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Fox Sports Net likely to televise EliteXC

175px-fsn_logo.png ProElite chairman Doug DeLuca gave strong hints during a conference call last week that EliteXC was on the verge of adding another television partner to a fold that already includes CBS and SHOWTIME.

“I can’t talk too much about it now, but we’re probably going to announce another broadcast deal pretty soon with a cable network that will do similar to what you’re saying — where you’ll see all our brands in action,” DeLuca said in response to a question about the fight’s promotion’s long-term TV plans.

At the time, DeLuca was unwilling to elaborate on who the potential partner would be. However, it now appears that the mystery network has been revealed. During a press conference last week in Anaheim to promote “Affliction: Banned” on pay-per-view as well as the pre-show, “Affliction: LIVE” on Fox Sports Net, FSN Executive Vice President George Greenberg indicated that the basic cable sports provider was about to begin airing EliteXC.

“For us at FSN, we’ve shown UFC; we’ve shown PRIDE; we’ve shown the IFL; we’re about to show ProElite,” Greenberg said during last week’s presser.

Since the press conference was to promote Affliction’s first-ever event this past Saturday, Greenberg didn’t elaborate. However, based on the comments by both DeLuca and Greenberg, it appears something in the works. Exactly what is not for certain. EliteXC could be looking to package old footage of its previous shows and air them in a one-hour format, similar to “UFC Unleashed” on Spike TV. Or, they could try to create a secondary live events package that would make its Cage Rage and ICON Sport brands available on FSN.

FSN’s desire to get involved with EliteXC seems very logical given the circumstances. With its PRIDE contract having expired, the only MMA that FSN is televising right now is the IFL. However, the IFL’s contract with FSN will expire at the end of the Summer and if the UFC is able to complete a purchase of the New York-based fight company, it’s unlikely that an extension of the current deal will be worked out.

  • cheapshot says:

    Totally irrelevant (like most of my posts) but is the sam morgan who writes for this site the same sam morgan who just fought paul daley?

    Is there any chance of a section offering a little background on all of the contributors to the site or do you prefer to maintain your anonymity?

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Nobody by the name of Sam Morgan has ever written for this site.

  • cheapshot says:

    ahhhh. i’ve clearly merged your good self with adam morgan. apologies.

    adam morgan needs to step up to the plate and challenge daley if you ask me

  • J-Hawker says:

    The more mma the better and it would be awesome if EXC would air some ICON and Cage Rage on FSN since they have some great fights that aren’t aired on tv in mainland USA.

  • patrick says:

    LMAO at cheapshot calling out the “infamous” Sam Morgan! I don’t think i have laughed that hard in years. Step up sam!

  • ultmma says:

    How about a best out of three Sam v.s Adam

    Rd 1 : a story writing contest for 5 oz. of pain ( or they could go heads up in the dual)

    rd 2: Sam and Adam go at 3 rounds inside the cage

    rd 3: if there is anything left of Adam or if Sam’s brain doesn’t still hurt from typing words from Rd 1 they play HORSE, ping pong, pool or go bowling, we that makes for great TV.

    On a side note This deal would be great for Elite Xc, they would have a basic cable network to run highlights of their fighters, countdowns to hype of their showtime/cbs cards ( maybe be a conflict of interest being on fox??)
    and i can see it now…. The Damm Cage Rage period!!

  • ultmma says:

    hhmmm i need a better editor proof reading my posts

  • cheapshot says:

    Good point Ultmma, now THAT would set site traffic records.

    You just can’t trust these guys tho, next they’ll be telling me their Michael Huckaby didn’t run an admirable race for the Republican nomination, I like Mike!

  • ultmma says:

    no cheap shot the best Huckaby slogan (before he retired to MMA blogging) was when Chuck Norris endorsed him and started to campaign for him

    all those people riding around with “Chuck for Huck” bumper stickers on their chevys

    This is our country


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