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Affliction: Fedor vs. Sylvia Results

Main Card

  • Fedor Emelianenko def. Tim Sylvia via Submission at 0:36 of Rd 1. Emelianenko is the new WAMMA Heavyweight Champion.
  • Andrei Arlovski def. Ben Rothwell via Knockout (Strikes) Rd 3. AA pummled Rothwell. Even got blood droplets on the camera.
  • Josh Barnett def. Pedro Rizzo via Knockout (Left Hook). HUGE left hook to drop Rizzo.
  • Mark Hominick def. Savant Young via Submission (Armbar) Rd 2.
  • Renato “Babalu” Sobral def. Mike Whitehead via Unanimous Decision.
  • Matt Lindland def. Fabio Negao Nascimento via Unanimous Decision. Lindland outworked Negao for three rounds.
  • Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Edwin Dewees via TKO (strikes) Rd 1.
  • Mike Pyle def. J.J. Ambrose via Submission (RNC) Rd 1.

Undercard (FoxSportsNet)

  • Vitor Belfort def. Terry Martin via KO (Uppercut) Rd 2.
  • Paul Buentello def. Gary Goodridge** via Unanimous Decision

**late replacement for Aleks Emelianenko.

  • Justin Levens vs. Ray Lazama — Canceled.
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    • blase says:

      vitor is the man! nice finish!

    • DocWagner says:

      is anyone in indy having trouble with affliction on comcast?

    • Rich S. says:



    • miksu says:

      will Justin Levens vs. Ray Lazama take place?

    • stevefiji says:

      OK, here’s my half ‘hatin’ on Afflicton rant

      Am I the only one who thinks that Bruce Buffer actually has surpassed his more talented bro… kinda like Kevin Dillion making Johnny Drama bigger than anything by by Matt

      And ropes suck!!!

      And Megadeath bites! I hate that kinda metal, why do they think thats the typical MMA fan or participant?

      Give me Rogan or give me death! … coz Trigg needs A LOT of polish … he’s got some good points but something’s missing.

      “Look at that steely stare” while Arlovski is smiling…hahahaha

      Big John blatantly rah rah’ing the other guys just seems really ‘off’ to me…

      Josh just won and sounded like M&M lite!!!!! what a complete turd!

      But let’s see what happens from here…. Ben vs Andrei, Fedor vs. Tim … still to come and those are two excellent match-ups….the ONLY 2 that ever rocked on this card…. so i am trying to keep an open mind here

    • Rich S. says:

      man… It REALLLLYYY sucks to hear how Rizzo lost.. i’ve always had a soft spot for Rizzo.. i knew he would lose this one… but i didn’t know it would be in his realm.. what a shame..

      and as for the AA Beasting.. i can’t wait to see that fight!

    • craw pop says:

      thanks maine-iac.
      thats why i always boo your ass

    • HexRei says:


    • jason says:

      Justin Levens vs. Ray Lazama, did this fight happen? if so, how did it end? ko, sub, what?

    • Gyro says:

      DAAAAAAAMMN! What a great night of MMA all around. 2 Legends(Fedor & Silva) at their best. Its great to be a fan right now. Boxing purists/MMA haters can suck it. Good bye and good night!

    • Zack with a ck says:

      I think this fight may prove the Fedor let fights in Japan go on longer than necessary just to keep the fans interested.

    • damon says:

      from what i saw ( the time warner rep i talked to said that affliction was going to buy back the ppv in tx bc the feed was soooooo bad) fedor is lethal, there is no question barnett was on roids earlier, and AA is a BMF!!!

    • fred ettish says:

      Spider Silva would kill Fedor

    • FEDORvsRANDY says:

      These were the best fights i think i have ever seen on one card.

    • Rich S. says:

      wow.. didn’t see that coming..


      either way.. i still vow to see Tim Sylvia unconcious.. i hate the man.. and one day, hopefully, i’ll get my wish.. but… for now, i’ll settle for an embarrassing 36 sec. sub..

      i finally get to say SCREWWWWWW YOUUUUUU to all the people that don’t give Fedor his credit..

      all this “blah blah blah, he hasn’t fought anyone in 2 years” crap was getting on my nerves..

      here’s someone that people thought would be his toughest opponent ever.. and he beat him in half a minute..

      man, i feel good right now..

      my boy, Vitor won.. i almost had a heart attack i was screaming so much after that KO..

      and Tim Sylvia lost.. any night where Tim loses is a good night..

