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Atencio: Kurt Angle not good for MMA

Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Affliction VP Tom Atencio for a recent Q&A that is available on both and We covered a lot of different subjects, but one the more interesting topics we discussed had to do with professional wrestler Kurt Angle.

According to Atencio, the – now highly unlikely – possibility of Angle entering a mixed martial arts ring would not be positive occurrence for the sport.

He is a legitimate wrestler,  but he also comes from WWE (now TNA),” said Atencio, “I’m not sure how good that would be for the new fans in possibly thinking MMA is fixed. To me, MMA is a true combat sport. It doesn’t get any more real. To bring people over from WWE, it could cheapen it.”

I don’t know that the negatives outweigh the positives on this one.  Sure, what Atencio says could be possible with a few people watching the shows, but the amount of first time viewers that would tune in to see Angle would be a much greater number.

Seeing the pay-per-view success that Brock Lesnar was in his UFC debut, I don’t believe Affliction would quickly pass on using either Lesnar or Angle.

  • -chris says:

    All of a sudden this fuck Atencio knows what’s best for all of MMA..if they pose some interesting matchups, bring the fuckers (wrestlers) on. Show ’em what it means to get KTFO!

  • Mike Calimbas says:

    Way to fire an off-handed slight towards Dana/UFC for signing Lesnar. Duh.

  • stevefiji says:

    Yeah, Angle is bad for the sport but he doesn’t hesitate to promote a UFC ‘Choke em to the Brink of Death’ butthead reject like Babalu!!!!!

    Atencio is increasingly showing himself to be a “T-shirt’ guy!

  • woooburn says:

    angle = bad
    megadeth = good

    excellent reasoning

  • Evan says:

    this coming from someone who will be wasting PPV time to see megadeth.

  • HexRei says:

    @#4: I don’t see what’s wrong with the reasoning. Music is routinely played during MMA events, who cares if its Prides drum dudes and orchestra, or UFC’s nu-metal, or or Affliction’s Megadeth thrash metal? It’s just music.

    No one is claiming Megadeth is also a bunch of badass MMA fighters, and no one is going to confuse Megadeth the band with the sport of MMA.

  • HexRei says:

    @#3 Uh, BJ Penn and Frank Shamrock did that too (to Pulver and Baroni respectively), do you also think Dana and Gary Shaw are “T-shirt guys”?

  • BJJDenver says:

    #2, exactly. All this is, is a backwards jab at Dana. Just substitute “Lesner” for “Angle”, plain as day.

    If Atencio could get half of the ppvs that UFC did for Lesner, he would sign him tomorrow for a ton of money.

  • Finkrod says:

    First off #1, your a moron. Secondly, who cares. Dana has done nothing but attack this show in words and action, so what does it matter if the guy MAY have been taking a jab at him. Dana’s a big boy with a big mouth, he can take care of himself. Your all a bunch a goddamn babies, he ain’t talking about your mom for christ sake.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Kurt is a physical mess. The only time you’ll see him in an MMA ring is if he is a guest in someone’s corner. Just look up his injury history some time and quit deluding yourselves that he will EVER do MMA.

  • Finkrod says:

    Exactly. All somebody’s gotta do is get the guy in a can-opener and his friggin’ head would come off.

  • OddTom says:

    I think MMA has less to worry about former pro-wrestlers giving the impression that the fights are fixed, but rather some of the officiating and promoting a la EliteXC’s last Saturday Night Fights.

    Above anything and everything else Angle has done, he is an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling–something I don’t believe anyone in MMA can claim.

    But Faust is right. I’d question the competency of any athletic commission that would clear Angle to fight. I wish we could turn back time, because in the mid-1990s, Kurt could have been THE name in mixed martial arts.

  • If the clock could be rewound about 10 or so years ago, then having Kurt Angle in the octagon would be a good idea because of Angle’s wrestling background. But as Lord faust correctly stated, Kurt’s a physical wreck. His neck injuries alone would give pause to having him enter MMA. 10 years ago would have been a different story, though.


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