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Fedor even impresses Dana White with dominant performance

Fedor Emelianenko’s 36-second submission victory over former two-time UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia silenced many critics last night. However, by beating Sylvia in such dominant fashion, he even gave his most vocal critic reason to give him some credit.

When it comes to negative rhetoric towards Fedor, no one has been more critical of the former PRIDE heavyweight champion than UFC President Dana White. But when informed about Fedor’s quick victory over Sylvia during last night’s post-fight press conference for UFC Fight Night 14, White felt compelled to give credit where it was due.

“It does (change my opinion),” White is quoted as saying in an article by Yahoo! when asked if Fedor’s performance changed his view of the Russian Sambo expert. “Tim Sylvia was a real opponent.”

Naturally, White was also asked whether he’s changed his mind to the point that he considers Fedor the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world instead of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“Not at all,” White is quoted in his response. “Do you even need to ask me after that?”

It’s hard to fault White for his beliefs considering that Silva needed only 61 seconds to take out James “Sandman” Irvin in his debut at light heavyweight during the main event of UFN 14.

  • neorules says:

    Dana White is a bitch

  • GB says:

    Your next coln’s headline should be:

    T-Shirt Guy 1, Dana White 0

  • GB says:

    I meant to say “column.” Anyway, what a great Affliction show.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Let’s not rush to judgment about the relative success of the competing events until the numbers are in. Given all the problems reported on this site with the Affliction/Comcast ppv and Affliction’s underwhelming ad campaign, it’s very possible they got killed.

  • Donk says:

    So what’s your P4P rankings Sam? You still got Georges as #1 after last night?

    I think you gotta give credit where credit is due to both Silva and Fedor. They are both incredibly impressive fighters. But i think this win does more for Fedor’s dominance than it does for Silva’s. Beating a guy like Tim Sylvia in 36 seconds and making him look like an amateur, when he has given top HWs so much trouble is amazing.

    28-1-1 with a loss that should have been a No Constest, is the best record out there. Even more amazing considering he’s such a small and unimpressive looking HW.

    Record wise you gotta give #1 P4P to Fedor. But right now i think their dominance is comparable.

  • event202 says:

    Once again an article declaring Silva P4P best for beating Irvin in 61 seconds. Dismantling Irvin doesn’t compare to a flawless performance against Tim Silvia in 36 seconds. Especially since Irvin is not ranked high in virtually anyones book. Irvin lost in a first round to Stephen Bonnar. Maybe if he at least takes out a top 10 competitor at 205 this argument would make sense. When it comes to best P4P fighter the prize clearly goes to Fedor and Silva comes in a close second. This is not to take anything from Silva because he is terrible dangerous. Yet the 185 division is not the most competitive division there is.

  • doubleA-ron says:

    The 185 division is not competitve because silva is in it.

  • DocWagner says:

    Anderson Silva is a great fighter, but Fedor fought Silvia to perfection. This WAS NOT a lucky punch…this was, elude, get inside, destroy and smother, then submit.

    That is perfection.
    Not a punch…but a plan that worked like a charm.

  • stevefiji says:

    Dana gave props…I’d say nothing more either under the circumstances. Eventually he will have his Holy Trinity of Lesnar, Carwin and Velasquez (and even Mir if he submits Nog) to promote as all better than Fedor so why say anything more? Dana”s certainly not going to dilute the value of his own stable
    And to @2GB
    What the hell has the Tshirt guy won? Do you KNOW he turned a profit? Do you know how many PPV’s they sold? They paid a lot of money and now have 50% less viable fighters after their losses…any UFC castoffs who lost are now toast for generating interest. Maybe Tshirt guy can find TUF losers to fall for his 3rd and 4th show. I am not hatin on Affliction but will hold out my assessment of a battle 1 win to the T-shirts. This is gonna get far bloodier before it all gets decided.

    But that all being said, I do think Fedor and Randy will do some impressive numbers.