      Anderson Silva solitified his invincibility..


    • Donk says:

      33 pound weight advantage. 8 inch height advantage. 5 time UFC champion. Steam rolled in 36 seconds.

      Fedor is the best HW. Best P4P. Greatest fighter who ever lived.

      I’m surprised the FBI didn’t escort Randy out of the building and into a safe house. Because that performance was nothing short of scary.


    • aderion says:

      Fedor .

      thats said it all.

    • DocWagner says:

      Fedor is a monster…no other explanation. The rumors are true, the myth is fact, the legend is alive and well.

      UFN was absolutely boring…sorry girls, but I would have enjoyed watching water boiling rather than UFN. Vera is as entertaining as a rock.

    • dave says:

      fedor is the best mma fighter of all time give the man the respect he deserves

    • Ian says:

      That was the best card of the year, hands down. I really hope Affliction puts on another show. Hopefully they did more than 50k buys.

      Also, this fight put all doubt to rest for me. Not only is Fedor the best pound for pound fighter right now, he’s also the best fighter in the history of mma.

      I’ll debate this with anyone.

    • paddiosf says:

      Fedor is incredible, Couture would get handled by Fedor..I’m a huge Couture Fan but I really think Fedor would beat him with no problem just watching his explosive punches.. it took him 36sec and it took Couture 5 rounds and a decision to best Syliva..I hope it happens

    • HexRei says:

      Keep in mind Fedor basically borrowed Couture’s plan. Sure, he did a better job of it but he had the advantage of seeing how close Couture got in the 1st. In fact, it was almost an identical fight up until the RNC, where Fedor was able to sink it and Randy wasn’t.

      I’m not ready to say Randy would get “handled” by Fedor. I’d put my money on Fedor, but Randy is a lot like Fedor and I think it would be a war.

    • ACK! says:

      Without a doubt, this was the show of the night.

      Hell, it was even one of the best this year.

    • Midwestbred says:

      I think I understand what your trying to say but you completely fail. “borrowed” game plan until the choke? It was like 6 punches and 25 sec until the choke. I’m pretty sure Fedor came with his own game plan… kill.

    • mike wolfe says:

      I guess the old Arlovski is officially back. And there’s no way Rothwell is even close to the top ten.

    • Revjames13 says:

      This actually makes the Couture fight more likely to be great, since Randy is at his best as a huge underdog.

      I would say Fedor would have tied Anderson for #1 P4P with this fight, but Anderson didn’t exactly deflate his momentum with his destruction of Irvin.

      There are 4 superstar fighters in the world right now: Anderson Silva, Fedor, GSP and BJ Penn.

      GSP/Penn is the fight of the the year. The winner of that can throw his name in as #1. The winner of Randy and Fedor can argue it, but Silva will probably go do something like challenge for the LHW belt.

      He needs to be wary of Chuck though, who is the one guy who I think could time him for a KO.

    • Here is my simple reaction to both of tonight’s cards: stunned. Why? Because the UFC was simply out shinned by someone doing what the UFC does.

      More detailed response:

      1. Before some of you start crowning Fedor the best P4P, here is question: So your just going to give him that title after ONE performance in a whole year, when really Anderson Silva has been doing it for God knows how long.

      2. Let’s also talk about toughness, because yes Fedor is the man in the ring, but can’t we all honestly say that he ran away from the UFC and their competition. Here it is, he has a chance to fight Randy and the rest, and instead chooses to not even sign a contract and fight. This is questionable.

      3. Like said previously, ropes sucked in Affliction the way that they sucked in Pride, and seeing the Ref hold onto the ropes doesn’t help the situation.

      4. Damn, Affliction is seriously the new WCW of MMA. They literally stole Herb, and Big John, got the UFC announcer’s step brother, and basically got their second best heavyweight for chump change. And this with good directing and matchups, produced a GREAT card. I don’t mean just a good card, but I mean a great card. The announcers weren’t all that good, but they weren’t all that bad either. If Affliction continues then they will get better with practice.


