bryan says:

    I really hope all Bisbings fights are in the UK from now on…so when he gets beat (I don’t think it’ll be Leben) they can cut to a shot of the crowd in emotional shambles. Naturally a riot will ensue and “MMA hooligans” will be born.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Bisping/Leben could be a very good fight. Leben will scrap, anyway. Thiago Silva/Machida is even more interesting to me. I don’t know if I’d pay the $45.00 for it, but I’m definitely watching, and with mucho gusto.

  • BadMonkey says:

    I gotta agree with #14, this is an excellent card and if they show it free on Spike then kudos to Dana and the UFC for giving the dedicated fans a reward for shelling out their money for all of the PPV’s.

    Can’t wait to see Thiago Silva back in the cage. For a guy with a very humble demeanor, he’s a straight up killer when the fight starts. Definitely my second favorite LHW, after Forrest!

  • batman says:

    #11 It’s dumb because Mark coleman is too old and I don’t want to see another kimbo vs tank fight.

  • Kelvin says:

    Why is Mark Coleman possibly fighting Shogun later this year…according to fightlinker?

  • Kogepan says:

    Dana White and his ‘big’ announcements..hahhaha


  • Evan says:

    No matter what it is, people will complain

  • will says:

    the big announcement is Dana is singing Kimbo Slice!!!

  • Evan says:

    Will…what will he sing him?

  • fightfan says:

    I hope that the announcement, along with UFC 89 FREE on SPIKE, is that Anderson Silva is headlining the event. Bisping again being treated like royalty, now after 8 or 9 fights finally moving from c level fighters to bottom of the barrel B level fighters.

    We all seen what a fast, striker like Silva did to the slow, robotic like movement of Leben. I see Bisping winning. The UFC would not of made the match up if they didnt think he had a really good chance to win again.

    Just when is he going to have to face a Henderson or Franklin or Marquardt?? Or even a Kampmann or Leites or even Grove

  • Evan says:

    “Just when is he going to have to face a Henderson or Franklin or Marquardt?? Or even a Kampmann or Leites or even Grove”

    His sole existence now is to grow the UK market I think. Long term goals and the only people it will bother are die hards.

  • Jeremy says:

    That “bottom of the barrel B level fighter” has a record of 22-43 and has beaten some pretty damn good fighters.

  • fightfan says:


    I am not saying Leben is a bad fighter. He is a decent fighter. Sure, he has a great chin and has knockout power. But he will never be a contender for the belt. With A level being Silva, Henderson….top contenders and C level being Josh Haynes, Ross Pointon, McCarthy. Leben is just at best an average B level

  • OCD says:

    “22-43” ? That would be an F level fighter, right? :-)

    For a free card, the fights are fine. For a paying card, they are shit with the talent available in the UFC.

    Leben is average, no more, no less. And he is part of a growing group in the UFC that has some entertaining fights, which get confused with being a good fighter.

  • nate says:

    22-43, hahhahah

    try again pal

  • mike wolfe says:

    #25 Evan

    I vote for “I like Big Butts” by Sir Mixalot. I don’t think it has to mean anything, but it would be cool to see Dana sing it while grinding on Kimbo.

  • maddog says:

    what was dana’s big news?


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