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More UFC network talk?

Yes, I know we’ve heard it all too much the past year or so, but there is some news to report on the UFC / television front.

We’re real close to a network,” said Dana White, “I’m going to say in three months.”

It’s hard to know for sure if this is smoke or fire, but the fact that there is talk means it is a possibility. The one interesting thing is – for the first time – White was contrite about what happened last year.

“I really didn’t see CBS coming. That surprised me. I can tell you (the network) is not CBS.”

When looking down the list of possibilities, CBS is obviously out. NBC is out as well with rumors still persisting that the September Playboy Mansion show may be a live broadcast. That leaves ABC or Fox. Of the two, Fox seems the more likely home, but again, until something is officially signed, it’s hard to be overly optimistic.

  • Sven says:

    Could you tell where this is taken from? With a quick quotation search I couldn’t find the interview anywhere else than here. (Not that I’m suspicous, but I would like to read all of it, if possible).

  • steve24 says:

    When did he say this? Where is the link?

  • I had the chance to speak with him on Saturday night after the UFC 86 post-fight press conference..

  • Kogepan says:

    Dana and his ‘announcements’. =(

  • Pramit says:

    Thanks for the clarification on Sven’s question. I didn’t realize until yesterday that all your quotes come from direct conversations with these people.

    But, now that I know the truth, I’ll be looking to link to your stuff more. If there’s any way for you to clarify in your entries that you talked to these people, it might alleviate the confusion.

    Great stuff!

  • Sven says:

    Gary, you should bask in the fact that your quotes are directly tapped from the source and that it’s actually unique content.

    In addition, it’s always good to be precise about where information is taken, that isn’t only true when composing a academic thesis.

  • Jay K. says:

    Gary, you left out ESPN as a possible choice for consideration. Could it be there?

  • Bill Lumberg says:

    ABC owns ESPN….

  • Atom says:

    All i know is that since last week, Ive had to start paying for ‘Setanta sports’ every month (about $20.00) as Bravo no longer show UFC events in the U.K. GRRrrrRRRRR.

  • Jay K. says:

    Drew: Hey, isn’t that the girl that works over at Chotchkie’s?
    Peter Gibbons: Yeah.
    Drew: Hmmm. Who’s SHE here with?
    Peter Gibbons: She’s with me.
    Drew: Really?
    Peter Gibbons: Yeah.
    Drew: Are you kidding me? She gets around. All right?
    Peter Gibbons: She does, does she?
    Drew: Oh, yeah. Like a record.
    Peter Gibbons: Like, with who?
    Drew: Oh, let’s see, uh… Hell, Lumbergh f’d her. Ha ha ha. Oh, let me see who else…


  • Jay – I think when people are using the term “network” – they mean stations that can be received with an over-the-air antenna (i.e. non-cable). ESPN would be out because of the non-compete clause UFC has with Spike. UFC can only expand to either a pay TV station (HBO / Showtime) or a network station.

    Pramit / Sven – thanks.. appreciate it..

  • Jay K. says:

    Thank you Gary. Jay K.

  • Chester says:

    what about the UPN? or is that not a network? they already have the joe rogan UFC show.

  • mo says:

    yeah, wow Gary, I love the direct quotes. that is pretty sweet. the whole nertwork deal and UFC has been such a crazy thing, and i don’t know but i find it hard to think that we go from basically no MMA coverage to 3 different organizations on 3 different networks. i know Strikeforce and EliteXC have done well, but it just seems strange that 3 non-cable networks will all provide MMA coverage. the whole thing is weird, but if ABC or Fox get the UFC they will certainly get a leg up on CBS and NBC. Imagine the next EliteXC event on CBS, and Dana rolls out a better card the same time and day to compete without even breaking a sweat. Fox would have to love that

  • mick says:

    why dont they start their own network like the NFL?


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