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Couture says courts could decide on his contractual status this week

653_sgzodgxore_vlarge.jpgCurrent UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture had indicated that a court is expected to rule on the status of an emergency stay filed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He added that if he wins his appeal, the decision on his contractual status will revert to a Texas court and that a declaration of his status would be made soon after.

Couture revealed the news in a new interview with Alex Marvez of

Couture’s position in the case is that he became a free agent when the term of his contract expired on July 19. Meanwhile, the UFC contends that the date of the term is irrelevant if he has fights remaining on his current contract. Under the terms of his current deal, Couture still has two fights remaining on his UFC contract.

While Couture and WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko indicated that they both would like to fighter each other following Emelianenko’s 36 second submission over Tim Sylvia at Affliction: Banned on Saturday, do not look for the two to fight any time soon. Even if the court rules in Couture’s favor, the losing side of the case is expected to file an appeal. Couture indicated that the next highest court in which the appeal would be heard is the Supreme Court.

Couture is also subject to the terms of a non-compete clause in an employment contract he had with the UFC. Couture must wait a full year from his resignation last Oct. 12 before he can conduct business with other MMA promotions.

Last but not least, there is also the issue of a champions clause in Couture’s UFC contract that could affect his status. As of now, Couture is still legally considered the UFC’s reigning heavyweight champion.

Despite the protracted legal process, Couture is still insistent that the mega-fight between he and Fedor will happen. He’s just not sure where or when.

“When, where and with what promotion — we don’t know,” Couture is quoted as telling Marvez. “It could happen in UFC. We just don’t know. I want it to happen. Fedor wants it to happen. In some way, shape or form, we’re going to make it happen.”

  • Fabricio says:

    My guess, it Dana can’t set up Big Nog vs. Randy and then Brock vs. Randy fast enough

  • Kelvin says:

    That fight ain’t happening…nor do I want it to happen…it’s a complete mis-match IMO….bring on Barnett or Arlovski though.

  • Matt says:

    Make Randy look foolish…make it happen… Fedor vs. Randy live on Spike!!!!

  • HexRei says:

    @#3 Whatever happens, even if he loses quickly, Randy won’t look foolish. I think it’ll be you that looks foolish when he does well against Fedor (although I don’t call him for the win at this point)

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    The Fox site has a link to a video of the interview. Couture acknowledges the possibility of having to complete his four fight agreement with UFC, which I don’t recall him saying in the past. Maybe he did and I missed it. Regardless of what happens with the emergency stay, it’s clear that a subsequent ruling by the Texas State trial court will be appealed, and there will be additional delays. He ought work out something he can live with so he can fight before he turns 50, for pity’s sake.

    P.S. Marvez has a world class mullet. That alone makes the video worth watching.

  • TimC says:

    Brock vs Randy? WTF? Why on earth would Brock deserve a shot at the Champion? Thats the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen!

  • Fabricio says:

    If this doesn’t go his way, he is done. They will put him up against Big Nog, and win or lose, they will stall the final match forever, like they did with Arlovski

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    Mike: I, too, don’t recall Couture saying he might have to finish his contract. In fact, I remember him saying he wouldn’t fight Fedor in the UFC and now he’s saying the opposite.

  • doubleA-ron says:

    Yeah randy is getting older not better and needs to fight soon, before it is too late. To me him fighting Fedor shouldn’t happen and would be worthless because Fedor would probrably finish him quicker than Tim, but it would make $$$ so it would probrably happen.
    #5 makes a good point-“He ought work out something he can live with so he can fight before he turns 50, for pity’s sake”.

  • DocWagner says:

    Unfortunately this is out of the fighter’s hands. What a pity, this nonsense doesn’t happen in the NFL, NBA etc. He is a puppet to the promoter, which is ultimately wrong and sad.

  • Evan says:

    ” this nonsense doesn’t happen in the NFL, NBA etc. ”

    Thats because they have them tied down much stronger in those leagues.

  • eazye says:

    I don’t think Randy could get past Nog, much less Fedor

  • drdsanders says:

    IMO Randy is overrated. Look at his record prior to him defeating Sylvia. I also feel he came out of retirement not because he wanted to fight the best but because he thought he could beat Sylvia. You don’t hear him calling out Chuck do ya? Why? Cause Chucked punched him into retirement. The UFC re-signed Randy giving him a pay increase and a signing bonus. They gave a guy who was on a losing streak an immediate title shot. Look at Randys record and look at how many title fights theyve given him. The UFC has been generous to Randy and only his last few bouts have they both made money from it. The UFC lost money on Randys earlier fights yet Randy proffited.

  • ACK! says:

    Randy has earned the right to fight wherever and whenever he wants to.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    The UFC has earned the right to have Randy fight wherever and whenever he wants to.

    At least, the next two times.

  • HexRei says:

    @#13 Dude, did you actually watch the UFC’s featuring him and Chuck? The UFC made sooooo much money off that matchup, Randy and Chuck are two incredibly popular fighters.
    Randy isn’t calling him out now because they don’t fight in the same weight class anymore, and I doubt any promotion with a brain is going to try to market that fight again anyway. He called out Fedor because he wants to fight Fedor before he retires for good. And he deserves to.