      5. LASTLY, the MMA community has found a great way to fight UFC, by instead of being like UFC be more like WEC, and feature only certain weight classes, particularly heavyweight where the UFC is especially weak. Imagine there being only ONE place to go to watch the top heavyweights, and its not UFC, its Affliction with Fedor.

      6. Should we be comparing a PPV with money from the Donald, Fedor’s first fight in a while against arguably the number 3 or 4 best heavyweight, with a free UFC bout on Spike. No we really shouldn’t. But we’ve seen UFC’s best, and frankly this can compete with the UFC’s best production.

      7. Dare I say, Randy Couture welcome to Affliction.

    • Bofa Dees says:

      Anybody else think that Atnecio looks like a cocky dick head? How many times can Sylvia screw me over before I learn. AA looks like a beast and I hope he gets the next Fedor fight. Finally, screw Randy. He wouldn’t be able to beat Big Nog, what makes him think he deserves a shot against Fedor???

    • sobral311 says:

      revjames your sucks!
      fedor fedor fedor…
      i love it.

    • sobral311 says:

      5percent bodyfats.
      you sucks too.what the fuck is you saying?
      ,are you in mind?
      ok hah,
      1.fedor is fedor.
      2.affliction is great ok. if you dont wanna watch go ok your not important coz your asshole.
      3.thats their ring what the fuck is your business with that
      4.fedor dont wanna sign in ufc coz dana sucks and fedor dont like sucks people like you.

    • HexRei says:

      No. He chose not to sign Dana’s contract because, chief among other issues, it prohibited him from participating in his national sport, Sambo, of which is he a Master of Sports and still competes regularly. Blame Dana, he knew it would be a dealbreaker and wouldn’t budge.

    • HexRei says:

      Also @#20 Referees are employees of the state commissions now, not the promotions. Herb Dean also did WFA, Pride, and other shows in the past, and worked UFC shows shortly after without issue. Doesn’t mean he was “stolen” from the UFC.

    • tricky dicky says:

      sick show.. we had a blast.. 8th row floor seats.. all the guys walked by us.

      Including the pitbull..

    • Revjames13 says:

      Sobral are you actually trying to express something coherent? Because a Teletubby makes more sense than you.

    • sobral311 says:


    • xx2000xx says:

      I wonder why Fedor ducked Sylvia for so long after this performance? :-)

    • danny says:

      fedor should fight kimbo slice…

    • Rich S. says:

      i nominate comment #23 for most retarded post ever made on an MMA website..

      why is THIS this fight that’s making everyone say “Fedor will destroy Randy”

      i mean, nothing changed in this fight.. just more of the same old Fedor… more HW dominance.. i mean, nothing changed.. why did it take this to really make people believe he’s the best [HW] ??

      i’d give Randy wayyy more of a chance than i gave Tim.. but.. idk.. Fedor’s a lot like Anderson Silva is right now.. and that is.. unbeatable..

    • sobral311 says:

      rich s. you’re rude

    • Steve says:


      // So your just going to give him that title after ONE performance in a whole year, when really Anderson Silva has been doing it for God knows how long.//

      Fedor has been doing it LONGER than Silva. Are you new? Silva only became great when he came to the UFC. Fedor has always been great. Period.

      // but can’t we all honestly say that he ran away from the UFC and their competition //

      WHAT COMPETITION? Do you honestly think that Randy Couture is #2 HW in the world? NO. #2 HW in the world is big nog.. the current UFC champ and Fedor already destroy him twice. Who else is in the HW division that can challenge Fedor? No one… Fedor beat their current champ twice and now he beat their former champ. He did not run from the Couture challenge. Get your head out of your ass. He was the best P4P fighter and wanted his contract to be flexible enough to allow him do Sambo fights in Russia, which is his passion. Dana White said no because he’s a douche bag. Why do you think so many fighters are leaving the UFC? Because their contracts are brutal. Brock Lesnar, who hadn’t had 1 fuckin MMA fight got a better contract than Tim Sylvia, who was their former HW champ. Tim Sylvia left, because what kind of organization treats their fightersl like that. Someone of Fedor’s prestige would have been stupid to accept a similar type of contract. Lesnar probably would have been making more than him, what a joke. Fedor deserves better and Dana White didn’t want to put his ego aside, so the contract fell through.

