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Dana White unloads on Affliction during radio interview

UFC president Dana White did an interview several weeks back with Y101 FM in Richmond, VA where he discussed his thoughts on Jesse Taylor and most notably was especially critical about Affliction. He rips into Affliction like you wouldn’t believe. It’s well worth a listen.

  • Brian says:

    Seriously, though… this guy wants to be Dana White’s best friend.

  • Neil says:

    T-shirt guy, huh? I love Dana for his tenacity, but sometimes he’s too full of himself. Affliction has one of the most star-studded events in a looooong time, and I think that they should at least get props for nailing the talent down. Granted, they probably won’t make much (if any) money, but Dana ripping on them that bad is a little silly….

    And really, who wouldn’t want to be Dana’s best friend? Hang out with some of the best fighters in the world, and (very likely) free (just about everything) wherever you go in Vegas.

  • Vic says:

    Dana always has something interesting to say, but that radio dj kisses Dana’s ass so much, it’s nauseating.

  • woooburn says:

    #1 – no kidding! talk about hard hitting journalism.

  • neorules says:

    That dude has such a man crush on D.W ..
    What a homo .. Down With D.W.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Dana talked some smack about “t-shirt guy”, but he didn’t really rip the Affliction show. What he did was point out the absurdity (from his perspective) of other organizations’ claims that they would or could compete with UFC. He actually said that there were fights going on all over the place all the time and that was good for the sport. It’s the nonsense about taking on UFC that he criticized.

    I think he’s interesting and entertaining. When was the last time that you heard an owner of sport franchise or somebody high up in a league talk as plainly as he does? Do we really want and need another namby-pamby dweeb in a suit spouting cliches in MMA? Not in my opinion. UFC and MMA need to maintain a little edginess.

  • Eugene says:

    to #4:

    He reminds me alot of Ozzie Guillen of the Chicago White Sox.

  • THORAZINE says:

    Dana is very entertaining, what’s this about bashing us internet guys being whimps and not using their real names?… Well, for 1 I’m an ex-wrestler and not as big as White, but I’m pretty damn sure I could put his face through the floor of a cage. Secondly, are we suppose to use our full names so wack jobs can find out where we live and show up with an automatic?… C’mon Dana… what’s with the girly first name anyway? Luv ya’ bro.

  • Daniel Brandon says:

    Yes that’s my real name, even though this is on the internet.

    I listened to all of that interview just to prove to myself I could take it. Man, what a pair of pricks, that was just so unpleasant to listen to. The interviewer sounds like a sanctimonious UFC PR agent and Dana is so arrogant and self satisfied it makes me sick.

    To Neil (comment #2), all the best clubs and all the free passes in the world wouldn’t make me want to spend 5 minutes in Dana White’s company.

  • Andy says:

    Dude totally laughed at every joke Dana said, what a brown-nose.

  • Ryan says:

    Dana is a fag and I have been saying at a long
    He is full of shit

  • Ryan says:

    Hey Dana have your best fighters wast more time on a tv show and not have them fight for 9 months
    This dude pisses me off!!!!!!

  • Davis_conway says:

    The whole “Internet Pussies” only applies to those internet pussies who complain. If you fit in that category he’s talking about you. So to #8 if you don’t fit the description he’s not talking about you.

    I found the interview funny ass hell.

  • Jez says:

    Fuck that Guy I wear GSP’s shirt.

  • HexRei says:

    @#11 That’s just good interviewing technique. This isn’t a criminal investigation and being accomodating helps you get a better interview. Plus, Dana is a funny guy. And perhaps the interviewer didn’t share your opinions.

  • Kelvin says:

    Dana is the man.

  • ultmma says:

    has that dj taken Dana’s ( fill in the blank) out of his mouth yet.

    To be honest what do you expect from some morning show hard rock DJ, who knows nothing but the 5 minutes of notes the UFC PR team set over to him

    That being said I was expecting worse from DW. Nothing really offended me or shocked me.

    Note to DW your not a fighter your a promoter. when will this false tough guy act start to wear thin with people?

  • Ryan says:

    I could care less about the interview it is the fact that he fucks us as fans by not putting together the best matchups that he can he has his guys and builds them up and thats it the weight classes they have on lock are LHW and welter weight!! he better watch out because is what is bad for the sport and in time it will show!!
    and all you dana dick riders watch some other fights besides the UFC be a real MMA fan and watch all the fights!!!

