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Does Jesse Taylor deserve another chance?

Jesse Taylor was kicked off the Ultimate Fighter right before he had a chance to fight Amir Sadollah for the season 7 championship. Since getting kicked off the TV show, Taylor missed a grand total of two UFC shows.

Now, Taylor is getting a chance to redeem himself Saturday night as he takes on C.B. Dalloway. Is it too soon? Has Taylor really served a true suspension? Has he changed his ways? Yes, yes, and yes.

Taylor didn’t injure someone, and Taylor didn’t go to jail.  What Taylor did was something 99% of adult Americans have done – he got drunk and acted stupid. However, what Taylor did next is something most people wouldn’t do and is the reason he deserves a chance in the UFC.

 Right after (Taylor) got off the show, he went into AA,” said Dana White.

That doesn’t mean Taylor won’t mess up again. Many people that have entered treatment programs certainly have, but Taylor took the initiative to identify a problem and fix it. He should be commended for that. Sure, his main motivation was to get back to the UFC, but there is nothing wrong with that at all.

In the current media world where news travels fast and bad news travels even faster, this is a story that deserved more coverage. People were quick to bury Taylor after he acted like an immature clown on national TV, but people should be quick to applaud him when he does the right thing.

Positive reinforcement is a very powerful motivation. Hopefully, Taylor makes the most of it.

  • bDavid says:

    i think Jesse is totally into golden showers the guy really really enjoyed wetting himself… to each his own, i think he is getting a second chance in the UFC pretty quick and should make the best of it … also he has a three year old son i wonder if he wets himslef after seeing his dad on tv doing it…!?

  • Music City Beatdown says:

    If 99% of us got drunk and made an s$$ out of ourselves in the front yard of our boss, 99% of us would be unemployed, no second chance.

    I know from experience, Jesse has not even begun to get a handle on his drinking problem. If he drinks again liek he did on the show, and he will, he will make an a$$ out of himself again. It is way too early in his recovery to say that all that is over and in the past. To think so is being a bit naive.

  • Bucco says:

    I think that if he stays clean and sober he should be in the UFC. Sure he is a dumb fuck-up but if he wants change that then this should be the best thing for him. I just hope he has someone around him that will keep him away from the “fighter lifestyle” that could lead to his self destruction.

  • fightfan says:

    The UFC just used this as a way to bring their OVERHYPED CB back into the show and get him into the finals.

    Chuck Liddell went on a national talk show in Texas and slurred his words beyond comprehension and that was when he wasnt flat out PASSED PUT asleep. No penalty at all for that. Dana did what they could to keep that hush hush.

    Plain and simple, they wanted CB in the finals and they found a way to do that. If they were really penalizing Jesse, he would NOT of been brought back a month after the TUF finale he was kicked off of. And also, who is he fighting??? Cb, just another way for the UFC to say, look CB won anyway(if he actually does)

  • Cinomed says:

    Yes, he deserves a second chance.
    Every guy that has interviewed about the TUF house says it makes you crazy.
    Now if he continues such antics, he should be gone, but a second chance should be given, no doubt.

    Oh, and Fightfan, chill out, the world isn’t really a bunch of conspiracies, take off the tin foil hat sometime, it’s nice outside.

  • tomk says:

    I read somewhere that Dana White said that Dan Henderson called him to vouch for Taylor. I have no idea whether Taylor is an alcoholic, but if he’s proactively trying to get control of his life, I don’t know how preventing him from working is going to help him. It’s a good thing that they’re bringing him back and it’s not like it was only a month or two off — the show was done taping months ago.

  • Derek B says:

    I doubt a guy who is training on a daily basis is an alcoholic.

    Give him a second shot. CB will put him away when they fight.

