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Win tickets to Affliction BANNED: Fedor vs. Sylvia – find out how!


Contest teaser: is going to send a lucky reader to see some of the best heavyweight MMA fighters in the world: Fedor, Barnett, Rothwell, Arlovski, and Sylvia.

That’s right, 5 Oz of Pain has 9th row tickets for Affliction BANNED: Fedor vs. Sylvia PPV (7/19) and we will be giving them away to our readers tomorrow, Tuesday 7/15.

So what’s the contest? When can you win? To find out, you’ll need to CHECK THIS SITE early and often tomorrow, Tues 7/15.

DISCLAIMER: Only enter this contest if you can attend this event on Sat 7/19 in Anaheim, CA. Winner will contacted via email (be sure to use a legit email address) and must email their US mailing address to 5 Oz of Pain by midnight 7/16. We will be overnight-ing the tickets to the winner and we will not pay for shipping outside of the U.S.

Tickets to the debut event for the Affliction promotion brought to you exclusively by This site has given away to its readers: tickets to pay-per-views, signed shirts, signed posters, signed fight gloves, DVDs, health supplements, and piles of MMA gear. What other site is this dedicated to the hardcore MMA fan? The winning answer: None

Check out more Affliction BANNED content on 5 Oz of Pain.

  • ZzFDKzZ says:

    Ok cool.

  • michael says:

    does this include anything else or just tickets? like airfare, hotel room or anything like that? not that tickets aren’t good enough, i just wanna make sure what the deal is before i enter.

  • Evan says:

    How the hell did you guys get 9th row tickets? Are those still available?

  • Nick says:

    How many tickets are there?

  • Evan says:

    I just looked…4th row still available.

  • Tommy says:

    Thats awesome

  • tricky dicky says:

    best available on ticketmaster that I see are up in 209 which is nowhere near row 4.

    Nice of you guys to guve these away, they are 50 dollar tickets. I’ll be in the 8th row :p

  • Evan says:

    Honda Center, Anaheim, CA
    Sat, Jul 19, 2008 04:30 PM

    FLOOR LEVEL CHAIR Type1 FULL PRICE ADULT Ticket PriceUS $1,000.00 Convenience ChargeUS $32.85 Building Facility ChargeUS $3.00

  • Evan says:

    yeah I got it crossed. of you guys to do this.

  • Anthony Cazares says:

    Hey guy’s how do you enter? I am kind of confused, most of the time there is some sort of registration req. I live in So. Cal. and an’t afford the tickets so I would love the chance to win them.

  • MMAStation says:

    I will take them without entering a contest if you feel like being nice guys =]

  • tricky dicky says:

    lmao that is 1 single ticket.. try 2 tickets…

    if you enjoy going by yourself to make pals, then more hair on you..

  • rob says:

    yet another reason I love this site – – thanks 5 oz. (does sucking up mean I’m gonna win – LOL)

  • Matt C. says:

    there are two tickets and we guarantee they are NOT $50 seats. Try multiplying that a dozen times.

  • ST says:

    Nice! Hope I win. Hey Matt C., is airfare include or is that at the winners expense?

  • Evan says:

    Good work Matt C. Too bad this isn’t in Dallas as initially discussed.

  • Matt C. says:

    Ha, you guys are flattering us. We are not offering airfare or hotel. Just the tickets. That’s why we have a disclaimer (stated above) that if you cannot make it to the show, please do not enter b/c you may take the spot of a fan that can make it.
    – Matt

  • ChabbBJJ says:

    word on the street is that you get to be the cut man for fedor after tim swells his eye shut with jabs…..i want these tickets… bad hahaha

  • Derek B says:

    what about the frequent flyer miles? are those thrown in too?

  • ChabbBJJ says:

    yes along with free beer upon arrival at Honda Center

  • ChabbBJJ says:

    yes along with free beer upon arrival at Honda Center

  • JollyDV says:

    Kudos to 5oz of Pain!! What a fantastic opportunity for some lucky fan! Whoever wins the tickets, have a great time and if you get any camera time, be sure to plug the 5oz website!

    What a wonderful way to appreciate you readers! Bravo!

  • Anthony Cazares says:

    Hey guy’s seriuosly how do you enter anyone know?

