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5 Oz. of Pain: Your headquarters for this weekend’s MMA action

bigfist4.jpg Make sure you come back to the site tonight at 9 p.m. ET as 5 Oz. presents a live chat event covering both UFC Fight Night 14 and Affliction: Banned. We’ll be on top of any breaking news that takes place before the event, and of course, we’ll have results after the event (note: we’re a sports news site so we will not have any spoiler warnings… just like doesn’t offer you a spoiler warning about a baseball game in progress, we won’t be doing the same for any MMA events). Make sure you check back after the events for post-fight news as well as our thorough analysis.

In the meantime, whether you’re watching Affliction: Banned tonight or UFC Fight Night 14 — or BOTH — 5 Oz. of Pain has got you covered. We’ve produced a ton of content to help get you prepared for both events. Unless you read the site multiple times daily, chances are you might have missed out. Knowing that, we’ve decided to recap and link to all the free UFN 14 and Affliction: Banned content that is ready and waiting to be accessed.

Affliction: Banned Preview

Affliction: Banned Pain Poll

Affliction: Banned Weigh-In Results

UFC Fight Night 14 Preview

UFC Fight Night 14 Pain Poll

UFC Fight Night 14 Weigh-In Results

5 Oz. Exclusive Interview with Jesse Taylor

Special UFN 14/Affliction edition of “The Duel”

Dale Hartt Profile

DREAM.5 Video Preview

  • Jeremy says:

    I know Afflictions undercard is supposed to be broadcast on FSN but I can’t find a listing for it anywhere. When is it supposed to start?

  • It’s supposed to start at 8PM ET/ 5PM PT. I’ve heard in some markets that have baseball games going on, they are showing the game instead. Also heard its being delayed in other markets for no apparent reason.

  • Jeremy says:

    Thanks Steve, yeah I get 4 different fox sports channels and none of them have it listed as being shown as of now. Guess I might just have to wait for the PPV to begin.

  • AG Silver says:

    Time Warner Cable doesn’t have a Fox Sports Net channel in NYC. Does anyone know if MSG-Plus (an FSN-owned network) will be broadcasting it for those in the tri-state area??

    [I e-mailed MSG-Plus and received no response yet. I also know that the Affliction undercard is not listed on the “TV Guide/listing” but on occasion an event can be changed at the last minute without changing the posted schedule]

  • No problem, sorry man. Tom Atencio and Jordan Breen were talking about it on the JBS Thursday. I think they said it was coming on after the games were over and I also heard them mention midnight in the market that didn’t have the game. You might want to check the listings for later in the night and DVR it, if you have one. Watching it out of order is better than nothing I guess.

  • Jeremy says:

    Yeah I will definitely DVR it if it comes on later in the night, along with already DVR’ing UFN and Afflicition my dvr is gonna get a workout. But I can’t complain when I can watch this much great mma on one night.

    AG Silver, I am in the same boat as you, hopefully the tv guide listing is just incorrect or like Steve says it comes on later in the night.

  • Jeremy says:

    For NY Time Warner subscribers it looks like the undercard for Affliction is going to be shown on MSG Plus at midnight according to my tv guide. While it’s delayed at least we get to see it still.

    The only issue I am having now is ordering the stupid PPV for Affliction. It’s not giving me an option to buy it right now, hopefully it either does, or for whatever reason it just comes on.

  • doubleA-ron says:

    Here it is on FSN south! if that helps anyone

  • Finally my $10 a month subscription to 40 Fox Sports Net channels comes in handy outside of college football and basketball.


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