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HDNet Fights’ Fight of the Week: C.B. Dollaway vs. Hans Marrero

HDNet Fights’ “Fight of the Week” appears here on 5 Oz. of Pain with expressed, written permission from HDNet Fights. For more “Fight of the Week” videos from HDNet Fights, just click here.

  • Ross says:

    Ok, just saw this fight replayed and I had some questions for anyone else who saw it.
    1)Whats up with Dolloways record? For this fight (pre tuf) his record was 7-0 then he won, last time I checked that makes him 8-0? On TUF I believe he was 7-0- but at the finale his record was 7-1(prelims dont count right?) – shouldnt his record be 8-1 now? (sherdog list him as 6-1??)

    2)He didnt even catch that dude flush, the knee hit that guys arm. (a little fishy)

    3)The guy is an ass, I defended him before thinking TUF production made him look bad–NOPE-as he says in his pre fight intervier “all american wrestler from Arizona St. that pretty much says it” -what a tool.

    Im starting to think this guy is more of a pr machine than anything else.

  • double A-ron says:

    When was this fight and for what organization, does anyone know? I think i might have seen it, but don’t remember when it was. Also did anyone catch the undercard to the adrenaline mma on hdnet yet? It is well worth watchingh and actually better than the main card a few weeks ago.

  • Patrick says:

    C.B. needs to stop with the god damn full shoulder throw punches from standing to a guy who’s not fazed on the ground, every time he does that he’s asking for a god damn arm bar, hope he figured it out now that Amir taught him the lesson two times in a row, jesus, learn from your mistakes man.

  • Lungcookie says:

    C.B. needs to learn how to keep his upper lip down. I’m tired of lookig at his gums.

  • tallsforeverybody says:

    seriously, was that a real fight?


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