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5 Oz. Exclusive: B.J. Penn expected to fight Georges St. Pierre on Dec. 27 has learned from multiple sources that B.J. Penn is expected to fight Georges St. Pierre during a yet-to-be-numbered UFC fight card on Dec. 27 in Las Vegas.

The finalization of the matchup is believed to be contingent upon St. Pierre successfully defending his UFC welterweight title against challenger Jon Fitch at UFC 86 on August 9.

If St. Pierre is able to defeat Fitch, it is anticipated that an official announcement about St. Pierre vs. Penn II could be made soon after.

Five Ounces of Pain previously reported that the UFC’s year end event in December is also expected to feature Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira defending his interim UFC heavyweight title vs. Frank Mir.

  • Cobra Kai says:

    Will it be for the title? This should be an awesome fight. Both fighters have grown a lot since they last met.

  • fightfan says:

    I believe the only reason BJ “stayed” in the is because he bisted up GSP’s nose in teh first round and had him mentally on the ropes.

    I think it will be a whole different fight this time around. I say GSP via TKO/KO round 2. If GSP stays away from damage, it will onyl be a matter of time until he makes BJ quit

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    So . . . unlikely that BJ will fight between now and December? Did I miss a fight announcement?
    May to December vacation. I guess rust works differently in Hawaii.

  • fightfan says:

    GSP is jinxed. We all, GSP included were looking at his next fight when he lost to Serra. I really wish they would of held back on this UNTIL GSP beats Fitch. Sure, I give GSP somewhere in teh -400 to -500 odds to win.

  • Evan says:

    Guy Gaduois ….around December BJ said he wants to begin only fighting once or twice a year so he can fight into his 40’s.

    But like you said…rust works differently in Hawaii. hah

  • paddiosf says:

    So I guess the FlorianHuerta winner is going to fight Penn after in like March of 2009??

  • MMA Man Up says:

    As a fan I like the ideal of a BJ or Anderson Silva moving up and having these big fights. I just don’t like the ideal of having a fighter be the champion in two different weight classes.

  • Donk says:

    If it’s three rounds i see it going to a decision, like last time. Something that nobody wants. So i really hope that they make it a title fight.

    This match up is too good to waste, and i hope they make the most of it. It deserves to be five rounds.

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  • Revjames13 says:

    Yes! Finally the match up I’ve been waiting what seems like forever to go down looks like a certainty to happen. Now I really hope GSP gets past Fitch. Don’t see why he wouldn’t, but he could get injured in the fight even if he does win.

    I for one want nothing more than to see him get a W from Fitch and stay healthy so that him and BJ can square off at the top of their games.

    No way GSP makes Penn quit. Not a chance. He can try to outpoint him but he won’t beat him up. In their first fight Penn walked away unscathed and GSP ended up in the hospital. People make a lot of excuses for GSP in that fight, by saying that he got “clipped” and that the punch that busted up his nose was only a grazing punch. But all you have to do is look at their faces after the fight. GSP looked like he was in a war and Penn looked like he did when he walked into the ring. That doesn’t happen by accident.

    Can you imagine the intensity of this just before the fight? It’s going to be unreal.

    The winner of this can throw his hat in with Anderson and Fedor as the best fighter in the world. I’m imagining a lot of scenarios as to how the fight is going to go. GSP is obviously going to try to wrestle him, avoid subs and get in some GnP.

    BJ, I think, has got to hurt him on his feet if he’s going to soften him up enough to get a submission. GSP has great sub defense.

    My prediction is BJ by sub in the 3rd after catching GSP with some strikes, but in a way I don’t even want to presuppose what’s going to happen. I just want to sit back and see who the better fighter truly is, because both guys are so good it’s really hard to tell.

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  • dpk says:

    This will be awsome, I just hope GSP doesn’t start looking past Fitch and get caught.

    My prediction is GSP by unanimous decision, I think he is just too big and strong and will take him down and GnP him

  • mike wolfe says:

    You can make a case for either fighter winning. Since their last fight, GSP’s wrestling has greatly improved and BJ’s conditioning is much better. Both guys have improved, especially in areas in which they weren’t as strong. If BJ doesn’t get lazy, I’d probably lean his way because of his ground game, where he still has the edge.

  • Funky k says:

    As long as bj doesnt execute the eye poke again st pierre will win even easier than last time.

  • Jesse says:

    Too bad it won’t be for a title. Fitch should have a shiny new belt by then.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    Yeah, yeah… keep telling yourself that Jesse.

