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Kimbo Slice due for fall return to CBS


EliteXC is slated to return to CBS this Saturday at 9 p.m. ET. While drawing a strong rating in the dead of summer on a Saturday night is not easy, all indications are that the promotion will return to the Tiffany network in September or October, regardless of the ratings.

This Saturday’s show will be headlined by a EliteXC middleweight title rematch between incumbent Robbie Lawler and challenger Scott Smith, but the fall show is expected to have additional star power with the anticipated return of both Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson and Gina Carano.

Since defeating James Thompson via TKO in the main event of EliteXC’s inaugural telecast on CBS on May 31, Slice has kept a relatively low profile. However, ProElite chairman Doug DeLuca offered an update on the former Internet street fighting sensation during a conference call last week. He also used the opportunity to defend him against some of his critics.

“He’s training hard,” said DeLuca. “Kimbo is flying back and forth between Miami and California; he’s training with his team. The thing I will say about Kimbo is that I really don’t understand likes to give him a hard time…

“In Kimbo’s case, it was a year or so ago, but he found the sport, he’s committed and he’s a natural, a great fighter, who, unlike other guys you see come up off the streets that don’t have the discipline and the focus, this guy is one of the most disciplined and focused guys I’ve ever seen.

“So, to his credit, after that fight with James Thompson, Kimbo said (at the press conference), ‘I’m a baby in this sport and I know that.’ He said ‘I’m standing up here on this dais with world-class athletes that have been at this much longer than I have been.’ And he said, ‘I know I need to up my game in various places and at various levels and I will do that.’ Kimbo’s been committed and he’s doing that and he’s training real hard. You are going to see Kimbo fight again probably in late September, early to mid-October.”

With Kimbo expected to be added to the fall show, all that’s left is an opponent. Previous reports indicated that a bout between heavyweight rival Brett Rogers was likely, but the rumored bout is far from official.

“I definitely cannot confirm that he will be fighting Brett Rogers because we’re not sure that that’s the next fight for Kimbo,” stated DeLuca.

All indications are that EliteXC has yet to decide on Slice’s next opponent. While Rogers could still be in the mix, there are been recent rumblings that British heavyweight Neil Grove could be next in line following his July 12 second round TKO against Robert “Buzz” Berry at Cage Rage 27.

  • JOe K. says:

    It will be interesting to see how his game has matured.

  • Matt says:

    The thing I will say about Kimbo is that I really don’t understand likes to give him a hard time…

    Which means…

  • Jeff L says:

    I give all internet street fighting sensations a hard time, just not this one, Sam. I am an equal opportunity hater, you can be sure of that.

  • Smokes says:

    I really really really don’t like EXC or Gary Shaw however Kimbo for the most part is a very respectable fighter and a guy who deserves another chance. He was terrible against Thompson but he admitted it and said he’d get back to the drawing board. I have no problem with the guy and think he has a good deal to offer the sport I just don’t think he can make it far if his ground game doesn’t make some serious improvement. He doesn’t have the skill or balance to be defending good takedowns so he’ll have to learn how to fend his own on the ground.

  • Finkrod says:

    Come on #2 you know are always giving him a hard time…

  • HexRei says:

    i fully understand likes to give him a hard time.

  • Jesse says:

    When he sloooooow motion “swept” James Thompson and the announcer started screaming “Kimbo Slice with a scissor sweep!!!” the BJJ guy in me died just a lil bit.

    They’ll ride this pony as long as they can until they get him an actual MMA fighter to go up against.

    As for everyone that hates on EXC, there are a number of really talented younger guys that haven’t been getting widespread exposure yet. These are MMA guys too, not just some over the hill boxers or wrestlers. There’s a nice chance that there could be a few diamonds that emerge from EXC that may never had the chance to have a door opened for them in the UFC.

  • batman says:

    What is interesting is that on wikipedia it says Brett Rogers will fight Kimbo Slice on the third show on CBS

  • neijia says:

    what’s more entertaining – kimbo slice fights or jerry springer girl fights? js!

  • Jason says:


    Do yourself a favor and never use wikipedia as a credible source for who is fighting who. In 5 seconds I could have Kimbo Vs. Bo Cantell II “according to Wikipedia”.

    Last interview I read said that it was 90% sure that Kimbo’s opponent wasnt going to Brett Rogers.

  • Jason says:

    Has Neil Grove fought under 265 pounds? Last fight of his I saw he was fighting in the 280’s.

  • doubleA-ron says:

    scary – in a good and bad way.

  • Gabber says:

    Man, I wish Kimbo all the best. I think the dude has some serious power in his hands and I wouldn’t personally want to brawl with him. But he had a hard time with a guy that was on a major losing streak. Thompson had nothing to give a decent fighter he still gave Slice all he could handle.

    As for CBS/Elite XC, yes I hate on it. Bad stoppages, questionable stand-ups and dancing girls from the Brass Rail that they poured into outfits. How can I not hate on them? When you look at a first off promotion like Affliction, albeit they have their own production problems, I would rather pay to see an Affliction show than watch a CBS/Elite XC show for free. How sad is that? You have how many different fight organizations (Elite XC, Show XC, Showtime…) and the best you can give me is:

    1) A MW fight between two UFC rejects.
    2) A Female face of MMA who doesn’t take things seriously enough to make weight.
    3) An internet street fighter vs Tomato Can.
    4) Frank Shamrock reading off a teleprompter.

    Pardon me if I haven’t cleared my calendar for the next show. For a first show I was severely let down, now that Gina “Contradiction” Carano isn’t even fighting, what teetays do I get to perv over? 😛

    They should just have a bidding war for all their assets and let UFC/Affliction/Dream duke it out.

  • Jay K. says:

    Completely agree w/#2.

    I are means Kimbo hard time likes understand…

    All your base are belongs to us.

  • Panama says:

    Bullshit. Rogers deserves a crack at Kimbo more than any one else in the Proelite umbrella. EliteXC just wants to keep feeding Kimbo cans.

    It’s one thing that EliteXC declined Aleksander Emelianenko’s request to batter Kimbo but it’s another to decline Rogers. Rogers is an up and comer himself and has pretty much the same style as Kimbo. What the hell are they afraid of? Why are they putting all of their eggs in Kimbo’s basket for anyway?

  • Warcry says:

    Elite Xc is the Double-A version of the Ufc with Wec being Triple-A. Kimbo is highly overrated, James Thompson gave him a hard time. Real fight fans know that Kimbo is light years away from being competitive on the big league level. I do like the fact that these organization are around to push the Ufc to continue to make great fights and good promotions. The sport is better for it

  • flyingogoplata says:

    #16 – you owe an apology to AA ball players everywhere.


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