  • joetheacupuncturist says:

    well said ryan. listen, i love the ufc, they carried the torch for mma when it was on life support and they do deliver the best product( inspite of themselves and theyre questionable booking of late) but man does DW and that morning show guy come off like a bunch of d-bags. i dont know why he constantly tries to turn the hardcore fan base against him. its like a your with me or against me thing. makes me want to get the t-shirt guys show now, even though i wasnt on planning on dropping more cash this month.

  • Jeff Allen says:

    like most of you, i couldn’t believe how asskissy that dj was over Dana. As for the rest of it, White’s stupid trashing of Affliction/Atencio and the internet mma community was on par with his usual line of bullshit. He tries to make what he and the Fertittas have done with promoting mma come off as a consecrated science that no one could possibly replicate or improve upon. Folks, there are lot of fighters out there with great skill and most of them are not in the UFC. And there are better business models for MMA yet to emerge, in all likelihood. Dana White’s voice is the voice of fear: fear of losing market share.

  • darkmetal says:

    Thorazine, you have to admit you are the exception and not the rule within the MMA blogging population. White is right about some of these guys who rip on everything and everyone, while touting Kimbo as being a God.

    I think this is who White is talking about, not people such as yourself. I doubt he would ridicule the average blogger who puts forth a good argument on his/her positon, although he might completely disagree with them. And, of course, White is going to rip just about anyone who goes against the UFC, that’s his job.

    On his assertions of Affliction, White has one thing right, these guys are going to lose a LOT of money before they start making some, IF they start making some.

    For the amount they are paying their fighters they cannot last forever if the PPV and attendence numbers don’t follow. And only time will show if they actually do.

  • Ryan says:

    Rent the AFFLICTION and you will see what you are really supposted to get when you buy fights also there will be two fights for FREE on FSN before the PPV begins
    just give the other shows a shot!
    All people know if UFC but STRIKEFORCE ELITE EX DREAM all but on solid ass shows for free if you have HDNET the new big dog

  • Ryan says:

    ALSO SHOWTIME to get that ELITE XC

  • Matt C. says:

    if this DJ came to philly they would burn his station to the ground.

  • Matt says:

    “You’re my favorite guest.” “I fully agree.” “You’re so right.” why didn’t this guy throw in “I’d suck your dick if you were here in person.”?

    I like how Dana just dissed the shirts & the fact that they make them because he knows he can’t trashtalk the quality of the card. It owns anything he’s thrown together lately sides for UFC 79, 81, 82, & 87 all of which it beats significantly, but where “own” is too strong of a word.

    I do agree that Affliction won’t be around for a huge amount of time though. Maybe for several more shows, then I can see UFC picking up some of their fighters & letting the other ones wander.

  • MMA Man Up says:

    This guy is a joke.

  • mo says:

    funny interview. I’m not trying to be a marketing machine, but i love hearing radio like this because it makes me more and more thankful i have satelite radio. Dana plays the game well though, and he is always a good interview

  • Evan says:

    Get man at Dana all you want but the fact is “T-Shirt” guys have done an awful job at marketing to the non hard core fan and almost every hard care fan knows how to see the fight for free.


  • mo says:

    ahh, c’mon #24, you don’t see Mr. Sludge taking over for Kid Chris in the morning? it would absolutely be one of the funniest things to bring this guy in to Philly and see how he handles it. It would bring me back to the days of the Zoo Keeper and his kazoo he would blow every couple of minutes. Those zany guys!

  • Kogepan says:

    Dana White is a insecure little b*tch.

    ‘Forcing’ Anderson Silva to fight a Single LHW match because some ‘t=shirt’ guys are holding a fight card?? Yeh, he’s not worried at all.

  • tricky dicky says:

    wow a ball tickling 2 dollar DJ.. White seems to have forgotten he used to park cars.

  • mike wolfe says:

    White claimed that Affliction would lose money–4 mill–on the upcoming fight. If he’s right and Affliction does lose money, will all the critics step up and give him credit? Probably not. They’ll disappear from the blog, proving his point about some of the people on the internet.

  • … I post in my real name….
    … I am a “T-Shirt Guy”…
    What Dana is pointing out in the interview…. T-Shirt Guys Make A Lot Of Money….
    This doesnt mean I am going to put on a MMA show but I dont think it would be hard.

    What really bothers me is that I paid to see UFC 84 and now its going to be on for free. I dont think I am going to buy any more UFC PPVs
    I will just watch them on SPIKE a few weeks later or on the internet…

    I also agree HDNET RULES!!! We have it at our shop and watch everyday!

