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UFN 14 or Affliction: BANNED, which was better?


Overall which event did you like better:

    UFC Fight Night 14 Silva vs. Irvin
    Affliction BANNED Fedor vs Sylvia??

VOTE now, our latest poll is located in the left-hand column of the site. Also share your thoughts about the overall events here.

Over the last several weeks, 5 Oz of Pain had been running a poll asking readers how they would be watching the fights this past weekend:

    39% (910) readers responded:  I’ll pay to watch Affliction, and TIVO the UFC.
    32% (748) readers responded:  I’ll watch UFC and catch Affliction on the internet.
    23% (539) readers responded:  I’ll only watch UFC free on Spike.
    6% (147) readers responded:  I’ll only watch Affliction on pay-per-view.

As the fights took place, did you flip back and forth?  Did you watch Spike then catch Fedor vs. Sylvia online?

Check out more Silva vs. Irvin content here and Fedor vs. Sylvia content here.

  • rollshop says:

    you mean on the left hand side? cause thats where I see it

  • DREAM 5 was more competitive than either one..

  • matt says:

    Sorry but the production of the Affliction card was terrible. Ruined it for me. So did the Lindland fight.

    Seeing Cain and Anderson demolish their opposition was amazing. Cain is a future top 10 HW.

  • JoHn says:

    i rented affliction and wished i hadnt, the only one worth the watch in my opinion was andrei arlovski, and fedor’s quick domination of sylvia, so in turn i caught myslef switching back and forth, but i also tivo’ed the ufc, and watch it the following day in entirity, much better fights as well as production, i love how affliction flooded the audience with celebrities….

  • bcolflesh says:

    I watched all the fights, plus the prelims from both shows – my favorite fight was Farber vs Markham, followed by Dolloway’s Peruvian necktie on Forbes.

  • JoHn says:

    # 5 bcolflesh Says: ——–
    followed by Dolloway’s Peruvian necktie on Forbes.
    ???? WHAT ???? you mean taylor

  • HexRei says:

    I watched them simultaneously on two computer monitors. I thought the cards were pretty balanced in terms of excitement, although as a fan of the oldskool guys the Affliction card had a special place in my heart. However, Spike’s presentation was much, much, much better than Affliction’s.

    All in all, if I had it to do again and could only watch one, I’d choose the Affliction event since it featured a lot of old legends we probably won’t be seeing fight much anymore in the UFC, whereas the guys we saw at UFN we will be seeing fight every few months for the UFC most likely.

  • Mike C. says:

    #4 you didn’t like Nogeuira’s, Hominick’s or Pyle’s fights? I can understand not enjoying the Lindland fight. It was horrible. When was the last time he beat a legit top level fighter? He’s had a good career but all he has done lately is lose to bigger fighters and beat other has beens. Hopefully the “Lindland would beat Anderson” stuff stops until he looks good again. Babalu-Whitehead was also pretty boring.

  • Ronin says:

    Hands down Affliction A+++ card, if you watched the Affliction card first then turned the channel to the west coast feed to watch UFN 14 let me tell you what let down UFN was boring as hell, same old same old..

  • MMA SKOOL™ says:


    The UFC production value was much better and Affliction card wasn’t really worth $40 in the end, but who can honestly say that UFN was any good? It was better than nothing but it was really plain besides that.

    The Arlovski Rothwell fight and the hype of the Fedor fight easily made the Affliction event better than the run-of-the-mill UFN bouts, and the joke that Silva made of Irvin.

    I watched both, but in the end I was watching the Affliction fights.

  • I think the RING is the worst part of MMA.
    I love watching DREAM and Affliction was good but the ring just slows the fights down way to much.
    All MMA should be in some form of a cage.

  • Kelvin says:

    I watched the UFN…and watched most of the Affliction card on the internet…I wasn’t blown away by either….however, if I would have paid $40 for the Affliction card..I would not have been too happy.

