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Would Gamburyan fight at featherweight?

Manny Gamburyan is one of the smaller fighters in the UFC’s lightweight division. With the recent popularity of the featherweight ranks and – of course – Urijah Faber, Gamburyan would seem to be a natural to compete at 145. Also, he would have a much quicker path to a title shot.

Gamburyan isn’t opposed to the idea, but he also isn’t in favor of it just yet.

I don’t mind going down to 145 if the UFC brings it in. There isn’t enough money right now in the WEC,” Gamburyan said, “If the UFC brings in 145, I’d definitely go down. I’d definitely be interested in a fight with Urijah Faber.”

That response could be a little short-sighted on Gamburyan’s part. As the WEC continues to expand, Gamburyan would have a tremendous opportunity to make a big name for himself at the smaller weight. The UFC’s lightweight ranks are loaded with top talent, and many people see Gamburyan as just another fighter in the division. He is also viewed as being too small to compete with the bigger guys in the weight class.

One thing Gamburyan does have going for himself though is name recognition. Many fans recognize him from the Ultimate Fighter show. That would give Gamburyan instant credibility in the WEC. With one or two victories at featherweight, he would probably receive a title shot with Faber. Gamburyan has to answer the question if he’s satisfied with being just another fighter in the UFC or would he rather be in the main event on WEC.

  • Heffahuff. says:

    I hate that dude. A rematch with Nate is what i would like to see.

  • Mike says:

    I think Manny’s a jerk but he should fight a top 10 LW before making that decision. And I agree with Heffahuff, a rematch with Nate is a must.

  • Jeff L says:

    OH, is that all he would need?? For the UFC to bring 145 and Uriah to him? RIGHT. He is one deluded character, just like his cousin, with an equally unrealistic sense of self value.

  • OCD says:

    He should be swinging from the WEC’s nuts right now instead of thinking about the UFC. At least he would have a career there, unlike his current UFC stint. Hey Manny, stop hanging with Karo, it affects your judgement.

  • Lethal says:

    Fighting in main events in WEC is better then fighting in the first fight of the prelim cards in UFC.

  • Denny says:

    God, I am sooooo tired of hearing this crap. Usually comes from the mouth of Rogan.

    First, I understand the idea of weight classes. So that smaller guys can compete against someone of approximately the same size. The first problem is the stupidity of having weigh-ins the day before instead of the day of a fight. Ask Frankie Edgar is he’s the same size as Gray Maynard. Fighters not dieters.

    Second, who exactly is better than Manny at LW? Look at the contenders in the LW division and who they’ve fought. The division hasn’t been around long enough to shake itself out. Manny has 2 losses I believe. Sherk and Diaz at the finale because of injury. I don’t like Sherk’s style any more than most but his record speaks for itself. If Nate beats Neer (who in his stint at WW defeated Guillard and Joe Daddy), he could be considered the #1 contender and Manny won the 1st rd of their fight in my eyes.

  • Davey D says:

    I don’t see Manvel becoming a Champion in the UFC’s LW divison. I’m sure Zuffa would make it worth his time and money to fight in the WEC if and/or when he earns his shot at Urijah Faber. I think that would be a good fight to see.

  • Patrick says:

    Newsflash: Manny is nowhere near as talented as the top ten LW fighters in the UFC.

    #6 and 7, you guys are way off track.

    #6, I’ll give you a short list of who is better than Manny in that division right now: B.J. Penn, Stevenson, Sherk, Florian, Huerta, Guida, Diaz, Maynard, Edgar, Neer, Lauzon, Miller, Gurgel, the list goes on and on and on. Manny is near the bottom of that division.

    Faber would pulverize Manny by the way, it wouldn’t be a fight, it would be a beating.

  • MMA Man Up says:

    Gurgel? Wow that’s low.

  • Davey D says:

    Patrick, I don’t think you’re reading my comment’s right. I didn’t say he was in a top ten listing of any sorts. I would also take Faber over Manny if they were to fight.

  • MMA SKOOL™ says:

    Manny needs to win some more fights in the UFC before running his mouth about where there’s more money or title shots, etc.

    This guy is 5’2″ of pure hype. I haven’t seen anything that proves he’s the badass he thinks he is. So he talked some trash with Nate Diaz? Who cares.

  • woooburn says:

    i’m sure they could market a pulver vs gamburyan fight in the wec. was jens his coach on TUF? or maybe have him fight leonard garcia.

  • Rich S. says:

    i want to see him go FW ONLY to see him get the beating of his life…

  • mike wolfe says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, Manny has a point about purses in WEC. The published purses for the fighters after the Faber/Pulver fight were really low compared to UFC. Faber got about 40k, as I recall, and he’s head and shoulders above everyone else at WEC in skills and marketability.

  • Evan says:

    Mike I have a feeling that will be addressed as one day I think he will go to 155.

  • jimbo says:

    As soon as fabers contract with the wec is up hes coming to the ufc no doubt. I would like to see the Diaz rematch with the winner to get Danzig.


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