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Jackson viewed upset UFC 86 loss to Griffin for first time day prior to arrest

More details have emerged in regard to the condition of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson prior to his Tuesday arrest on felony charges of evading, hit-and-run and reckless driving., one of Jackson’s sponsors, conducted an interview with Jackson in the hours preceding his arrest. The Daily Pilot is indicating that representatives of the company stated that hours before his arrest that they watched his upset loss to Forrest Griffin at UFC 86 with him. According to the report, it was the first time Jackson had reviewed the footage.

On Monday, Jackson had met with representatives of Throwdown TV in what was his final interview before his Tuesday arrest. Many fights fans have watched that video and have speculated that Jackson was not in a proper state of mind during the course of the interview.

Gary Alexander is a host with Throwndown TV and conducted the interview. After reading comments on Five Ounces of Pain in which people speculated about Jackson’s mental condition during the interview, Alexander contacted us to offer his perspective.

His account of the interview also contradicted the Daily Pilot’s report which indicated that Jackson watched the Griffin footage the same day of his arrest. According to Alexander, Throwdown met with Jackson the day prior.

“We were with Quinton all day on Monday,” Alexander stated via e-mail while speaking exclusively with Five Ounces of Pain. “We’ve known him for some time due to Throwdown’s sponsorship of him. We watched the Griffin fight with him and he told us that it was the first time that he’s watched the fight in it’s entirety. He analyzed the fight, pointed out what he did wrong and what he needed to change in the future. He was in good spirits all day, happy and was taking the recent loss to Griffin in stride. He was looking forward to training again, modifying his training to improve himself, cleaning up his diet and moving forward. We did not observe Quinton (as he has been recently described by the public & media) as ‘depressed’ or ‘unhappy.’ He was his normal joking, jovial happy self. We wish him the best and we will continue to support him 100%. He is and always will be part of the Throwdown family.”

Alexander also revealed that an explanation for Jackson’s perceived low-energy demeanor could have to do with the fact that he awoke from a nap shortly before the commencement of the interview.

  • FJ says:

    I feel bad for Rampage. I just read he is in a mental hospital. Thats just shitty.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    That e-mail is a cya that was drafted by somebody other than the interview or at least vetted by somebody else before it was sent. The language is just too polished to be spontaneous. Furthermore, what about the cigar (or whatever) that Rampage had in his hand during the interview? And what about the interviewer’s joke at the end about Rampage getting breath mints? Maybe they’re avoiding those subjects to protect Rampage, but if that was their concern they wouldn’t have aired the interview in the first place.

  • ACK! says:

    I’ve wondered throughout this whole ordeal how Rampage feels about Juanito Ibarra speaking out about the fight for him, filling the media with reports contradicting Rampage’s initial reaction to the outcome, and going as far as threatening an appeal. Juanito clearly has an invested interest in making Rampage feel robbed as his manager is partially responsible for preparing him and he even reportedly told Rampage he was winning the fight going into the fourth (which undoubtedly affected his gameplan and execution). This is all speculation, of course, but Juanito could’ve been as guilty of over-looking Forest as anybody and now is spewing venom to deflect blame and keep his job. He obviously considers Rampage his horse…

    But for a guy like Rampage who already has apparent coping issues, these are the last things he needs to hear following possibly the biggest fight of his career–and an incredible close decision that could have gone either way. Forget that Rampage lost his Championship, he could’ve lost trust in the people that were closest to him. And considering it’s been reported that Rampage is so isolated that he barely knows anyone outside his circle, it’s not hard to imagine that Rampage is in a lost and lonely place.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    There’s never justification for that kind of nonsense. People face worse losses all the time. Guys come home from actual wars, losing friends, years of their lives and body parts and keep on keeping on. People face death, disease and ruin every day but manage not to go out and damage property and endanger lives.
    Totally inexcusable.

  • JoHn says:

    MIKE WOLFE #2,,,, the answer to your comment—-And what about the interviewer’s joke at the end about Rampage getting breath mints? — if you know rampage won of his biggest jokes or response about evryone is, he always says someone needs a breath mint or they dont have as bad breath as he does, he always jokes about his or someone elses breath all the time

  • HexRei says:

    @#4 Who are you even replying to? Was there someone here who said “He should be exonerated of all blame or legal responsibility because he watched UFC 86 beforehand”? There’s a big difference between investigating what sparked a person’s behavior, and using it was an EXCUSE for said behavior.

