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Report: Jesse Taylor could be one and done with the UFC


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Steve Cofield has a new blog post on Yahoo! Sports that indicates that middleweight Jesse Taylor could once again be in hot water with the UFC.

Cofield spoke with Taylor on his ESPN Radio show in Las Vegas this week and asked him to share his thoughts about the recent arrest of UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. During the most recent season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” Jackson was critical of Taylor’s conduct, which got him kicked off the show and cost him a spot in the TUF 7 middleweight final.

“What goes around, comes around, I guess,” an unsympathetic Taylor was quoted as saying to Cofield in regards to Jackson. In Taylor’s defense, he issued his comment before it was learned that Jackson’s behavior could potentially be attributed to mental health issues. He also backed off his initial comments after Yahoo! caught up with him for a followup.

“I feel bad for the guy,” Taylor is quoted. “Being on top of the fighting world and then not being there is going to destroy you. I think it was tough to handle for the guy. I wish he gets better, I didn’t know he was in this situation. He’s in a lot worse situation than I was in.”

But the apologetic comments may have come too late. According to Cofield, an unnamed UFC official revealed to him that they were none too pleased with Taylor speaking out against Jackson earlier in the week. Cofield also indicates in his report that Taylor’s stock within the promotion might also be hurt by the fact that there are rumors he may not have cleaned up his act to the extent he’s portrayed in interviews.

To make matters worse, Taylor lost to C.B. Dollaway during this past Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 14 fight card when he submitted to a Peruvian neck tie at 3:58 of round 1.

While nothing is official, Cofield gives strong indications in his article that it could be quite some time before we see Taylor in the UFC again.

  • Who cares, the UFC does need any more unpolished NCAA wrestlers. Have fun now Jesse dwindling away in Elite XC, way to be!

  • drdsanders says:

    He was winning the fight then got caught (a common occurance). Many fighters in the UFC have said worse things and suffered little to no consequences for their actions. I’m not a fan of his and don’t really care one way or the other, but IMO his actions following TUF don’t warrent being kicked out of the UFC

  • TMCAC says:

    Not surprising at all. I read one interview where Taylor said he went to AA the day before he did the interview with Spike. More recently in an interview he said he had gone to 2-3 AA meetings, mostly to check it out, see what its about, but he doesn’t feel he’s an alcoholic.

    Personally I don’t care if he is or is not an alcoholic, or if he believes he is one. Bottom-line is that it appears Taylor hasn’t done much to change the mental and emotional parts of his game Dana told him to work on.

    If Taylor has represented to Dana, Joe Silva, or others at the UFC that he has been doing more to clean up his act than he really is, its not surprising the UFC gives him the fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me treatment in not wanting to be fooled again. However with the UFC willing to rush him back for a hastily thrown together Fight Night, it looks like they failed to do some due diligence in making sure Taylor is indeed working on what amounts to maturity issues.

    I understand if the UFC simply wants to cut ties with the kid, but I personally would like to see the UFC take a bit more proactive approach with its younger/new fighters to help them through the transition from an unknown to “a UFC fighter.” The NFL and NBA have rookie symposiums and their player unions send around old ball players to offer insights and counsel to rookies. Those programs don’t stop say the Pacman Jones of their leagues from falling down on maturity-type issues, but it can’t be hurting.

  • Derek B says:

    Dr. Sanders. I don’t think that He was losing the fight though. From what I seen CB was taking the fight to Taylor.

  • Nolan says:

    At least Jackson never pissed himself on national tv, fucking retard.

  • Evan says:

    when was that pic taken?

  • Mad Maxman says:

    See ya Jess, maybe you can fight for Elite XC…..

  • I am not a fan of JT
    I am not a fan of CB either but I was happy to see him choke out JT

    Is it me or are there a lot of really cocky fighters coming up?

  • paddiosf says:

    Good, after hearing Taylor bone-headed comments, I hope Dana dumps his ass
    from the UFC..I was never impressed with his boring lay-on top of you” ground and pound”..he doesn’t have much more then that..And what’s in that glass?

  • Evan says:

    # PADDIOSY…Thats why I am asking when that pic was taken in post #6. If that’s recent he has big problems…if its an old pic its rather misleading. Unintentional or not because it clearly looks like a bar class with a mixed drink.