  • Mike Reyn says:

    I like the card Affliction put on, but let’s face it, they can not make it just on one division alone. The UFC puts on a better range of all fighters, no matter the weight class. While both Fedor and Anderson Silva won respectively, I have to give the nod to UFC. It was Free. It was a good card. And displayed a wide range of fight endings. Experience pays, and the UFC shows it has experience.

  • ekc says:

    DREAM 5 won!!!!

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    I’m with Matt. I watched both on my TV, using picture in picture and flipping back and forth. With Affliction seemingly waiting about a half hour between fights, it wasn’t too hard.

    The shoddy production value behind Affliction, the boring Lindland/Negao and Sobral/Whitehead fights, and the the ring left a sour taste in my mouth. Lil Nog’s and Arlovski’s beautiful destructions of Dewees and Rothwell, respectively and Fedor’s obvious deal with the devil handling of Sylvia pretty much saved the card for me.

    FN had a slick sub, two decent wars in Johnson/Burns and Edgar/Franca, and two shellacking in Velasquez/O’Brien and Silva/Irvin.

    Overall, I’d give FN a B and Affliction a B-. Around the same quality fight-wise but the production and GRUELING pacing of Affliction knocks it down a peg.

  • Jeff L says:

    I dropped the 40 bucks and wish I had not. The last 2 fights were great, but in the end could have felt satisfied catching those on the net (and will do next time) From all accounts, it was a different experience if you were there in person, but the production/commentating was bush league at best. Yes I watch for the fights, but I expect a good presentation of product, especially when I am shelling out money for it. And to #9, I completely disagree. I watched UFN off the DVR directly after Affliction, and really enjoyed it quite more.

  • Mark Aulet says:

    I think both were good. I hope Affliction takes note and does something about the production. It looked very unprofessional. I like the clean and crisp UFC production better and hope they refine Affliction to be more in line with that.

  • matt says:

    Here’s how I’d rank the fights with the FN

    You have a great sub, 2 fantastic dominations, 2 great wars, and a stinker in the Vera gassing. Then the bonus of Markham with that fantastic head kick. The new graphics are awesome and Rogan and Goldberg were on their games. The overall show was really good in my opinion.

    Affliction had the Arlovski fight which was awesome. And Fedor by Severn Choke. The other fights weren’t all that great. Babalu/Whitehead and Lindland/Negao were boring as shit. Commentary was terrible and the production crew (camera angles) were terrible and the sound was horrendous.

    I watched the FN the next day as well as the Affliction show and was angry i spent $40 on the affliction show.

  • Ian says:

    Production and technical issues aside, I loved the Affliction card. Not only was I satisfied, I came away wanting more, and hoping PPV did well enough that they’ll put on a second show, and soon. I’ve said before, I actually like the ring, since I feel it lends itself better for presentation, and better camera work. It does have it’s problems of course, but it doesn’t take anything away for me personally.

    I tried to watch the rebroadcast of UFN, and simply couldn’t. It was the same tired formula, with the same tired commentating, and fairly unimportant fights.

    Conclusion: UFN felt like it was just going through the motions with a sub-par card. Affliction felt like a true event, and every fight on the card delivered, save the Lindland gas fest.

  • sven says:

    I thought both cards were ok. I never expected the Affliction card to be the epic PPV to end all PPV’s that so many others did. Its hard to have that many HW’s on one show and have it be great no matter their ranknings. It was still a good for a first show though. The UFC show turned out pretty good too considering it was thrown together at the last minute.

    Dream 5 was better than both though.

  • bcolflesh says:

    “# 5 bcolflesh Says: ——–
    followed by Dolloway’s Peruvian necktie on Forbes.
    ???? WHAT ???? you mean taylor”

    Doh! – you are correct – I was actually looking at when I typed that, lol…

  • Jim says:

    Heh. I liked the UFC card a bit more because Affliction was too long and took too long to get going. If you took the top five fights from each, I’d say Affliction — but that’s not what they did, so UFC gets my nod.

