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Report: Diego Sanchez vs. Thiago Alves not happening at UFC 89

m_8712367b491931f51c7a32b5d335e985.jpgA planned welterweight bout between Thiago Alves and Diego Sanchez is no longer expected to take place at UFC 89 on Oct. 18 in Birmingham, England, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.

The Sanchez vs. Alves match has never been officially announced by the UFC but had been reported as being set by several major MMA media outlets. No reason for the change has been given.

According to Meltzer, the recently announced light heavyweight bout at UFC 89 between Lyoto Machida and Thiago Silva was chosen as the replacement for the proposed Alves vs. Sanchez matchup.

It is also unknown whether the matchup has been canceled entirely, or if there are plans to move the bout to another card, such as UFC 90 in Chicago on Oct. 25.

  • brett says:

    this fight needs to happen. even though i honestly think thiago would smash him

  • Bad Monkey says:

    That really sucks. Way to get all psyched up for a fight then have it pulled out from under you. Boo!!!!

  • Logan says:

    Serves you right for getting excited about a rumor which had no basis whatsoever in fact!

  • Wolfgang666 says:

    Yea, no basis in fact except that it was listed on the fightcard for UFC 89 on until this morning. Fruitcakes.

  • patrick says:

    Do youguys think Diego Sanchez ducked Alves? Hell I would if I were him. Sanchez is nice and I think he’s improved his fighting skill every match but Alves is an ANIMAL! It would also be nice to see the Machida/ Silva and the Sanchez/ Alves fight on the same card. what do you guys think?

  • Anton K says:


  • Caleb Mock says:

    Dang, I was really looking forward to seeing Dego get smashed. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait for the rubber match with Koscheck.

  • ku says:

    Diego will not get smashed by Alves. Alves did get smash by Fitch and submitted by Fisher, lol. Diego has never been finished.

  • Nick Merra says:

    Diego got saved by not taking this match.

  • sven says:

    I’m not a huge Diego fan but he’s a very tough match up for Thiago. His stand up is lightyears better than Hughes’ and he’s got more heart and conditioning than Karo(better stand up too).

    Alves was the one who was saved in his fight with Lytle. If not for that bogus cut stoppage he’d have been fighting the third round with one eye against a very dangerous man.

  • mma roots :) says:

    I don’t Diego chickened out of that fight, Alves is a big time cheater and he has no chin or heart. Yea he can strike and is a big 170 but that’s it.

    UFC 88 needs some fighter on that card; hope it’s Diego vs. Alves.

    Diego’s cardio is too much for the overweight Alves.


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