  • S. Day says:

    Wow, Dana White is full of shit! I love the UFC and I don’t think they are going anywhere but Affliction is definitely on its way up. Even IF they lose 4 mill (which is a BIG if) Donald Trump is a new contributor to Affliction. That’s chump change to him. Not to mention half the guys in the UFC are sponsored by Affliction. Turn your back on Affliction then turn your back on a paycheck. This guy doesn’t just sell T-shirts he sells T-shirts to the UFCs top fighters and gives them a pocket full of money to wear it. Whether anyone admits it or not this is the best line-up we’ve seen in MMA in years and Dana White can’t compete with this line-up no matter how many nobody’s he gets to fight on Spike.

  • Matt says:

    Frankly, I don’t think most people have issues with what Dana claims. He’s going to be right with the 4-million estimate, him banning Affliction is entirely reasonable, as well as him commenting on the fact that his competition is, in effect, someone who was only able to become an organization due to marketing off the UFC. The Lesnar/Kimbo discussion was also entirely justifiable. Most people just rag on him because of his blatant arrogance, and crude language.

  • tim says:

    what is ever one bitching about the more he talks about affliction the better the buys. he’s all the advertisement they need. and to ever one whining about the dj hes doing his job. if hes nice, dana comes back on the show i could care less if he knows anything about mma. most in the radio biz dont.

  • Finally listened to this. Yeah, this is my name too, how about you suck my balls? I’ll call you and say it if you want. I have no problem out debating you, I’m real quick.

    I have no problem with UFC business practices like banning Affliction or competing with EXC. That’s their absolute right. But for a ladies aerobics instructor to say “these guy make f****** t-shirts” is just stupid. You have no right to have the job you have either, you have rich friends. Kiss my ass. How dare you look down on people that made a business empire when you couldn’t even do that and took advantage of your rich friends’ money.

  • Jeff Allen says:

    Mr. Huckaby, nice. kudos for the vitreole. i can dig.

  • Ryan says:

    HUCKABY u are right
    Dana white thinks hes tight but he is just a dick rider himself he blew the fertteties to get his job!!

  • mike wolfe says:

    #38 Ryan

    And your real, full name is what?

  • Matt says:

    Dana White is a douche. He should be kicking himself that he didn’t put together Fedor v. Randy when people really were clamoring for it a year ago. Why couldn’t they give the dude a home field advantage card in Moscow or St. Petersburg? He gave Bisping fights in Manchester.
    This guy interviewing him sounds like he wants to blow him. Fucking pathetic. “Do you want to party with me, Dana?” when he goes to Vegas. Are you fucking kidding me? Loser.
    This interview was great comic relief. Makes Bubba the Love Sponge seem like Walter Cronkite.

  • paddiosf says:

    Hilarious interview, I have to say the Affliction style is getting so played out, I see
    imitation in Target and Walmart..and I like Dana White but he’s wrong in derespecting everyone..

  • OCD says:

    Dana will alienate more people with this kind of interview than bring in as fans.

    If he were smart, he would have initially supported Affliction’s attempt. Why? When Sylvia beats Fedor (and he might), he could have said Sylvia was number 3 in the UFC, and it is pretty clear, Affliction is a second rate organization by the quality of fighters they have. All he is doing is giving Affliction press.

    I do agree with one thing. I am in Vegas once a month, and if I see another Affliction or the like t-shirt, I am going to throw up. Worse yet, are the TAPOUT….

  • Ryan says:

    MIKE why you want my name??
    you gunna look me up????

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Nope. I was riffing off White’s remarks in the interview about the people who say a lot of trashy stuff on the internet because of the anonymity.

  • Ryan says:

    oh i see i would say that shit to his face or the fertettie brothers or who ever.
    its bullshit the games they play and once the casual fan figures them out for what they are then the truth will be known.
    Like the bullshit cards with one or two good match ups ect ect and i could go on and on.
    pluse they need to push the action i understand the groumd game but if you look at how the refs in Japan act then you will see what a MMA ref is to do.
    also a ring pushes the action, the corners force the fighters to fight
    let me know what u think and i like the cage to keep fighters in so make a square cage!!!!

  • ctownhood says:

    Know why Dana gets on your nerves so much? Because 90% of what he says is true. It’s one thing to put on a regional promotion, it’s another to challenge the UFC. Yes, Affliction…..errrrrrrr…..”T Shirt Guy” has a nice roster for their 1st show. But what next? Is it going to be like WWE with the same guys fighting every show? I agree, those hosts were a lil overboard on the man crush…..but they were so right about the douchebags who wear those $80 crappy t shirts!! They have replaced Abercrombie & Fitch!!!!!!

