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Quinton Jackson Video: Last known interview prior to hit-and-run arrest

This interview, conducted by Throwdown TV, is the last known interview conducted with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. A very candid Jackson acknowledges that he was depressed about his UFC 86 loss to Forrest Griffin for a week after the fight but that he believes the loss will make him a better fighter. He also reveals that he took nine months off from training and that it caused him to gain a lot of weight heading into his nine-week training camp for the fight.


  • Jason says:

    Quinton definitely seems a little off in this interview.

    He had some serious personal demons in the past, and those demons can come back from time to time. His hit and run police chase is pretty shocking and unfortunate but nobody was hurt thank god.

    I hope he gets it all back on track, he’s a father of four, and one of the worse things about a situation like this is the potential impact on the kids.

  • Kogepan says:

    I blame Gary Shaw

  • Dan UK says:

    Yeh I agree Jason, after watchin loads of Rampage’s interviews, he was definately off his game here, and he’s clearly not 100% at the moment after this fiasco.

    Gladly noone was hurt and it’s also positive that Dana has gone to bail him out so at least he doesn’t seem like he’s gonna get fired, so hopefully this is just a blip and he can get back on track, cus I for one would definately like to see Rampage vs. Wanderlei 3.

  • Eric says:

    This video is strange to watch. Rampage isn’t as sharp-witted as he usually is. He seems off. He is sullen, sorta laid back and stumbles over his words, which is very unlike Rampage. Was this video done right before he got arrested?

  • Donny says:

    sounds like Juanito is fired, didnt sound pleased at all with the way he handeled the training camp.

    The video seemed kinda Erie, like one of those “Last interview before he died” type of thing. Rampage didnt seem right at all.

  • ttt says:

    9 months off? i blame TUF

  • Rampage did stated that his leg hurts… more then likely he is on some pain killers in that video. We all know that pain killers are common after fights but Rampage hinted on some depression issues.
    Not Good!

    I also believe Rampage beat Forrest but since UFC made Forrest their new “Captain America” we will see about that rematch…..

  • JoHn says:

    TONY, give me a break, it has nothing to do with some type of conspiracy theory, forrest beat rampage, it wasnt a fix, and comments like that are unwarranted and unnecessary

  • Shannon says:

    Can he come up with any more excuses? He got out worked!! You hestiates when he is asked about Silva, he does not want to fight him again…

  • Go Rampage says:

    He does seem a little less excited and animated than usual. He did seem serious about working on dealing with low leg kicks. Go Rampage.

  • Kris says:

    Rampage definitely did not sound like himself, stumbling to answer questions. Also did anyone else notice that it appeared he was preparing a cigar to roll a blunt? I know he smoked a lot of weed in the past, maybe a relapse?

  • Brackett says:

    I hope Rampage gets back on track and makes peace with his demons. I was shocked when I read the news about his arrest and honestly kind of disapointed. Rampage is a hero to me and so many other kids, but what it comes down to is shit happens. He will be back in the UFC soon, He will be Champ again. I just hope that he makes peace with his inner struggles and becomes a happier human being. God Bless You Rampage!

  • paddiosf says:

    Let’s hope that Rampage get’s his life back on track, he seems alittle off and he seemed like he was drunk or hung over..He was also rolling up a little cigar, which is never good for anyone especially a athlete..I know he found God in his life and let’s hope and pray that he get’s his personel life together..

  • ACK! says:

    He probably tokes, so what? That’s no excuse for his actions yesterday. In parts of the world marijuana is used medicinically by many people, so I see nothing wrong with him torching a blunt if that’s his form of painkiller, antidepressant, or whatever.

    Anyway, I can’t help but think that Juanito helped set Rampage off. First, he obviously didn’t properly prepare Rampage for Griffin’s versatile game and top-notch gameplanning. Then he argues tooth and nail that Rampage was robbed by losing a tough, close decision–going as far as attempting to file an appeal. Really, it just sounds like Juanito is fighting to deflect any blame and keep his job. But for a guy like Rampage who already has apparent coping issues, these are the things he needs to hear following one of the bigger fights in his career.

  • JOe K. says:

    All that God talk sounds like someone on the verge of a breakdown. People have a tendency to rely (and talk about) god more when they are in a spot they are having problems handling (ie Funerals, natural disasters ect…).

    I know Rampage talks about God a lot in his interviews but this smacked of crazy homeless man on the street corner ramblings about god. He also could be a bit hopped up on pain pills in conjunction with the stress of the loss, fame, and expectation.

    Some good sports psychologist sessions with some life restructuring (ala Georges St. Pierre after the Matt Serra loss) and he’ll get over this fine.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I don’t think the interviewer did Rampage any favors. He was out of it for whatever reason, and they should have rescheduled. Letting him ramble on like that was unnecessary. I know it’s not the job of the press to look out for newsmakers, but there ought to be a little human decency and understanding.

  • ACK! says:

    In my last post I meant, “these are the LAST things he needs to hear…”

    And, for what it’s worth, I really hope Rampage the best. It’d be a damn shame to see his career or personal life wallowing in the doldrums after all this.

  • Ian says:

    Get well, Quinton.

  • chrisc says:

    gotta love Quinton the person as much as the fighter. The interview made me appreciate what he does a lot more. The arrest and felony charges are unfortunate, Quinton will overcome his struggles(he’d kicked many old habits, he’s maturing) and become a better fighter, a better(law-abiding) person. His style is very exciting to watch and the next fight with Silva is gonna be great.

  • THORAZINE says:

    I suspect that Rampage is off his meds or needs meds, for perhaps some disorder such as bipolar. OR, he could have a thyroid problems and it’s not been treated properly. All that would make sense.

  • brad says:

    rampage is never witty or smart, his only joke is calling people ugly. are you people that lame and have that little of a sense of humor to think this guy is funny or witty? he’d kill you for 20 dollars if he wasnt famous


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