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UFC 90 to be held in Chicago at the All-State Arena on Oct. 25

800px-wrestlemania22setdesign.jpgPlans are set for the UFC to hold its first-ever event in the Chicago area. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, UFC 90 is slated for Saturday, Oct. 25, at the All-State Arena in Rosemont, IL (just outside of Chicago).

“Chicago is a huge market for us,” UFC President Dana White is quoted as telling the Sun-Times. “We track pay-per-view buys for our events and ratings on Spike TV, and Chicago is a killer market for us.

”There are tons of fans in Chicago and around Chicago, and it’s going to be one of the places we hit often. It’s a great fight town, and we’re really pumped that we’re finally getting this done.”

The UFC had purposely avoided Chicago because until recently, the state did not regulate mixed martial arts. However, minor tweaks in the state law now gives the Illinois Athletic Commission the authority to sanction MMA events.

Tickets for UFC 90 are expected to go on-sale to the general public on Aug. 9. UFC Fight Club and newsletter subscribers will have access to special pre-sales in the days leading up to the general public on-sale date.

No bouts for the card have been announced or are even rumored at this time.

  • Lethal says:

    If tickets go on sale on Aug. 9 they’ll have to announce at least a main event before then.

  • Stickney says:

    I bet that Hughes vs Serra will be on this card. Hostil teratory 2 fights in a row for Serra. LW title fight maybe Penn vs. Hurta/Florion Wandy vs Bonner/Rampage.

    I hope to be back from this horrible country by then.

  • Jay K. says:

    Damn right I’m excited Dana! My town, Chi-town has been itchin, for the UFC in a bad way!

    Let’s bring it on, cmon!

    Jay K.

    ps. Sam, are you makin, the trip up here to Chicago to cover the event?

  • Lethal says:

    Bonnar making his return makes a lot of sense for it being on this card.

    If Rory Markham wins tomorrow night he’ll probably be in a prelim fight on this card.

  • Scott says:

    MMAJunkie is reporting that Hughes versus Serra will definitely not be on this card.

    Bonnar will likely be on this card though, given it being his hometown and the long lay-off he’s been on. I’d like to see him up against a young stud like Goran Relijc, who should be due for a fight after his impressive debut.

    Bonnar vs. Wandy might happen also, although I remember reading something about Wandy not wanting to fight until November/Decemberish.

    Other possibilities for this card: Diego vs. Alves (now that it’s been moved off of UFC89); and any number of lightweight fighters who are due for a fight: Gray Maynard, Kurt Pellegrino, Din Thomas (depending on his injury status), Rich Clementi, and Matt Wiman. Although some of these guys may end up on UFC 88, which is still far from fully-booked, and Guillard made it seem in a recent interview that he wants to fight on 88 in Atlanta as well.

    And how about a long overdue Joe Stevenson vs. Tyson Griffin fight to see who gets the next crack at the title after Huerta/Florian? I don’t think either of them suffered any significant injuries in their respective fights at 86.

    Nate Quarry’s a possibility too…I can see good matchups for him against Thales Leites, Marquardt, or Lister.

  • JOe K. says:

    It is pretty clear that Clay Guida should be on this card. Regardless of the outcome of UFN 15 vs. Mac Danzig.

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  • Danny says:


  • Hollywood says:

    Wanderlei Silva vs Quinton Jackson III

    Shogun Rua vs Keith Jardine

  • sven says:

    I’m so there! I’m gonna start saving my money for this now. Glad they arent gonna try to shove Hughes down our throats as a main event. I’m also glad its gonna be at the All-state center. Downtown Chicago is a major bitch to get around.

  • doubleA-ron says:


  • Hollywood says:

    I heard that this card may feature BJ Penn against the winner of KenFlo/Huerta!…or possibly on the November card.

    I also heard that Dana White plans to have Forrest Griffin defend his title on the December card against who I have heard. My guess would be the winner of Liddell/Evans.

    BUT…Dont be surprised if Anderson Silva wins tomorrow and that he gets a shot at Griiffin. It would be very much like Dana White to set up a fight that is a WIN-WIN. Either Forrest stays the champ or Anderson makes history.

  • Rick says:

    I wanna see Chicago’s own Mark Miller(IFL) fight on the card, Miller vs. Markham or Miller vs. Blackburn II would be awesome!!!!!!!

  • Hollywood says:

    UFC 90: SILVA vs COTE

    Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote

    Wanderlei Silva vs Quinton Jackson

    Diego Sanchez vs Thiago Alves

    Keiith Jardine vs TBA

  • D-Rob says:

    My buddy said this sold out in 1 min. 50 sec.

    Just the word I got at work. Looks like they will be coming back here to IL in the future.


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