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EliteXC has plans for PPV

During a recent media conference call, Doug DeLuca confirmed that EliteXC is looking to get onto pay-per-view.

Pay-per-view is our goal,” said Deluca, “Broadcast TV builds stars for PPV.”

Really, at this point, EliteXc only has one bankable PPV draw in Kimbo Slice. In order to protect Slice and generate decent PPV numbers, the best possible opponent is probably Ken Shamrock. Without Slice, I’m not sure how they put on a show that people would pay for. A brother vs. brother fight of Ken vs. Frank Shamrock could generate some interest, but I don’t think it would be enough to call the show a success.

EliteXC has an awful lot riding on Slice. They really need to build more stars if (when?) Slice suffers a loss on national television.

Regardless, they seem determined to move forward with PPV next year.

You’ll probably see a PPV from us in early 2009 – just not sure who or where,” said DeLuca

I just hope EliteXC doesn’t try to do too much too soon. Good baby steps will be much more beneficial then one huge leap.

  • Anthony says:

    EliteXC is building up a solid talent base. No superstars just yet (aside from the Kimbo Slice draw), but they have a good roster that they’ll build up from. Robbie Lawler, Ninja Rua, Rafael Feijao, KJ Noons, Gina Carano, Joey Villasenor, Phil Baroni @ 170, Jake Shields, Scott Smith, etc. They’re not going on an all-out blitz for big name talent like Affliction did. Instead, they’re taking up mid-level fighters (most of them former UFC) and trying to make them household names. A year from now, with each fighting approximately 3-4 times, should help establish that. I think PPV aspirations are great for EliteXC, we’ll see if they’re in a position to do so.

  • Sven says:

    Isn’t Carano of ppv-draw caliber?

  • Evan says:

    We are already at MMA PPV saturation. I have ordered almost every single PPV in the past 3 + years and I had stop a few months ago and selectively pick and chose to bring my bill down.

  • Jeff L says:

    Can any of you seriously tell me you would pay for the privilege to watch Kimbo fight? Really EXC? REALLY??

  • Jon C says:

    All EXC has to do is market Gina Carano as their headliner. Book lot’s of ads of her wearing skimpy outfits. Book her on all of the major talk-shows — she’s a great interview. Who cares if none of the real hardcore fans buy it. She’ll probably get 300K PPV buys just off of her American Gladiator fanboys alone.

  • mike wolfe says:

    This reminds me of a football game I attended a while back. There was this kid about two rows back with a horn that he blew loudly and randomly. Really annoying. Eventually a guy sitting in front of me walked back and paid him $10.00 not to blow the horn for the rest of the game. The point is that when it comes to EliteXC’s current roster, I suspect more people would pay not to see it than would pay to watch it. They have to significantly increase their talent pool before they can even consider ppv.

  • nickd says:

    Slice a PPV draw? Not a chance.

  • Bofa Dees says:

    I would pay to watch Slice get his ass kicked, but that’s about it!

  • Sandy says:

    who wants to see carano fight for $40? shes a weak women

  • Jeremy says:

    Elite has the right idea, build up their stars on CBS.

    If they are smart, they will hold off on PPVs until next spring or so. If all goes well, the CBS shows should have established some of these guys by then.

    While we might not see Lawler as a ppv fighter, the general public might after a couple more fights on CBS.

    If I were them, I would sign Jason Miller. He is colorful and a pretty good fighter.

  • Evan says:

    “If I were them, I would sign Jason Miller. He is colorful and a pretty good fighter.”

    Expensive and doesn’t ko. I’m pretty sure he will stay in Japan.

  • Jeff L says:

    I might pony up for the right Carano PPV, but she wouldn’t be fighting.

  • detroit_fan says:

    I order pretty much every mma ppv, but EliteXC wouldn’t get $40 from me. I can’t believe anyone would pay to see Kimbo fight.

  • BJJDenver says:

    I think they could be successful at a lower price point, say 24.99. Load the card with Kimbo, Gina, Frank/Ken, etc., cut down on the BS and sell it cheap.

  • flyingogoplata says:

    If they put all of their top talent on the same card and joined up with Strikeforce for a co-promotion, then they MIGHT be able to come up with a PPV worthy card:

    Noons vs. Diaz II
    Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock II
    Melendez vs. Thomson II
    Lawler vs. Ninja
    Brett Rogers vs. Silva
    Shields vs. Baroni (or try to sign Nick Thompson)
    Kimbo vs. ???
    Gina Carano vs. ???

  • dk says:

    i would not pay 10 bucks to see that garbage

  • Mike says:

    i would honestly have to be paid to see that

  • steak_knife says:

    Gina Carano vs. ??? would still get my money. And this is coming from a guy that hates womens MMA.


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