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Silva vs. Irvin: UFN 14 salaries


MMAjunkie was able to obtain salary figures for UFC Fight Night 14 from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. These figures also include official win bonuses:

Anderson Silva: $200,000
Brandon Vera: $200,000
Frank Edgar: $26,000
James Irvin: $20,000
C.B. Dollaway: $20,000
Hermes Franca: $17,000
Tim Credeur: $16,000
Reese Andy: $15,000
Cain Velasquez: $14,000
Rory Markham: $12,000
Jake O’Brien: $11,000
Kevin Burns: $10,000
Brad Blackburn: $10,000
Anthony Johnson: $9,000
Jesse Taylor: $8,000
Cale Yarbrough: $8,000
Nate Loughran: $8,000
Shannon Gugerty: $6,000
Johnny Rees: $4,000
Brodie Farber: $3,000
Dale Hartt
: $3,000
James Giboo: $3,000

  • Frankie Edgar and Hermes Franca added an extra $25,000 to their payday for the Fight of the Night. Franca and Edgar fought a three round war that had Edgar controlling the fight but Franca not going away quietly and dropping bombs on Edgar throughout.
  • C.B. Dollaway earned a $25,000 bonus for Submission of the Night. Dollaway’s Peruvian Necktie submission on Jesse Taylor was a thing of beauty.
  • Rory Markham padded his wallet with an extra $25,000 bonus for Knockout of the Night. Markham’s head kick to end the fight against Brodie Farber is right up there with some of the best knockouts all year.
  • Jackyl says:

    So much for Fedor’s 1 Million dollar pricetag. They gave Lesnar 250,000 for his debut. I wonder what the problem was. I know that the combat sambo and the fact that he likes to fight in Japan on New Years Eve were something they were going back and forth on but it seems the UFC could have written something into his contract if something happened. Maybe Dana truly believed that Fedor would not be a draw. Affliction’s attendance was pretty damn high for a non UFC event. I suppose there are a lot of gyms in California and a lot of fans wanted to see Fedor but I don’t think Pride had that many when they played the Thomas and Mack center. If they pull off the Fedor/Randy fight the UFC could be exposed as making a huge mistake by alienating their champion and not signing the world’s top heavyweight. Wasn’t their something about Fedor’s people not wanting him to fight in the cage?

  • tmckee13 says:

    These numbers don’t include bonuses. C.B got 25 grand for sub of the night. Did they take 5 grand away

  • Sam Caplan says:

    #2, read the ENTIRE post. Thanks.

  • JBAR says:

    C.B. made 3K mor than Hermes Franca and Brandon Vera made as much as Anderson Silva?? That’s just not right….

  • matt says:


    Vera was a 100/100 deal

    Hermes is on a 17/17 deal

    CB is getting 10/10

    Anderson was 200 flat, but probably got some sort of a bonus. Plus the UFC was using this event to build him up as a draw cause his PPV numbers when he headlines have been piss poor.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    I’m shocked at Vera’s payday – seems the UFC was a bit desperate to get a remotely recognizable name in Vera. About 2 years ago, Vera’s figure wouldn’t have seemed inflated, but based on his current performances and dearth of ‘finishes’, that number sure seems high and only seems magnified when you see the amount next to Anderson’s name. They’re not even in the same galaxy, let alone neighborhood as fighters, why then the comparable compensation?
    Inflation is bad in this instance because it actually diminishes Anderson’s worth. I don’t care how much you add to the sticker price, a Hyundai is still a Hyundai, and Vera is still Vera. Add all the zeroes you want, Vera is no Anderson Silva.

  • paddiosf says:

    I’m looking at Brandon Vera’s $200,000 and what bothers me is that Andre Arlovski was shown the door cause he had boring fights? what’s the difference? The UFC wants so badly for him to be a “Star” and all his fights sense being back have been boring…I also think Silva is underpaid if Vera is making the same amount of money…The UFC pay scale is so off..

  • Mike says:

    Vera’s a plug hes turning into a sylvia, fighting not to loose.

  • AG Silver says:

    Sam C.,

    I had the same confused reaction #2 did.

    The figures in the list of fighters did NOT include the bonuses. The bonuses were listed separately in the bullet points at the end of the post.

    Unless you’re telling us that Frankie Edgar only earned $1,000 to fight with an additional $25k for fight of the night. 😉

    On another note, Vera earning the same as “The Spider” is nearly criminal!! They should throw some of that $$ Velasquez’ way… that dude is something else!

  • B-Diddy says:

    Remember lots of fighters receive under the table payments. My bro-in-law who did some boxing and kickboxing in Nevada a few years ago would sign for a very low ($1000) fight payment because as a Canadian he would of been taxed big time.

    K-1 and UFC have done this many times in the past as well to help the fighters out. Heck NSAC has Bob Sapp listed as making $50 dollars for one of his fights 😀

  • JOe K. says:

    Vera is so overrated.

    I can’t stand the huge disconnect in pay for the fighters.

    They should have a minimum wage.

  • matt says:

    #11, they do have a minimum wage…it’s 3k :)

    Seriously though, Vera has been boring as hell lately and it seems he’s becoming the new Arona with the excuses. Oh my hand was broken I couldn’t fight Tim well, The Ref stopped the fight early…I was just about to do something!, and now the weight cut. He’s great a finishing shitty fighters but when he’s in there with anyone with a lick of talent “he sucks shit as a fighter”. That quote brought to you by Chris Leben.

  • jeremy says:

    Hopefully this pissing match between ufc and affliction will drive fighter pay up towards the area of pro boxing. I think these guys work just as hard and deserve to get paid for it

  • doubleA-ron says:

    #6,7,8, 9,&11. Great points! I am glad i don’t feel alone on this point. I was arguing with someone on here that vera doesn’t throw punches, which he doesn’t have, but one ko in the ufc from punches. Vera made as much as Silva? this makes me sick. So i guess that means it pays to talk sh*t and not back it up. Rediculous! Period

  • tallsforeverybody says:

    #13, what do think undercard guys make in boxing?

  • JBAR says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a decent Heavyweight with the motor and fighter mentality of a Clay Guida, Spencer Fisher ect. Just imagine if someone could instill that mentality in Vera.


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