  • ACK! says:

    This is sort of the problem with The Ultimate Fighter. When Dana wants to dump a guy like JT, he basically gifts a fairly well-known fighter with potential to another organization.

    I wonder where JT will land if the UFC lets him go.

  • Kung Foo says:

    Out of the Frying Pan into the Oven for JT, so to speak.

  • bob says:

    jt should go to hdnet fights
    get some good exposure

  • ultmma says:

    The ufc is grabbing at straws here. They were looking for any excuse to give JT the ax.

    now they got it plus they got one fight out of him for it. i’m sure a lot of casual fans of the TUF series tuned in jus to see his return.

    i think the rest of us could of gave 2 craps if JT was back in the UFC or not

  • Levi M says:

    Jesse is an FN moron….
    He goes to Dana and says “I’m going to AA and have really cleaned up my act” then later in other interviews he says he only went a couple of times and decided he didn’t have a problem…this guy pissed his pants on national t.v., pulled the stunt in vegas, talks shit about a legend in the sport not knowing the full story, and he doesnt have a problem? This guy is a jackass and his fighting style is boring…cut him and send this a-hole home…I want to watch fighters who respect the sport, the fighters, and the fans!

  • bk says:

    how can you demand class from your fighters when your company president has none? I mean, c’mon: Dana is the epitome of vulgarity and tastelessness and he’s going after this meathead? BTW, from what I’ve heard and read, rampage isn’t exactly a class act, anyways – more of a meathead and a thug.

    It’s amazing the slack that gets cut for that guy.

  • Evan says:


    hdnet fights isn’t really a fight promotion anymore. They are slowly but surely cornering the TV market for non PPV and network fights. Thats not likely to change soon.

  • Juggernaut says:

    The picture was taken at the UFN14 after party.

  • sven says:

    He’s a boring one dimensional fighter. He will not be missed.

  • Jim says:

    Come on guys that is clearly a Shirley Temple he’s drinking…you can tell because he doesn’t have a urine stain down the front of his pants.

    IMO, he’s just not very bright. Bright people should never talk on camera or with microphones around – look at Dan Quayle.

    He’s just needs more life experience to help him grow up and to learn when to shut up.

  • Jim says:

    Forgot an important word in the initial post:

    Come on guys that is clearly a Shirley Temple he’s drinking…you can tell because he doesn’t have a urine stain down the front of his pants.

    IMO, he’s just not very bright. NOT Bright people should never talk on camera or with microphones around – look at Dan Quayle.

    He’s just needs more life experience to help him grow up and to learn when to shut up.

  • The Great Awakening says:

    This is a joke.

    The UFC has fighters doing coke, passing out on national tv, and probably doing all kinds of things. I wonder what they would do if a good fighter acted a little wild in their hotel. They certainly wouldn’t show it on tv 2000 times.

    The UFC is well within its rights to dump this boring fighter, but fans need to stop piling on a guy for doing the same exact things as other fighters/20-40 year old men everywhere.

  • THORAZINE says:

    Lets face it, Dana White just doesn’t like JT and he couldn’t care less about his fighting style.

  • paul says:

    JT did not deserve to come back he clearly is a whacko and a 115% total idiot who isn’t even a good fighter

  • Big Chuck says:

    JT Money … this is the way i see it.
    Big strong kid, good wrestler, limited MMA skills.
    not very bright, speaks without thinking
    HOWEVER … how would this have gone down had he beaten C.B. Dolloway? (he was handling that fight, until he got caught)
    ah ha … things would have been handled differently.
    “employment” is just that … if you conduct yourself in an acceptable manner and/or, the boss likes you, things will go fine and you’ll get more than your fair share of chances (Lidell, Penn)
    if you “act up” and/or the boss doesn’t like you OR doesn’t care one way or the other … you wind up like JT (Babalu, Tito)
    … these fighters put all their eggs in one basket. they “bank” on the fact that they are gonna win every fight and that they are gonna be the next big thing … and when neither of those happens, they are left without a plan. IMHO

  • gg says:

    that bk fool needs to shut up
    rampage is a class act
    he will get his belt back asap
    forrest and him will have another two fights
    ice man will get ko’d again
    as will silva and shogun


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