  • maddog says:

    I agree with dana,  he may sound like nick diaz when he talks but unless affliction can preform magic they will lose major $ on there first show.  you need more than big names and a hatred for the ufc to be successful. if hating the ufc meant success some of you wouldn’t live in your parents basements.

  • Interview was interesting. Dana White’s vulgarity is always entretaining. But the radio Dj sucks

  • Snapper Cridge says:

    Yes..pussies that’s my real name.

    Dana White is arrogant…and I’m sure he will admit that. What I find hilarious is that there are some that associate his arrogance with the UFC being weak? The UFC is the largest and most profitable MMA franchise in the world…period!

    You can trash talk Dana White all you want, but he’s a millionaire because he’s help build a brand that everyone said would fall apart. Now there are other franchises piggy backing it to try and come up in world. Not putting down any of the smaller brands, but folks, there would be no Affliction, Elite XC, KOTC, IFL, K-1,WEC, RFC, etc, etc…no validity to MMA if it hadn’t been for the UFC and Dana White is at the helm for a reason!

    Grow up and wake up!

  • Bart B says:


    This is just classic Dana. He runs his mouth, bashes some guys, makes a millions and comes off like a douche bag. It’s not new. He’s done some good things for the sport I love but I don’t like him. So what?

    As for Affliction keeping momentum and matching up with UFC, that’s a tough road to walk. I personally think we need another hi-grade MMA brand. If Dana thinks that it’s in his best interest to keep all other MMA venues small and just cherry-pick their good fighters, he’s wrong. First of all, it’s bad for the sport as a whole, and second – and every real fighter knows this – that good competition makes improves competitors.

    I heard Dana do a different radio interview in LA where he talked about how boxing as a franchise is getting weak from their greed. As a kid he noted that there were never any good free boxing matches, the promoters were getting greedy, ect. But in a way, doesn’t that reflect on whats going on here? Affliction puts up a HUGE fight card, and UFC puts up a pretty decent free TV fight card as a counter punch. If Affliction didn’t challenge the UFC would Zuffa and friends ever evolve their game?
    There are only so many people who are going to get into MMA – albeit many of haven’t been turned on to it yet. Riding one promotion forever seems a journey of a one trick pony to a stagnant plateau.

  • CHad Holt says:

    Difference between UFC & all other brands. UFC keeps it fresh with young up and coming fighters, mixed in with STILL great veteran fighters. Most of the other brands have has beens, or never beens. With the exception of Fedor, who is the best, there is no comparison between the UFC and any other promotion.

  • KING DAVID says:

    Affliction/K-1 Was AWESOME!!! A GREAT production! Im one who LOVES the UFC and ALMOST watched thatploy of a FREE show untill i found out FEDOR was fighting. I caught a bulletin on Myspace about it and was like OMFG!!! I immediately checked PPV and saw it for 39.99 (unlike UFC’s 49.99) I actualy thought it was a UFC event till i saw the ring. I was like ropes? uhh..but Big John Mcarthy and Tim Sylvia …then the commentators cleared it up with a small story on Afflicitons falling out with the UFC and that cleared it up. You can tell they spent a pretty penny on it. Megadeth was fucking awesome!! The first two fight were mediocre at best. Not a lot of heart in their fight. The rest were action packed! Although since iv’e been a UFC only kinda guy for so long…it took a bit to get used to the seemingly problematic ring. They got more room to dance arround in and run away, fall through ropes etc. But all that dimminished after the first two fights and i was all about the action! The really only BAD flaw about the whole thing was the commentators voices either werent unique enough or lack the expertise Rogan and Goldberg have. They sounded monotonous at times and talked over eachother at times as well. Same with the “let’s git ready to rumble dude” for an event were two bad asses are about to throw down…he needs to be more aggresive than romantic about his card speaches. I dont know if White is getting “McMahon-Like” in his business with his hired fighters or not but…he dont got Fedor…who could most likely beat any man he’s currently got in any division on his roster.

    Dana needs to cut Coture loose ASAP for the sake of the MMA fans who are DYING to see that fight. If he’s stingy and pig headed..then he’s currently looking for ways to keep his fighters tied into his company. If thats the case…fighters take heed! YOUR ALL HTE ONES WITH THE POWER. You now have another option and its called AFFLICTION/K-1. Name your price and way the balances

  • Johnny Anaya says:

    Man talk bout ass kissing… this duetch bag wants Dana’s approval.. Fedor is the best he freaking took out the ex UFC’s Champ. like nothing. wonder what Dana thinks aout that.


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