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Former TUF 7 contestant Paul Bradley victorious over the weekend

paul-bradley.jpgMiddleweight Paul Bradley, a former contestant on the seventh season of Spike TV’s hit reality show “The Ultimate Fighter,” improved his professional MMA record to 7-0 over the weekend.

Bradley, a standout amateur wrestler while at the University of Iowa, utilized strong ground and pound ability en route to a unanimous decision victory over Dimarco Harris. The win over the previously undefeated Harris earned Bradley the Destiny Fighting Championship middleweight title.

After winning a qualifying match on TUF 7 to advance to the final field of 16 contestants, Bradley began to suffer from an outbreak of Herpes Gladiatorum. UFC President Dana White decided to dismiss Bradley from the show and release him from his contract.

Soon after his official release from the UFC, Bradley signed a contract with EliteXC. However, Bradley has yet to fight for the promotion and an executive with the company indicated to Five Ounces of Pain two weeks ago that he has not been booked on any upcoming cards.

Bradley is now represented by LionHeart management and currently serves as a trainer at LionHeart MMA in State College, PA. In addition to Bradley, several other LionHeart fighters have strong amateur wrestling credentials. One of them, former NCAA champion Phil Davis, also competed this weekend and improved his amateur MMA record to 2-0.

Competing at the Battlefield Fighting Championships in Fredericksburg, VA, Davis scored a second round submission over previously unbeaten Casey Miller in a light heavyweight clash. Despite having only two fights under his belt, Davis is already considered one of the top unsigned prospects in the United States at 205 pounds.

  • sven says:

    It was probably as boring as his fight on TUF. So glad he got kicked off the show. I just cant feel bad for a Hawkeye.

  • Brad says:

    stop taking your retard pills and get with the picture

  • Ross says:

    It sucks for that kid, bc I cant imagine any large org letting him fight. Not so much bc of the herpes itself bc it can lay dormant (atleast according to Bradley) but lets say he is clear up until fight night and then he breaks out and the promotor has to then cancel the fight. It would be a nightmare. Im not being sarcastic by saying he may need to find a new line of work coaching or something. best of luck to him.

  • Fuhr says:

    Ross you’re pretty uninformed on the subject, IMO. Not attacking you there but the “outbreak” is pretty common in wrestling rooms. Not fun but can be handled with simple medications and good cleaning of mats and equipment. I suppose if the night before the fight he broke out it could be a problem but as a whole it’s not something that the man needs to change his profession for.

    Sven, we Hawks love to be hated in wrestling… means were back on top, baby!

  • Ross says:

    thats what Im saying-its not the herpes per say…..its the fact that the promoter cant rely on him to “not have an outbreak the day of the fight and then him not being medically cleared.
    I wont pretend I know about herpes, Ill leave that up to you.-Im not attacking you either.
    Im just going by what the docs said on tuf, if the doctors are wrong, then so be it.
    by change his profession, I just mean no professional fighting. If he can give it to someone else he doesnt belong to be there. The opponnet is not asking to get a disease. If someone wants to pay to roll around with him as a coach, that would be their choice. a bad one, but still theri choice.

  • Fuhr says:

    Understand your opinion but it’s extremely common. Ever have a cold sore? It’s the oral version of the same skin condition Paul had. More than likely people get into the ring/cage with it all the time. Some Valtrax and a week off and it’s all better. I am simplifying a bit but it’s not as bad as the TUF dr.’s made it out to be. Paul had a Dr. who told him to take the antibiotics and not roll for a week. I understand where Dana and the producers were coming from as they couldn’t have every person take a week off but proper cleaning of mats, personal hygiene (not real conducive to the “house living”), and no contact would have done the same as kicking him off the show.

  • brett says:

    Shows how much Dana knows, he said they have had people break out with staph and they just moved them out of the house for a day or two. Staph is much more serious than herp.

  • JB says:

    You’re an idiot, sven. You don’t know your head from your ass.

    How would you know what Bradley’s fight was like on TUF? They didn’t show the fight!

    Let me guess… you’re taking Dana White’s word for it? Let me edumacate you a little bit, and explain the ways of the world. Dana obviously had an alterior motive for editing out Bradley’s fight, because 1) Paul Bradley had been taken off the show weeks before the broadcast, 2) the guy Bradley whomped on obviously wasn’t on the show either, 3) Bradley’s contract had already been tore up, 4) Bradley was in negotiations with a rival MMA organization when the broadcast aired. So what’s Dana White gonna do? Promote a great fighter that’s not signed with the UFC? Hell no! He made some stupid “turtles humping” comment, and talked down about Paul.

    So tell me genius… if Paul fought like a “humping turtle”, was boring, and had no skills, explain why he was Rampage’s SECOND overall pick? Oh and be my guest, ask Dollaway what he thinks of Paul Bradley.

    Well, the proof is in the pudding. Paul is still undefeated, and would have probably won TUF, or at least been in the finals.

    It’s a good thing for White that Paul’s not as vendictive as I am… because when the UFC ultimately DOES come crawling back to him on his knees, he’ll accept their appology for treating him like garbage, and fight on one of their cards.

    You have been served. Now get off your mommy’s computer, and go outside to play with the rest of the kiddies on your street.


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