  • Smokes says:

    Randy does not deserve a title shot against Fedor. He is extremely over rated and after watching Fedor do in 30 seconds what Randy couldn’t do in 25 minutes shows it. This is why Dana does not want Randy to leave the org, the plan was to have Fedor join the UFC beat the snot out of Randy, have Randy step down as Captain America and Fedor continue to reign supreme in the UFC. Dana has always thought highly of Fedor just like he has always though highly of Wandy and all of the PRIDE guys. Dana is a business man and like smart business men you can’t talk your opponents up and letting Randy go get beat by Fedor in another Org is not acceptable. If that happens the Org (if it be Affliction or w/e) would have the legitimate HW champion and probably a stronger chance at lasting and competiting with the UFC.

  • Rich S. says:

    i’m definitely looking more forward to Barnett/Fedor and AA/Fedor right now..

    i think Randy should’ve just stayed with the UFC [THE PLACE THAT MADE HIM FAMOUS AND WHO HE IS TODAY] and had a few more good fights w/ Nog, Mir, Lesnar, etc. etc. and then called it a career..

  • Davey D says:

    It seems to me that the most logical step for Affliction would be to hold a bout between Fedor and Andrei. The plan, according to them is to hold another show in the Fall. That would be a good time to hold this bout. Both looked extremely impressive on Saturday. This would be my first choice for Fedor’s next opponent given the current circumstances.

    I would also rather see Fedor vs. Barnett held in Japan. It was to bad this bout never happen during Pride FC’s existance. I somewhat feel this match is owed to the people of Japan as both are HUGE star’s there. It just seems like the right thing to do.

    In a perfect world, Fedor vs. Randy would’ve already taken place in the UFC. I think Affliction may have jumped the gun in having Randy show up in the ring. Possibly delaying it even further (not to mention HDNET in the picture as well).

    Andrei and Josh are both former UFC champion’s. There are no legal issue’s preventing a bout with Emelianenko in the Fall. Such is not the case with Couture. So, now we wait…

  • Rich B says:

    Funny thought. Had Couture fought out his last two fights, he’d be able to face Fedor in November. That makes me smile.

  • canadianfightfan says:

    Davey D
    Barnett??? Are u kidding me? He looked ok, but not dominant? It was a good combo he threw but any one can get caught? He looked slow, and was tired. Tim Silva V Barnet would be a good fight, or it could be a “tim snore fests”?? Fedor V Arlov could be good, AA has a “suspect chin” but has Great movement and way improved boxing, I still think fedor takes him down and rips his arm off or put’s something
    “on my throat and it hurt real bad, so I had to tap”
    Tim Silvia

  • Lauren says:

    If WAMMA could follow up the Fedor fight with a defense against the likes of Randy or Josh, it would be huge!

  • Davey D says:

    @ 21 cff. Did you read my comment’s correctly? I am saying I’d like to see Andrei vs. Fedor next. ASAP, matter of factly. Given Randy’s current situation, it is VERY hard to say when he’ll fight Emelianenko. When, where and what org it will take place in is all but certain. You need to look at the big picture as it is very large and complex.

    Saying AA vs. Fedor “could” be good is a huge understatement. You shold know better than that.

    I also stated that I’d like to see Barnett against Fedor. A lot of people would. IMO, it should happen next year in Japan. This bout should’ve happened already but it hasn’t. Maybe it never will? I for one would like to see it take place.

    At the end of the day, I’d really like to see Fedor end up in the UFC. Thus, a lot of my assumption’s may not happen.

  • batman says:

    Affliction should sign kevin Randleman, jeff Monson, and ricardo Arona. I think Randy would have a good game plan against Fedor but the fight needs to happen soon because he is getting too old.

  • Stickney says:

    Let this fight happen so Randy can retire or else we will see someone die in the ring…….of old age

  • Mike says:

    Theres to many fucking idiots that post on this form… Just becuase Fedor beat fat ass Tim in 30 seconds and it took randy 25 mins means fuck all, each fighter matches up differently with different people… Wanderlei beat Jardine in 10 seconds.. Jardine Beat Liddell 3 and Liddell beat Wandy in 3, it means fuck all how long it takes. Randy’s the man and knows how to implement a game plan he wont get murdered by Fedor.

  • Are you having a laugh?. says:

    #25 settle down, they think Fedor would kill Randy so what? you think he wouldn’t so what? no need to call them f#cking idiots OK…I mean jez.

    P.S. Kalib Starnes would kill both of them in a race.

  • yo anyone saw harvey two face. well thats what im seeing with so many dudes on this site.

    like what the fuck a week ago “fedor is overrated” blah blah go fuck yourself blah ufc rules blah blah blah

    now your all saying his praisies, and how couture is now overrated.

    what kind of shit is that. im confused with the ufc sometimes cause their eating their own words/contracts and are now being shown for being bullshit artists with contracts that wont hold up in any courts, cause promoters cant be managers.

    it would create bullshit fights like fuckin brock lesnar vs. anyone, how many fuckin loses would you pay the guy to have.

    im sick of that company, just watch wanderlei silva explain who his fighting next in the ufc after he beat jardine in the press conference

    “who do you wanna fight wanderlei”

    wanderlei “its not up to me, the boss chooses everything”

    dana white’s face was priceless.

  • James says:

    Does nobody find it odd that something as simple as a 4 fight, 1-year deal (or whatever the length was) that it isn’t clear whether or not you have to fight 4 times, or if you only fight 2 times and a years time passes, the contract has been fulfilled? This seems so simple, and something that any fighter or promotion should know…


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