    PS Would we ever hear Bruce say …And in the audience Fezzzzzzzzz! Or would they ever let a celeb about 15 years past his ‘’ date like Don Johnson rub elbows with the champ in the ring? Tell me, is Sonny Crockett finally showing first runs in Russia or what the hell was that all about?

  • roomservicetaco says:

    Affliction did not have the same ‘one-and-done’ feel as WFA or YAMMA. The only thing that can derail them is if Fedor tests positive. Does Zuffa have the juice to get that done in CA?

  • GB says:


    The only thing I meant with my comment was to say that Affliction’s card was far better and more enjoyable and that calling someone T-Shirt guy because he dares compete with you is ridiculous. Nobody was calling Dana White “cardio box” guy when he was getting started in MMA. He’s a great businessman but I just thought his comments were absurd.

    I don’t know if Affliction won any money (in all likelihood they lost) nor whether they are going to be around in, say, 5 more years. I do know, however, that Banned was a great show. I don’t think there’s a company that can compete with Zuffa yet and, in any event, I really enjoy both the UFC and WEC. I hope they keep doing great.

    As for your comment: “paid a lot of money and now have 50% less viable fighters after their losses…” Every time you have an event, 50% of the fighters are going to be “less viable” after their bouts regadless of how much you spent in them. I don’t see the logic in your argument. Then again, losing doesn’t necessarily make you less viable. There are tons of fighters I like to watch regardless of whether they lose or win.

  • stevefiji says:

    First of all, Affliction does not have a deep roster of fighters… so when they look to go to the well to fill the cards for shows 2,3 and 4+ all they will find is another round after round of UFC castoffs with a “Q” factor rating lower than Corky from that old TV show “Life Goes On”. So the 50/50 rule, while in theory sounds nice that you’d like to apply it equally, in reality does not affect the UFC anywhere near as much.

    The UFC, on the other hand, has a feeder system with TUF to create a constant stream of new ‘recognizable’ names. They have a TV show to promote other fighters on commercials and they have the totally FREE Fight Nights.

    Secondly, name a guy who lost on Affliction’s card who you really wanna see again? Be honest!

    Thirdly, I was just not that impressed with anything Affliction EXCEPT for AA and Fedor…. and yes, those are two big exceptions.

    I am still withholding judgment because i do think Affliction has a HUGE hill to climb before saying they accomplished much other than paying Fedor a whole lot of scratch to fight in the good ole’ USA.

    Cheers Mates

  • fedors the baddest says:

    danas a beatch for like to see fedor take him out.silva had one lucky punch after he caught his leg ,hardly a dominating performance.besides that its the first time silva actually fought at around the weight he should be.if your a big boy step up to big boy level and gain some weight,quittryin to drop to the lowest you can and beat up on the always smaller guy at 185.chump

  • el boxeo says:

    its funny cause i dont understand the affliction hate…

    affliction , elite xc ,.. they all need to survive so that the fans have options, more fights, and hte fighters get paid more…

    affliction can be successful simply on the fact it dont need to put on a show every month like the ufc…or for that matter the ifl and their tv contract…. IF THEY PUT OUT 4 SHOWS A YEAR THAT DO GOOD AND ARE HELP THEM SELL MORE WACK SHIRTS well then its a success for them…

    dont think that all the merchandise they sold isnt a bump for them…

    they are a t shirt company that does pretty good, and even though i think those shirts are wack.. most people dont….

    they dont need to follow the wwe model which the ufc is following ( 1 show a month) … all they have to do is have promotional vehicle that will help them sell more shirts, mabye make some money on these cards and more importantly gain MARKETSHARE FOR THEIR BRAND…

    all those stars were there cause of affliction the clothing company not the promotional outfit…

    4 or 5 shows a year that help them sell more shirts is great for them… the ufc are the ones that have a buiness model that they make money off having 25 plus shows a year…

    its kinda like a sony and playstation.. they lose money on the hardware but make more money on the games…

    even if they fail , they will still be selling wack shirts.. so this is a risk /reward that if they fail with fights, its prob not going to affect them selling wack ass shirts…. but if they can make some money of the fights and expand their merchandise brand then its a big reward…

    elite xc and affliction are wayy diffrent but ufc nuthuggers seem to think they are starting from the same place…. elite xc only makes money doing the same thing the ufc makes money on .. —- promoting fights and gettin sponsorships… im sure affliction dont want to lose money promotion but THEY DONT NEED TO PUT OUT TONS OF SHOWS OR SIGN TONS OF TALENT cause already make money in another way