    But I did screw up and ruin a slight bit of enjoyment for both me and my buddy who watched with me. We were discussing the fights and I said I just hoped that one could be as exciting as Torres-Maeda, and he mentioned he hadn’t seen that. So I pulled it up on my DVR (yes, it’s still not deleted) and we watched it. Around 9:15pm. Before any of the other fights.

    Critical mistake, let me tell you.

  • Both events had their high and low points. Affliction’s Fedor-Sylvia and Arlovski bouts were very good. On the other hand, UFC had Anderson Silva laying waste demolishing James Irvin and the Edgar-Franca fight which is very good, as well. Affliction needs to work on their production some – maybe that’s due to this being their first time. UFC, at least in my humble opinion, had some improved graphics and Rogan and Goldberg were good, as usual. But as for myself, I watched all of the UFC event on Spike and watched portions of the Affliction event. All things being equal, I have to say that I give the nod to the UFC card.

  • flyingogoplata says:

    My vote is with the UFN card. THe AA and Fedor fights were exciting as was the Hominick fight. Other than that, I was generally unimpressed. And not to beat a dead horse here but I could have done better production wise with the video function on my phone and a toy karaoke machine.

    The UFN card, while lacking in “big names” aside from Silva had some really good fights. The Markham KO was great. The Johnson/Burns fight was an exciting back and forth battle. Edgar/Franca showed some exciting standup and great ground game. Velasquez and Silva were exciting and on their games. The only bad fight was Vera’s and it was still 10 times more exciting than the Lindland fight, but then again watching Polka dancing is 10 times more exciting than witching Lindland fight!

  • JacRabbit says:

    Didnt like the ring, but to be honest I’m not in broadcasting and as far as production goes, Affliction seemed to do perfectly fine with me. Luckily, I had both shows recorded–I was able to FFD through Megadeth…

    All-in, I watched affliction first and UFN right after–UFN was boring.

  • Fabricio says:

    Love the ring, contrary to popular opinion it speeds things up tremendously.

    Dream 5 was the BIG winner with Affliction a close second.

    UFC was solid as always.

  • doubleA-ron says:

    I agree w/ #4. All the attention was on the UFC and Affliction show, but Dream snuck right in and stole the show. I don’t enjoy watching fighters entrances and usually fast forward through them, but man you have to watch the entrances of all the dream fighters. The light show they put on is amazing and that japanesse woman anouncer is great. Them bringing all the fighters in together is great also and fighters don’t call each other out they are privelaged to fight each other. The audience being so quiet while there is no action and then bursting out when the action happens, wow! DREAM WINS!

  • Jackyl says:

    I watched UFN live and caught most of the Afflicton fights online. Affliction had some great fights and I liked the matchups. Some real good KO finishes and the destruction of Sylvia was fckn awesome. Of course we all thought Fedor would win but that was just wrong! As cool as that was the destruction of Irvin was even better. Especially after all that shit he talked. I agree Affliction needs to work on the production. I’m pretty sure I’ll pay for Randy vs Fedor.

  • bubbafat says:

    Bottom line, production aside, I got to see 6 top ten HW’s in exciting fights and some descent prelim and undercard fights for less than what the UFC charges me(PPV). I don’t feel guilty about recording the UFC and watching it later at all. No complaints outta me at all, I got almost 10 hrs of gr A MMA on TV, and 2 hrs of Dream5 on the internet this weekend. I’m still wired from it all.

  • ACK! says:

    I watched Affliction on PPV first and then caught the re-air of UFN 14 on Spike.

