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Quinton Jackson makes bail; report of hospitalization unconfirmed

While attempting to confirm whether a report suggesting that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was declared medically unfit for booking while being processed through the Orange County jail, a representative with the Costa Mesa Police Department indicated to on Wednesday morning that Jackson made bail and was released from police custody late Tuesday.

Jackson’s bond had been set at $25,000.

The representative did not have any information regarding a report by TMZ that Jackson had been hospitalized in the Orange County area after being declared medically unfit. After calling several major hospitals in the O.C. area, Five Ounces of Pain was not able to verify that Jackson had been admitted to any of them.

  • jamo says:

    think he’s having a breakdown!!! a mentally unstaible rampage..scary thought!!

  • Jay K. says:

    Sam, for patient / doctor privledge there isn’t any hospital that will ever reveal who’s in their care.

    That said, this is a surprise. I wonder if his actions are a result of depression? I hope he gets the help he needs.

    Jay K.

    ps. A rematch is definitely in order!

  • […] Jackson’s rampage, rumors surfaced about his hospitalization due to the fact he was declared mentally unfit for booking. However, those rumors have yet to be confirmed. posts the specifics of the […]

  • mike wolfe says:

    Disclosure of his hospital admission may violate the federal law (HIPPA), too. Once that was enacted, larger health care providers like medical centers completely dummied up to avoid civil liability.

  • bob says:

    give the guy a break he was heartbroken over loosing the he almost ran a few people over in a truck with his picture and sponsor logo on it.

    no big deal..Toyo is getting some great exposure!

  • rwaddle says:

    I went to the UFC86 was hoping Quinton would keep his title.

    Very sad news hearing about this arrest we pray everything will work our for Rampage.
    He has lots of fans on his side the best thing is a rematch!

    Keep punchin and throwin them down Rampage!
    Get your head right and get back on track.

  • […] After being taken into custody (photos here), Jackson was labeled “medically unfit” according to TMZ and was transferred from the Orange County Jail to a local hospital, but an MMA site reports that TMZ’s claim appears to be unfounded. […]

  • KurtAmerican says:

    Sorry guys but Rampage may have to adapt to “cage Fighting” for a while if you know what I mean? Those are some serious charges that will definitely land him in the pokey. And this after the season finally of The Ultimate Fighter when what’s-his-name was kicked off the show for improperly representin. Will Dana have to use him as an example to save face with the already scrutinizing main stream press? Sorry for Rampage, he seems like a cool head but what the heck was he thinking?

  • Alan says:

    As least you know he’s not gonna get ass fucked if he goes to jail. Just imagine him being your cellmate. Besides maybe he was just filming Grand Theft Auto the movie?

  • KurtAmerican says:

    Yeah right, have you seen those jail fights? No one is safe. He’s a marked man in there and guys will be lining up to get a piece. There are badder dudes in this world than UFC champions and the “I don’t give a fuck” factor on top of getting jumped and shanked spells trouble for anyone. Of course he could get probation but doubtful. And Rampage, “Protect Yer Corn hole”.

  • HexRei says:

    @#11 Oh FFS, I hope that was a joke. You’ve been watching too many movies. I guarantee you he will be a celebrity in jail (or prison, whichever), dudes will be pandering to be his friend.

  • HexRei says:

    haha, that last @#10.

  • Patrick says:

    25k is not a very significant bail, most likely Rampage is going to be receiving small charges here. Good to hear, glad it’s looking a little better as a situation.

  • Patrick says:

    Whoah, just read some of the responses here… guys, 25k bail here, he isn’t going to get any sort of serious prison time, if any prison time is handed out it’s going to be minimum security and easy street. Jesus, some of you watch too much damn T.V.

  • tdog628 says:

    Bail is determined by the flight risk of the person as well as the charges they are involved with. I’m thinking they aren’t too worried about him trying to leave the country as he is very recognizable. He might serve a few months in the slammer for this one. Hit and Run? Several of them? Sounds pretty serious to me.

  • tdog628 says:

    by the way did I mention FELONY EVADING? FELONY.

  • KurtAmerican says:

    Yeah but that’s what happened on CSI, Scooby and the gang sentenced the two utes to seven years hard time after a fiery courtroom battle between Tom Cruise and Lebron James. They don’t call it reality T.V. for nothing. Rampage is goin to hole yo!!!

  • Nobody says:

    Some of you guy’s crack me up.
    You speak with such authority that one would swear that you were there or are somehow in the loop. Your not.
    You read a flash spot to grab headlines and have already made erroneous conclusions.
    All the news thats fit to print. Or pander to the lowest denominator with.
    Now he was Psychotic, drunk or high.
    And the cheerleader’s calling for blood. Frank Trigg? LOL THATS funny.
    Yup. Trigg is a also ran.
    Trigg is just a braggart. “I woulda shoulda but didn’t.”
    It’s funny, Tito is in a crash in PR that was almost fatal and no one asked.
    Randalman was in a crash that almost decapitated him, I don’t remember any question if he was high at the time.
    Kerr? Junkie, nothing said until HE brought it out.
    Don Fry? Drunk, street fighting junkie thug, not one word until HE brought it out.
    Tank? Nuff said.

    Quinton did we do not know what yet and Trigg wants him banned from the UFC. Could it be the politics in MMA that I warned so fervently of more than ten years ago? Me thinks it might.

    I don’t know, something about the US Constitution, INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, by a jury of their peers in a court of law.
    Thats just me, I could be wrong.

  • Nobody says:

    RexHai. So, you as a pro MMA fighter, you spend much time in the pen? As you know how prison politics works with regard to a pro fighter in there.

    There are far FAR more dangerous men in there than are in the Cage in UFC. Because they are in prison, does not mean that you know shit about what they may have done before they went to the big bar hotel.

    People will try to come after a fighter.

  • Rabbit Killer says:

    What is a Ute?

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Jay K., that isn’t always correct. When there is a high-profile patient and a high media demand, there are times when hospitals will release information to the public. I’m assuming they have to get consent first, but I still felt it necessary to contact the hospitals and see if I could obtain information. With the exception of one, all were willing to at least run Jackson’s name through their database and tell me whether he had been admitted.

  • MMAFan says:

    Give Rampage a break. For all we know, he might’ve looked in his rear-view mirror and seen a truck with a big Wanderlei Silva decal on it.

  • Rabbit Killer says:

    Yeah, hit and run sounds more like Forest anyway.

  • JM508 says:

    …All I hope for is that he gets the help he needs and returns like a champ. There is a huge difference between an isolated incident and a series of law violations. Rampage is a great guy and has a lot of heart. I am certain he just was down on himself….it does not excuse his actions and he should pay a price BUT that incident is not his overall character!!

    There are a lot of thugs and criminals in sports and he is not one…he made a mistake and will recover.

    best of luck


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