  • John Williams says:

    How could Dana White have the nerve to say that Fedor is not a proven fighter when he has beaten the UFC’s current interim UFC heavyweight champion Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira not once but twice. I know they were both decisions but by saying that Fedor is unproven what does that say about Nogueira who has lost to Fedor twice.

  • GB says:


    I’d still like to see Rothwell, Sylvia and although I won’t go crazy about them nor I would buy a PPV just because they’re in it, I still don’t mind watching Rizzo, Fabio Negao or even Terry Martin.

    Of course Affliction doesn’t have a deep roster of fighters. They’ve only had one show. How could they even display a larger roster? They will hire other fighters, however, when they put on another show. The roster argument also falls apart when you consider how usually 80% of the UFC cards these days is made up of fighters only hardcore fans know. People buy UFC PPVs because they want to see the main events or simply because they want to see fights regarldless of who’s in the ring. Having a large roster of virtual unknowns is not necessarily a strength.

    The quality of a UFN show nowadays is probably the same as a King of the Ring card six years ago when the UFC didn’t own most of the proven talent. That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s light years from a card with talent such as Fedor, Arlovski, Barnett, Lindland, etc. I think there’s a lot of fighters that remain free agents (Wiuff, Prangley, Ortiz, Rodriguez, Monson, the IFL champions, some of the top fighters from the big Brazilian shows like Meca FC, etc.) that along with the names they’ve already signed could help you fill up a card.

    While most of the fights in the Affliction show didn’t impress you, was there anything in the UFN show that impressed you more? Think about it: Silva defeating a competent yet B level fighter, Vera once again not living up to the hype that’s surrounded him his whole career, etc. Maybe CB Dolloway and JT are recognized by the people who saw them on TUF, but nobody will ever buy a PPV or watch a full UFC card just on the strength of their names. It’s true that TUF serves as a feeder system but you don’t need one necessarily to be succesful. Pride didn’t have one and they didn’t fail because of popularity, they failed because of mismanagement and a bad reputation that cost them a TV deal.

  • doubleA-ron says:

    #14 has a good post! totally agree w/ all that.
    Also why argue if fedor is better than silva or vice versa. Just be glad that there are fighters out there to fight as good as these 2 guys are. It’s just awesome to watch great fights and fighters but not great to argue whose better.

  • Nate says:

    I love watching Fedor fight, but to win like that is beauty.

    I dont care what organization it is, as long as they are getting the fights I want to watch. Affliction did it July 19th. UFC lined up one that night as well (Silva vs Irvine), but I watched it AFTER Affliction… :]

  • stevefiji says:

    [email protected], el [email protected] very well put, but i beg to differ…

    1) First of all, Affliction will NOT sell more T-shirts once their cards are noticeably weaker, then they will sell far less. Would you buy Nike stuff is they sponsered suck ass shows after awhile…

    2) If they do not put on regular level of shows 10+ year, Dana will permanently snub any of the decent ‘names’ who go and jump ship and they will NOT have enough long term income potential for that to therefore be a smart business decision… unless again, they have depth in their roster AND they pay superduper well.

    3) Affliction’s T-shirts are ugly…. they be seriously ugly…as Rampage would say, they Forrest Griffin ears UGLY! …they are cool, wack, etc only because they are being worn by cool fighters, but man, those are nasty ass T-shirts that are should be worn by Hell’s Angel rejects ….although they are diversifying their look a bit, i still think the new shirts are ugly too!

    4) UFN’s are FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! They create some mixed results, some better than others but they almost always give us 2 -3 people who they will use on the next 2 cards, generally as fill-ins but who absolutely do add some minor ‘name’ value. It’s no secret that if you KO someone on one of those shows, somehow you are on a numbered UFC card with 2 months.