      Fedor wants to fight Couture, but it’s not happening because the UFC is getting in the way. They are fucking over Couture, so blame the UFC, not Fedor.

    • Brett says:

      Fedor sucked! Contrary to popular opinion his win was pure fluke. Sylvia had been nursing a broken orbital bone before the fight but refused to throw in the towel. He fought with the courage of a lion compared to Fedor’s pussy cat performance. A rematch will definitely see Fedor tko’ ed.

    • stevefiji says:

      @27 Revjames13 in the well spoked tradition of @30 Rich S., I hereby nominate you for the funniest post ever made on an MMA site…. Teletubby!!!! I am still wetting my pants! I think that (@23) was actually one of those Brasilian Portuguese quotes that was translated into English with a pathetic online software and then posted.

      And finally as a follow-up to my earlier post @5…

      the AA fight was awesome, just electric and too bad we cannot now see Tim taste AA’s pee pee (you gotta see AA’s post to understand that…

      Fedor was simply awesome. Timmy turtled up in 20 seconds like a schoolyard kid, but at least he had the testicles that no one on this thread would have, to fight that dude. I give Tim props. He was outclassed by the best ever so far, no shame in that.

      Fedor has to have Randy shittin twinkies! That man is a beast!..and the most reserved guy on the planet… he’s not Drago because Drago was a mean SOB…. Fedor is so damn cool he looks apathetic… before, during and after. Randy better hope Zuffa ties him up for a fight against Nog and then Nog submits him, because his face is gonna look worse than his Missus did in her MMA debut. But he will make a lot of ‘bank’ on a Fedor fight to afford “his and hers plastic surgery”.

      The long term implications are that Affliction has the Heavyweight control for at least a year+ (assuming they get a Fedor-Randy fight). No matter what the PPV buys were on this one, ‘the word of mouth’ on the next event will be off the charts ASSUMING Fedor is on the card.

      But i would still put money on one or more of the UFC triumvirate of Lesnar, Carwin or Velasquez being able to take him out within 2 years. These guys are NOT Coleman or Randleman , i.e. one dimensional MMA’ers, they are wrestling based, cross-training madmen with 60 pounds and equally large mean streaks and work ethics inside of them. Dana will again have his day in the HW division and if he locks in all the other divisions talent, Affliction’s clout will diminish greatly over time…and then we will not need to worry about an Affliction belt, a WAMMA belt or a friggin Phi Jamma Slamma belt… Who wants boxing? I mean seriously, who wants all those divisions, belts, corruptible organizations, conflicting mandatory defenses, belt strippings, etc, etc, etc… be careful what you wish for gents, because you just may get it!

      But what a fight! Screw Megadeath, Fedor is a the real ROCKSTAR!

    • BarHarbor says:

      Hey 5percentbodyfat- two words for Anderson Silva

      Ryo Chonan.

    • viking says:

      kimbo will get killed if he fought fedor. lol

      i hope the randy and fedor fight come soon before randy quits

    • viking says:

      my reply to #41 comment:

      there’s no way fedor sucked. tim is just a big stupid oaf. all he has is height and some poor striking. period. and by the way it’s not fedor’s fault if poor tim has an orbital bone damage.

    • one snake says:

      any one 205 and under that stands up with silva will get their face smashed!! any one going on the ground with the spider will get their head elboed into hamberger!! for now he is unstopable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HexRei says:

      @#34 My bad man, I was under the impression you’d seen the Randy-Sylvia fight. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

    • HexRei says:

      that last @#24

    • doubleA-ron says:

      There are 4 superstar fighters in the world right now: Anderson Silva, Fedor, GSP and BJ Penn.- Totally agree w/ this I wrote these guys name down just before i read this

      fedor should fight kimbo slice…Joking right!

      Randy-Fedor fight= complete domination by fedor and shouldn’t happen!
      fedor should go to LHW!

    • sobral311 says:

      you sucked brett!!!!