  • JollyDV says:

    I agree with the writer Gary and poster tomk. Professional athletes are human. I can’t imagine how hard it was to live in the house for 6 weeks. As to whether he is an actual alcoholic, I leave that up to Taylor and the professionals. The fact he was proactive in seeking help shows his desire to continue in the MMA business and his willingness to improve his life at a personal level.

    The video of his drunken escapades was purposely shown on TUF. It could have been left out and we would have known nothing about it. For what ever reason, it was played for the viewers. Conspiracy theory, no, good exciting TV for the younger male audience, yes. True events, I would say yes.

    Jesse, opportunity is knocking on your door for a second time. Please answer the door with a smile and a firm handshake this time.

    I am picking Taylor for the win, round 2, TKO. Go Jesse!

  • drdsanders says:

    Seems like every season of TUF we see guys vandalising the house. I think the incident in the limo was just an extension of that.
    If the UFC is so “image” conscious then IMO they should discourage the guys from trashing the house and other drunken antics. (Lebens “spritz” on the other dudes pillow was funny though)

    So only do to the circumstances yes. Give the guy another chance.

  • Jason G says:

    To me, he just sounds like a young guy that can’t always handle himself when he drinks. When I was younger and I would drink I would sometimes get so hammered that I blacked out and didn’t remember anything. Now I’m a little older and I only get a buzz or a little drunk and stay in control. So he hasn’t learned how to control his consumption yet and he was on TUF locked in the house with a bunch of dudes with nothing to do except for train and drink. We know the producers over dramatize everything on that show but he still messed up and deserved to be punished. He could be an alcoholic but I’d say chances are he’s just immature.

  • Troy says:

    Don’t forget, TUF wrapped up taping in early February, and he has basically faced a 6 month suspension since his incident.

    I think Liddell’s drugged up interviews, and poor performances did more harm to the image UFC want to portray then the foolishness of Taylor.

    Lastly, is is very hypocritical for them to show the annual drunken trashing of the house for ratings. Those scenes make these guys look like a bunch of spoiled, irresponsible heathens.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Beware Coco’s drunken monkey style kung fu. CB will be defeated.

  • Ryan says:

    The point is that the show is fuckin weak!
    That said i do watch it every week in hopes that some tight ass fight is going to happen. Then I sit there and and see these guys that come in out of shape, drinking and just not putting there game on point. Its a joke you have guys on the show that are scared to get hit!!!
    I watch all fights that are on TV so it is my fault to for getting TUF ratings but as fans we deserve much more!!
    Why doesn’t the UFC have there top guys fighting eachother???? They have a big enough roster that the top guys should always fight and if they lose to another top guy it isn’t that big of a deal.
    Also show us all the fights on a PPV they don’t alwas use up ther time slot!
    THE FANS DESERVE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jackson187 says:

    Someone wanna tell me why this guy got reamed on national TV for doing what “99% of all humans do”, and guys like Sherk, Franca, and Sylvia only get a website article when they CHEAT AT THE GAME. There’s no doubt that Taylor’s judgment was a bit off, but at least it was only alcohol at Station Casinos and not Nandrolone in the cage.

  • Funky k says:

    taylors comming back an whoopin cb’s ass! and i think the punishment was a little too much. they just wanted cb in there.

  • BJJDenver says:

    Who did he rape and kill again? Oh yeah, nobody.

    I’m not particularly a fan of his, but why doesn’t he deserve a 2nd, yes SECOND, chance? Is he a jackass? absolutely, but why shouldn’t he be given a chance to show that he can overcome that?

    Let him screw up again, then let’s talk about 3rd or 4th chances, that would be more discussion worthy.

  • Mikemick says:

    Music City Beatdown,

    Jesse didn’t get drunk in front of his employer either… His employer just happened to have connections and say a security tape.

    jackson187 ,

    I completely agree.

  • double A-ron says:

    Totally agree w/ #4. Also, Theres no way if he does get crazy again it’s not gonna be at the same place and not as publicized so it is guaranteed that he will make his image better even if he drinks more than before.


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