    5) TUF is FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! They create 4-6 minor names and 1-2 major names generally every season, some with staying power, some with running power (Kaleb Starnes), some with charisma galore i.e. Griffen, Amir, Bisping, Leban, Koschek, Sanchez, et. all

    6) “Wuff, Prangley, Ortiz, Rodriguez, Monson, the IFL champions, some of the top fighters from the big Brazilian shows like Meca FC, etc.”
    …I will not pay to see one of those except Ortiz, other than deep on an undercard… Monson is so far out on the access road that he’s calling out Kimbo Slice in order to get noticed…yeah right, that’s a guy i wanna promote on MY card! Rodriguez can fight between Celebirty Rehab and Fat Farm stints…. and Ortiz… well, he’s actually got enough of a name that he can trade blows with Frank Shamrock while entering the roped 50×50 to Springsteen singing Glory Days! Now do not try to tell me you heard lots of love for Tito on his Affliction introduction…. I’d call his fan reception a smattering of nothing special

    7)””While most of the fights in the Affliction show didn’t impress you, was there anything in the UFN show that impressed you more?”
    ….. Ahh yes…start with Bruce Buffer (sorry Micheal, your bro won by a TKO in 36 seconds also – but that was an upset), Joe Rogan, Dana as opposed to Midnight Oil’s sickly looking Mini-Me, something known as production value, um, wait a minute, let me think….oh yeah….. um….FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!, Anderson Silva, CB Dolloway (yeah, i thought he’d get his ass and chin whupped so i was impressed), another coulples of event promoted for the future already…. should i go on coz all i got from affliction was AA and Fedor …. and AA is still a crap shoot.

    8) “Pride didn’t have one (feeder system) and they didn’t fail because of popularity, they failed because of mismanagement and a bad reputation that cost them a TV deal….”
    Um yeah i know… and so may prove Affliction in the end as well, mismanagement could be biting off more than they could chew. I am willing to bet that TRUMP has put nothing into this so far… and wont unless he’s sure its a go…

    9) “Maybe CB Dolloway and JT are recognized by the people who saw them on TUF, but nobody will ever buy a PPV or watch a full UFC card just on the strength of their names…”
    Yeah well, they watched a TV show with them 12 times and then 2 more fights nights and they WILL watch them more and maybe one of them becomes a Top 5 guy someday… those two are bad-ass wrestlers with some extra game….and if not, well so what, I still was looking forward to that fight number 2 on the card after Spider.

    10)”The roster argument also falls apart when you consider how usually 80% of the UFC cards these days is made up of fighters only hardcore fans know. People buy UFC PPVs because they want to see the main events or simply because they want to see fights regardless of who’s in the ring. Having a large roster of virtual unknowns is not necessarily a strength.”
    …. You are right…People do buy cards for the Main events, PLURAL…and Affliction has 3 main events (AA, Randy and Josh) and they should be fighting each other if they are not fighting Fedor or are they gonna serve up slop fights except for one main event on the card…. its called Co-Main events and the UFC smartly does that many, many times…. Affliction best have more decent names to fight or people will be seriously questioning the card’s validity in order to see 1 great fight…that’s when they will start to wait for the Internet option a few days later….after those guys duke it out, then what Tito vs Monson?

    Remember what i am telling you…. the word is called ‘FREEZE OUT’. Anybody who crosses the UFC picket line better damn well make ‘bank’ in a big way, because if that does not work out for ya, in the words of Tony Montana “by tomorrow morning, you gonna be working in Alaska. So dress warm.” Dana is not stupid enough to say that publicly, but the guy does seem to hold a grudge, you know what i mean. MMA, this is survival of the fittest baby!

  • Kogepan says:

    Why do people care whether or Affliction made money or not? Fact is they hosted a great night of fights, and Fedor definitively proved that he is the best figher on the planet.