  • Drollman says:

    If he ends up in the hands of psychiatrists, and worse, psych drugs, we may have seen the last of Mr. Rampage Jackson as we knew him.


  • Guy Gaduois says:

    I was responding to #3, HexRei – that post contains speculation as to possible contributing factors and their impact on Jackson’s emotional state.

    There has been ample discussion on this site and throughout the media in the last 48 hours of possible contributing factors to Jackson’s breakdown, and I’m saying that all the reasons in the world, no matter their volume of contribution, are incomparable to the relative difficulties suffered by people – globally – who somehow manage to refrain from such behavior as Jackson has exhibited.

    I apologize for my lack of clarity, I thought since I posted after Ack!’s #3 that it would be more obvious than it was. Sorry for lack of clarity.

  • HexRei says:

    I appreciate the clarification. I agree with you, but the fact is that no matter how bad what you went through is, someone has always gone through something worse. Yet that doesn’t stop people from having serious breakdowns over things that seem minor to others. Some people are just teetering on an edge, waiting for a push, even a little one. And for all we know he might have bipolar disorder or something similar. None of this excuses him, but it can help determine his state of mind at the time which is completely relevant when judging a person’s actions.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Hex – I guess what scares me, and where I agree with your wording – “… teetering on an edge, waiting for a push . . .” Lookng for a reason to “go off”.

    I don’t know how carefully you picked that phrase, but that’s what alarms me is that my wife and kids go out everyday into a world with people whom I feel are just “waiting for a push”, or looking for a reason to go off – and have reasonable expectation that they will indeed be exonerated due to the ever lowering standard of ‘extenuating circumstances’.

    Someday, someone I really love and care about will be endangered or even harmed by someone and there won’t be justice, just excuses.
    That’s a bad deal.

  • ACK! says:

    Dude, this has nothing to do with excuses or anything like that.

    Like I said, I was just speculating on any possible contributing factors. I’m not going to presume to know anything about Rampage’s mental state or what set him off. Moreover, none of us know what demons he or anyone else in this world is dealing with beyond our own. Are you saying that just because people go through worse things then Rampage we should just dismiss him as a despicable felon?

    Don’t judge peoples actions based on media reports, Guy.

  • ACK! says:

    Meant “Don’t judge people based on media reports.”

  • HexRei says:

    #10 I think your mistake is in thinking these people are being rational at the time. That they are thinking “If one more person cuts me off, im gonna blow up and try to ram his car… and i’ll probably get away scot-free cause this is so out of character for me”. I seriously doubt that was the case with Page, anyway.

    These trigger events for a lot of people aren’t like that at all. The buildup that causes it isn’t a rational process, and I don’t think most people that snap are thinking as far ahead as the consequences because they are out of their skulls.

    And furthermore I don’t think modern society goes lightly on these people, either. I’ve seen little evidence that the standard of extenuating circumstances is ever-lowering… the US has a higher percentage of its population jailed than it ever has before, and more than any other country in the world. This is actually one of the worst countries to “snap” like Page did.

    Your fear is understandable, but its not lack of consequences that makes people snap. It just happens to some people, at least all Page did was drive crazy.

  • JollyDV says:

    I don’t think a persons mental or emotional strength can be gauged like a persons physical strength. It is not like they can lift a bar bell with weights attached to see how strong they are mentally.

    As far as anyone knows, someone could have spiked his ice tea with a hallucinagent and that is why he did what he did.

  • Rabbit Killer says:

    Yeah, he impulsively made a bad decision to flee in the first place then the situation snow-balled. He probably just freaked and said ” I’m outta here” kind of like fight or flight then he’s thinking about how he just screwed up his whole life as he’s being chased by a cop and just wanted out of the situation. Those actions transcend rationality and become impulsive. He didn’t seem to give the cops any trouble. It really wasn’t all that impressive of a rampage.

  • Ben Nguyen says:

    All of this is really secondary… the real question is, has Jackson’s TRAINER retired? He said he would, if Forrest win at UFC86… so its time to Put-up…

  • dohfil says:

    Now that’s a great sponsor!

    Throwdown rocks.

  • Kogepan says:

    Toss some Japanese women at page, and he’ll be back to his old self.

  • DamonO says:


    Someone you know is either currently or someday will be “… teetering on an edge, waiting for a push . . .” Lookng for a reason to “go off”.

    Keep that in mind too.

    #14 why does it have to be iced tea? lol

    #16 Yes and maybe he did give Forrest his purse as he said he would had the fight gone to decision, which it did. I would lose it if I made that bet with someone and lost.


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