    What gets my goat is people bitching and moaning about how GSP and BJ Penn should clean out their divisions before taking each other on.

    Out of MMA Weekly’s Top 10 WWs, GSP has already fought and beaten 4 of them with the 5 being Fitch. He won’t be able to fight Shields or Condit so that leaves Alves and Sanchez. Their fight in October should cut one of them from the title race so how is having ONE worthy opponent not cleaning out the division?

    As far as BJ Penn goes… he doesn’t need to. As cocky as he may sound, BJ Penn knows there is such a HUGE talent gap between him and the rest of the 155ers.

    Seriously… these are two of the top four pound for pound fighters in the world and MMA “fans” are complaining that we’ll get to see them tangle in 5 short months?!? Fucking unbelievable!

  • Darrel Smith Jr says:

    Are you high Jesse? Inquiring minds want to know…

  • rob says:

    MGM Grand Garden Arena (it can’t be anywhere else) here I come – and hopefully Santa BJ will give us all what we want (of course that only goes for BJ fans I guess) Nothing against GSP – please I don’t want to sound like a hater……..I guess he’ll have to vacate the LW belt?!? (sniffing: winner of kenflo/huerta v sherk for the interim 55 belt anyone?)

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    Ugh. I would rather not risk seeing Sherk/Kenflo II.

    Why not Diaz if he gets past Neer?

    What other UFC LWs have put together a string of wins? Maybe even Tyson?

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  • rob says:

    #20 – yeah I could see Tyson ( i guess) – there are just too many guys at 55 – personally I’d give Frankie a shot – but who knows

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  • kale says:

    well, in the news yesterday in mississiauga, this fight seems to be happening in montreal for a second time

  • knows mma says:

    anybody who thinks bj penn is gonna beat GSP is on crack! GSP WILL DESTROY BJ PENN PERIOD! can wait until GSP finally shuts this fat fuck up!, LMAO

  • josh says:

    Yes kai cobra, it will be a title fight. Were talking about two champions here bud!

  • josh says:

    and Knows MMA. YOu dont know MMA..BJ Penn will eat your family bitch

  • dion says:

    ok i understand that bj is good and that him and st pierre had a fight in which bj loss but why the fuck does bj get to fight the champ of a diffrent division bj lost his last 2 fight at 170 hughes and gsp so he doesnt deserve a short cut to the title shot…. why not a silva vs forrest griffin why not just pick fights for the title out of a hat why not tyson griffin vs nogueria or lesnar vs manny gamburyan for the heavy wieght title come on am i really the only person who realizes that despite how good of a fight it is bj doesnt deserve a title shot …. at least win a few 170 pound fights and stop being a cocky asshole

  • josh says:

    Dion we are talking about arguably the best two pound for pound fighters in MMA history, BJ deserves the fight because the last time they fought he lost be a hair. Were not talking about fuckin tyson grffin, brock lesner or gamburyan. We are talking about BJ Penn son

  • mike says:

    bj penn will fuck up gsp PERIOD!

  • wes says:

    I am still patiently awaiting this fight. I think BJ will pull this one out…

  • Jesse B says:

    Sorry Wes, the only thing BJ will be pulling is GSP’s foot out of his a**.

  • DogySamyday says:

    How i may contact admin this site? I have a question.

  • David Andrest says:

    Oh I don’t know, Maybe the contact page………….call me crazy but that is where I’d look.

  • matt says:

    gsp will gas penn.end of story and dont try to use the sherk fight as an excuse because he wouldnt have lasted five rounds if he had actually tryed to finish it he let sherk get pissed and fight stupid so he could lay low and rest up. gsp took down matt hughes something penn couldnt do and hes already taken down bj with ease i mean who has he fought an out of shape jens pulver and a roidless sean sherk.

    GSP over PENN
    round number-all of em

  • pete fruge' says:

    wow! This should be one great fight. The last one was not to bad it self but if you want to know who i think is going to win is going to be Gsp if he comes mentally prepared to have one heck of a fight with someone that does not mind being hit and taking down and will stand in front of him and is just as flexible as him Bj is one awesome fighter himself and can bang as well as gsp

  • Vino says:

    BJ’s only problem was cardio in the past….I think he has trained very hard and is in shape for this fight!

    BJ will win, 3rd round submission after some strikes

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I think GSP wil grease himself up in this fight and slither around the cage like an eel. BJ will do pretty much nothing for about 5 rds except squeeze GSP with his legs and watch him shoot out like a wet cake of soap. BJ will eventually do more damage though cuz GSP’s name will be tarnished forever. G.S.P.= greasy shouldered person.


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