    While Silva is beating up the same guy over and over(franklin), or a total can(irwin), Fedor beat the former UFC champion and top 4 HW into the ground and then viciously submitted him in less than a minute.

    Lets see how well anderson does when he is faced with a top 5 guy like wandy or chuck.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    I didn’t care going into the event. Now that the event is over, I care. The reason being is because I’d like to see Affliction continue to promote events. I’d also really like them to continue to promote cards with top-heavy lineups like we saw this past Saturday. The only way for them to do this is to be financially solvent.

  • John Williams says:

    Every MMA fan should hope that Affliction does suceed as it will bring competition and growth to the MMA market which is good for fans and for fighters. Out of Affliction competition we have already go a decent free show from UFC that would of never happened id Affliction was not aired. The way UFC treats their average fighter is a disgrace and it will remain that way until some free market factors such as competition correct it.

    Affliction did an excellent jo in fight content and a horrible job in presentation. Announcers seemed lost and “tripped over” each other alot not sounding smooth or organised at all. The Megadeth music interludes seemed to be a distraction to cover poor orgonisation r just a really bad idea. The stage Mike had some sort of static interfernece and a few minutes of the show was spanish for some reason. They need to get their act together on presentation. I hope they do because it would only help MMA in the short run and apply pressure on UFC to treat there fighters better.

  • el boxeo says:

    to stevefiji

    1. nike sponsers everything from track and field to im sure other not to popular sports… and they still sell stuff cause its NIKE… fact is they make money cause they are above and more recongnizable than the sport they are marketing…

    2. if they have 10 shows a year.. they will go bankrupt wayy faster….ufc makes money on most of their shows but that is the only way they make revenue (or the most) thats their buisness model… affliction is the other way around… if they put out 3 or 4 shows a year means they dont take that risk that the ufc takes when it puts on shows (theyve lost money on the overseas shows) plus 3 or 4 shows a year and they can keep the fighters payroll wayy higher than the ufc which prevents the ufc from poaching fighters…. remember they want to go from zero market share to like 20 or 30% of mma market share… they dont need to kill and destroy the ufc in one year.. all they need to do is cut in like 20 % and thats a 20% loss of revenue, market share that the ufc has to deal with…

    3. i agree with you totally.. those shirts suck… i dont know why people buy them but here in souther cali..those shirts are everywhere….bars clubs.. but yeah they suck….. and ive heard they are like 80 bucks.. good lord…

    4/5… that is great for the consumer…us….. but they seem to throw away some of those ufc tuf guys away too…. but for the consumer its good…. its a good way to make stars but not the only way..

    6. i though i heard some boos when they introduced ortiz… but that is a guy that could run with being a good or bad guy to root for….

    as far as the FREEZE OUT… i think dana wouldnt be allowed to do that ( he probally already does it to some degree) in a huge fashion just cause i think his higher ups (ferettaz) would see that it is bad for buisness…. as much as dana thinks he has the power to freeze out people, it is only because there is no real consistant competion yet…elite xc and affliction and others are working their way up..but a year or two of constant shows and consistancy will erode all of the ufc power… and if dana chooses to freeze a fighter out he better be careful cause if theyre are other alternatives you might see whole CAMPS freeze out the ufc which could be just as devistating…. imagine if affliction or elite xc were more established and if randy cause of his beef with the ufc could pull all his (or influence) fighters at extreme couture to just fight for other organizations… but for this too happen , the other upstarts (eltie, afflict, cuban) are going to have to really take a bite out of the mma/ufc market share… but we are in the early stages…. if that happens it takes alot of pop out of dana and his “my way or the highway” attitude

  • stevefiji says:

    OK Senor boxeo, Lets take a look at your statements

    1 “nike sponsers everything” –

    Tshirts sales are a fad…. now Affliction is already diversifying to obviously address that concern, but if the shows are known to suck, the company will by association of the VERY SAME NAME, be known to suck also… This is a company sponsored event, not philanthropic gestures to track and field.