    And, overall, I thought Affliction’s card was much, much better. I just couldn’t get into most of the fights on UFN 14. I was psyched to see Markham’s UFC debut and Velasquez vs. O’ Brien, but the other fights held little significance to me personally. Even the main event was a pretty piss-poor excuse to manufacture another sick Silva knockout for the next Ultimate Knockout DVD…

    Affliction, on the other hand, was a refreshing change of pace even with it’s production warts. Basically every fight other than the terrible Buentello fight (granted it was setup at the last second) kept my interest if for no other reason than to see the guys I grew up idolizing back in action. Belfort, Babalu, Barnett, and even Rizzo all looked like they have plenty of great fights left in them and Arvlovski and Fedor both appear to be world-class fighters in their prime. As a bonus, Pyle and Hominick put on good shows as well. Particularly Hominick, who looked impressive against Young and might be ready to make a statement at 145…

    I could go on, but in the end I care about great fights and Affliction has shown a willingness to pay give fighters the contracts they deserve to put together stacked cards that have real meaning to MMA fans. Unfortunately, the UFC couldn’t appear more opposite than they did with UFN 14…

  • neorules says:

    you people who bash the other org cards should be shot …
    Its friggin MMA … Dont buy the ppv if you dont choose too, and stop your
    silly bitchin. If your a fan, it doesnt matter what the org is .. Just Appreciate
    the sport and its progress. So for the people who are comparing the Affliction show vs the UFN .. Do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!
    Stay in your moms basement and look at your dads old porno mags ..

  • Dan says:

    I watched UFN and caught the Affliction fights on the web today. I can do without Megadeth or any other rock/rap artist performing at MMA shows. Stinks of a circus act. The fight quality was fairly even. You can’t say none of the UFN fights had any meaning. Franca-Edgar went a long way to establishing the LW landscape. After Velasquez’s destruction of O’Brien, I’m sure his next fight will have a lot more significance. Production-wise, there was no contest. UFC production is always top-notch and EliteXC/Affliction could learn a lot.

    People say that Affliction “pays fighters what they deserve” but we’ll see how far in the hole they will be after a few shows. Remember, the UFC racked up $44 million in debt before they started turning a profit, and I’m sure they were paying the fighters nowhere near what they’re making now.

  • Rex says:

    1. Dream
    2. Affliction
    3. UFC

  • eichoro says:

    Everyone who voted for the UFN must be on crack. Yeah, in terms of production, Affliction was definitely sub-par, but at the same time, it still had a very Affliction-like feel to it (with the death metal and the red lighting).

    The Affliction event had better talent, better fights, highlight-reel finishes in it’s last three fights, and it was filled with HEAVYWEIGHTs, which has proved time and time again to be the weight class fans want to see (including this fan). Meanwhile, the UFN was loaded with second-tier talent, barring Vera and Silva, and both of those guys fought a bunch of chumps. The outcome of the Silva fight HAD NO RELEVANCE either. It was just a “let’s see if Anderson Silva can fight at 205” type thing. Great, he can fight at 205. Now what? He’s gonna go back to middleweight.

    I really hope the Affliction event succeeds. Just its willingness to go out and get heavyweight fighters is all I need, since the UFC thinks that heavyweights are unimportant. (We all know where Randy Couture wants to go after his little court case is over.)

  • Neil says:

    Lots of love for the UFC, but I think #32 has it spot on. Dream delivered with a near-perfect card, and even though the production quality hurt Affliction, it brought back star power that hasn’t been seen state-side in a long time.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    “it was filled with HEAVYWEIGHTs, which has proved time and time again to be the weight class fans want to see (including this fan).”

    Is that why the highest grossing MMA events are headlined by any other weight class BESIDES heavyweight?

  • I skipped back and forth and it worked out pretty well. I got to see all the important moments in the Arlovski fight. Flipped over to catch the Silva fight then back to see the end of the Arlovski. Then caught the Fedor – Sylvia massacre. That was pretty well everything I wanted to see.

    I love the new Arlovski (or is that the old Arlovski??), I hate the new Brandon Vera. And Time looked like.. well just Tim. Didn’t he used to have more than one punch? I think he used to kick too, no?

  • ctownhood says:

    On the strength of the final 3 fights (Barnett – Rizzo, Arlovski-Rothwell, Fedor-Sylvia). I’d say the Affliction card was better. But, the UFC churns out quality events 12-15 times a year. I don’t think Affliction will make it past 4 events.


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