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Advantage, So Cal guy. Which of course means I will win. I am only 50 minutes from the venue and I have a hot wife.

    Think about THAT 5oz . . . do you want some gay cavemen (notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat) representing the site or do you want 1 caveman with a very hot wife? She will show her ample cleavage. I would offer to show my manly chesthair, but yuck.

    I would also report in colorful detail and alarming clarity – in deft prose, no less – all that transpires, via my photographic memory and skillful note – taking. Think about what is best for all of me. Us, sorry, all of us.

  • Ulises R says:

    What time will the winner be chosen

  • Gabe says:

    why doesn’y anybody read the article, it says check back tuesday early and often so I assume thats how you enter to win the seats, gl all but these tickets are mine!

  • Gabe says:

    please make it trivia or something to do with MMA knowledge, then its a lock!

  • tricky dicky says:

    matt c sorry I mis typed , 650 dollar tickets I know that very well since Ill be in the 8th row between the fights and megadeth.. I bought mine the first day they were available.. but good luck to thew rest of you.

    great promotion again, great support for your readers.

  • Evan says:

    Good luck to anyone who enters tomorrow.

    And nobody be a bastard and enter if you can’t go.

  • Captsiege says:

    Long time reader and first time posting. This contest rocks!! I live in San Diego but would deffinetly make the drive out for the show if I won the tickets. I have never won anything before in my life so my chances have been bad historically but we will see. Awesome Guys.

  • Anthony Cazares says:

    I am only 30 min away…. Please pick me!!!

  • Jay K. says:

    Don’t worry guys, I won already. I mean if Anaheim something or other means Chicago, IL. Then I’m a lock for teh win! 😀

    Congrats on whoever goes and a writeup post event is a mandatory requirement!

    Jay K.

  • Anthony Cazares says:

    The write up should be easy Silva by KO

  • Anthony Cazares says:

    silvia sorry

  • Rob Young says:

    They seem like great tickets and I will be in Anaheim this weekend! Does anybody know of any signings or clinics going on?

  • fularry007 says:

    Hey just found out im getting laid off Friday….hhmmm that means my saturday night is definately open. I live in Long Beach, thats 20 min at the most to the Honda Center. fiveouncesofpain you rock.

  • fularry007 says:

    OOPS sorry alittle excited

  • Tommy says:

    HaHa everyone is 30 mins away… Just give em too will call and we’ll do a cannonball run….

  • JHouse005 says:

    How do you enter into the contest? did someone already win?

  • NoRegrets says:

    Hell I live north of detroit and i’d be on the 1st flight out there

  • ratmuff says:

    I live about 10 hours from there and my gas tank is full. Lets ride

  • Punishark says:

    I’ve got my car packed and am ready to go!!!

  • ChabbBJJ says:

    so how do you enter? what is the write up about, ive been checking sense 6 am … am i just slow?

  • Tommy says:

    Nah just

  • Matt C. says:

    keep checking… any minute now…

  • akal says:

    Not too good with the interwebs but don’t seem to see where you enter. If possible please consider this my entry. Good luck everybody. Take care and enjoy the jungle like humidity today. Take care.

  • ChabbBJJ says:

    ps i live 10 mins away :)

  • Tommy says:

    Well, you definitely got me… Im near Magic Mtn.

  • Chris says:

    I live like 6 mins away in garden grove/anaheim border!

  • Sam Caplan says:

    To those asking how to win, this pretty much says it all:

    “So what’s the contest? When can you win? To find out, you’ll need to CHECK THIS SITE early and often tomorrow, Tues. 7/15.”

    You want know exactly what the contest is until the contest itself goes live.

  • Mark Aulet says:

    I live in NYC and I would be willing to go and write about my experience. I’m watching to see who wins. Either way good deal 5oz’s.

  • Jay K. says:

    It’s 106 miles to Chicago errr Anaheim, we gotta full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses

    Jay “Elwood Blues” K.

  • leo says:

    i Can has Tickets? im 20 min from the honda center and have been an avid mma fan for 5 years. i’d be the sweetest 5ozofpain rep, EVER.

  • bonz says:

    still waiting…

  • Brian says:

    I live 20 minutes away and I am most definately free, how do i enter


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