    2. “plus 3 or 4 shows a year and they can keep the fighters payroll wayy higher than the ufc which prevents the ufc from poaching fighters”

    You failed to address the fact that 3-4 shows are not, I repeat NOT enough cash flow for these fighters to pull out of the bread and butter UFC unless there is more certainty of solid paydays, especially now that the UFC will be enhancing the merchandising side of things. all this will lead to is: a) cast offs b) the occasional rebels (brain dead ones like Ortiz or ones with a cause like Randy or c) great Russians with brain dead management

    3. Thanks – those T-Shirts are a gimmick, coz the designs suck eggs.

    6. The FREEZE OUT
    Dana is gonna play hardball. All he ever does is say that “this is a rough business”. This would be the first lesson in “Leveraging Position 101 – How to Negotiate from a Position of Strength” Those other organizations cannot pay large without big money behind them. They do not get PPV (except Affliction) and look at what the fighters get on those other shows…they get paid squat! Cung Le made 50K for headlining Strikeforce. That’s a paltry 6.5% of the Maine-iac’s pay!

    He will take back the huge names (that’s smart biz) but the rest will surely be treated like scabs and send a message of “be very careful’ to future rebels. Or Dana could go hardcore Mafia and not take any of them back except the two very marketable Russians…and Barnett can be doing his throat slicing gimmick to Tito on Elite XC 4 for a nice fat 50k paycheck. The only win “The Law” might have against Dana is getting the legislature to eventually unionize his fighters…and Randy can keep his Extreme boys boycotting and plying their trade in the bush leagues and watching them grow as old as he is before they ever have another big money fight.

    Now that all being said, I think Affliction is smart. They sell doggie doo doo looking shirts for big money. They also know that their smoke and mirrors campaign can only last so long. So they paid fighters to make them cool.

    Now they promote a few events and diversify their line while the sales on these ugly rags are still hot. Have you noticed all the other clothing products they are recently adding? That is some major league survival tactics because bipolar gothic/metal designs are just not gonna stay mainstream for too long.

    They first pissed off Dana and so Dana banned them. So they desperately NEEDED relevant fighters to still wear their crap, or they were TOAST! Would sponsoring Kimbo do the trick? I think not!… They knew they had one shot at making their fad T-shirts last longer than the Pet Rock. Now sure, they may act like they care about fighters but they just a putting spin out there on their own age old tale of ‘biting the hand that feeds you’.

    Affliction was forced to do these shows out of necessity, due to repercussions from their own greed. If they do not turn a profit, “The Donald” will either finally put real money in (very little) and buy them out for ‘Trump change’ and THEN go and sell off the scrap heap to his old friend Dana and he walks away looking like a shrewd businessman once again. Or the Donald will just walk away and tell everyone that he never invested any dollars (because we all know that he would never be caught dead in one of those classless T-shirts!)

    There are very few outcomes that look good in the long run for Affliction. They likely lost money on their first fight. They hid almost all of Fedor’s salary in order to look like not such big losers. They will be around a few more fights… they have 2 to 3 more main event cards of value, as long as Fedor fights everyone, and they continue to hide his salary to the public and make a good public face. after Fedor pummels AA or Josh, Randy is their last meal ticket… and do not count on Randy not owing the UFC another two more fights…that’s a distinct possibility and he’s up against far deeper pockets and father time.

    Affliction will need a TV deal to make it, and that only gives them a slightly longer life line… run the real numbers, play it out for the most obvious scenarios and there is little chance for the The Midnight Oil MiniMe to be promoting shows in late 2009. Dana has, and he also knows what he is prepared to do to protect his turf. First Pride, then the IFL and in 2010 the Affliction library will be part of the UFC. Survival of the fittest Baby!

    Cheers Mates

  • Mike says:

    I completing lost all respect for Dana White after watching Fedor destroy Tim Silvia

  • Mike says:

    They should have had Slayer play instead of Megadeth. Man, that would have been AWESOME!!

    Anaheim is Slayer’s home town too!

  • Mike says:


  • Dave says:

    Silva walks around at 215 and drops to 185 to fight at the weakest division. Plus he is being fed with losers so White can claim that he has the best fighter.


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