    • Ron says:

      Fedor would beat the gold teeth out of Kimbo Slice

    • tylerdante69 says:

      Man if Fedor drops to LHW then we can see a Fedor vs. Silva to see who really is the best p4p.

      But Dana won’t allow such an awesome fight to happen.

    • chrisjoel says:

      Fedor is, for me at least, the most exciting fighter to watch bar none. His name should be pitbull because he attacks like one. The person who will beat Fedor is the fighter that can do what he can only faster. At the moment he is doing it better than anyone else. I hope he reigns for a long time to come.

    • kelv708 says:

      It is very difficult to catch Fedor, Nogueira couldn’t do it 3 times. Randy Couture might have a 5% chance if he can get him cut or maybe go thru 5 rounds of torturing(needs tremendous stamina from 32yo and a 46 yo) and get a decision like Rampage vs Griffin. Or the Russian Mafia suddenly kidnapped Fedor’s wife and daughter and threaten him to take a fall becas the odds is going to be high and there is money to be made??
      Other than that, I think “The Natural” needs to be a bit supernatural and perform some sort of miracle for the victory.
      Even if Fedor was victorious, I think some people would still deny him by saying the age difference and other excuses. Truth is, He is the best I have seen and people should look at the fighter not where he is from or whether he got some fat padding on him or not. The guy is so tough even other pro fighters attend his master class around Europe to learn MMA and Sambo. Thats commitment and love for the sport for yah. One more thing Fedor dominates his weight class in any organization he is in, so other HW will move weight class or go to other organization to get a championship belt on their waist. They know they got no chance of the belt if Fedor is there. Now he just signed with Affliction in the US and everyone wants to fight the best but after a while, you’ll see. THe Maniac got it bad and soon many HW fighters will feel the same like Tim Silvia. Shameful to lost 6 months of training in just 36 seconds.People say he needs to be tested?? Who would wanna go test it out?Perhaps You or Randy Couture or maybe Brock Lesnar, Kimbo?? Jaker Obrien? Gonzaga? Werdum? or Current UFC HW champ Nog??Why dont UFC hold a fight btn Nogueira and Spider silva? and the winner will fight Fedor. I know put him in a cage with three big starving polar bears, maybe that will give Fedor a test. No one wants to be a loser and when you are in a winning streak you stay away from Fedor cas if you cross path with him you will end up in the loser section. Even Dana White Took back his words on Fedor.Nuff said.

    • tylerdante69 says:

      I’m all for Fedor!!

      But I just hope he won’t suffer the Cage dilemma like Cro-Cop did.

      Did Fedor ever fought on an octagon???

      Well, if the stars lined up and UFC finally has Fedor, I hope he will not fold like Cro-Cop did on the cage.

    • Randy B. says:

      Hey 5percentbodyfat, Fedor has been doing it as long or longer than Silva. Is this the first time you’ve watched Fedor or something? You don’t seem to be in touch with MMA here. Fedor is clearly the best P4P fighting today. The difference is that submissions are THE most effective fighting technique and I have never seen someone as adept at submissions as Fedor. Fedor submission skill is a level above Silva for sure. Submissions are among the most heavily weighted skill in P4P consideration because of their effectiveness.

      I remember seeing Justin McCully on Inside MMA. He was trash talking Fedor like other MMA bozos. This fight will silence the anti-Fedor retards. By the way, tough talker Justin McCully looked like a joke in his tomato can style loss to Gonzaga recently.

    • WhatsamataU? says:


      Oh Man!!! 36 seconds???!!! Would you care for another helping of crow?

    • bcfc25 says:

      fedor is a bitch randy will spank him back to russia

    • CanoWhoopAss says:

      It took randy a lot more time and effort to beat timmy. Fedor got the job done within less than a minute. I guess that pretty much explains who the better fighter is. But just get the skeptics to shut up, the two must be made to fight.

    • MMA101 says:

      Pretty impressive performance from Fedor.

      Brock will destroy Couture in Nov though, and Fedor as well if he ever signs a contract with the UFC.

      These guys have had it easy up till now but those days are over. No one in MMA today can handle Lesnars combination of size, speed and power. He’s in his own league.


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