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Anderson Silva One and Done at 205lbs

Anderson Silva recently sat down and talked with Tatame about a variety of issues. Some of the results of which are translated from Fightline.

I don’t have intention to fight on this category and I’m only doing this because they (UFC) asked me and I think I can do it. I don’t intend to fight for this belt, this belt belongs to Lyoto (Machida) and he already proved that. I’m going to fight because I like to fight and because I like challenges.

Silva apparently took the bout due to the UFC‘s desperation to throw together an event to fight Affliction‘s July 19th show, “Banned.” Silva went on to call this bout a personal favor to Dana White. Moving on to future challenges at 185, Silva would not confirm a future bout with Yushin Okami but he believes it’s very possible. He went on to state that he doesn’t believe the UFC and Affliction are competing:

I don’t believe it to be an event dispute, I think that it is a way to show that the sport is growing.. The UFC doesn’t dispute with other events. The UFC is the biggest event in the world and there is no dispute. Unfortunately the other events are on the same date.

What a coincidence.

  • bazza76 says:

    Had actually wondered about Anderson Silva V Machida, and what would happen should they get in each others way. I guess that is the answer right there.

  • Sven says:

    BTW, wouldn’t Machida be able to fight at MW? It surely looks like that to me, were he to cut weight. Since he already now often clears the 205 limit by several pounds it seems to me like he isn’t cutting to get there. Perhaps he could be talked into going down after his first loss. (I mean, the guy will loose one of these days. Everyone else in the UFC does.)

    Machida-Silva would be a great fight, but these Brasilians aren’t too keen on fighting eachother.

  • matt says:

    Is it a matter of Brazilian pride they won’t fight or are they Black House teammates? I know that Anderson said once that Machida doesn’t really train with them all that much. If it is Blackhouse they probably have an understanding of who fights for what division and holds that belt.

  • platypus says:

    brazilians are like brothers…who dont fight

  • Ryan says:

    If Silva is only fighting once at 205 then what can this be besides the UFC taking a shot at AFFLICTION?
    See I have been watching MMA for a long time and I am sick of the UFC putting on these dog and pony shows! They need to start making there top ranked fighters fight each other ( for example coming up Franklin and Henderson are on the same card, why are they not fighting each other?)
    They need to have the top level fighters fight every three months if they do not have any injures!
    There champs fight once a year!
    Also the UFC is affraid to have dudes lose!!
    This is MMA and if you lose to top level guys then it is not a bad thing ( look at WADI he lost to crop cop, hendo, and liddell) don’t get me wrong you never want to lose but shit happens.
    Last, I am sick of paying $55 for the fights and there being one good match up on the card( look at this last card Jackson v. Griffin, that fight was great but everything else was not up to par!!!)
    Look at HDNET I can watch DREAM for free and its on for FIVE hours with 13 fights!! now i know that they don’t have all top level fighters but they have a lot and it is exciting!!!!

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  • Mikey Gilz says:

    #4 Unless you’re Wanderlei, who pretty much said he will fight his mother if she was in his way to the belt.

  • Vee says:

    ^Michael, according to Google translation,
    “I have this desire to tackle this category and to doing this because they asked and I think I can. I have no desire to dispute this belt, this belt is the Lyoto and he has already proven that. I will make the fight because like the fight, like the challenges.”

    I believe I remember hearing Silva on several occasions say that he doesn’t mind fighting at 205, he walks around over 205 and regularly trains with bigger guys like Nogueira and used train with Wanderlei. Apparently he doesn’t have a desire for the LHW belt.

    I love his win or lose attitude. Victory and defeat goes hand in hand. Too bad many MMA pundit and fans alike don’t understand or see it that way. And most of the rankings, especially the LHW rankings is useless.

    Same article translated by Google:

  • ultmma says:

    #5 actually it was Justin Eliers who said “he will fight his mother if she was in his way to the belt.”

    than he proceeded to get KTFO

  • Derek B says:

    Brazillians don’t liek to fight each other….exception goes to werdum he will fight anyone.

  • CaptainAmerica1967 says:

    Machida was suppose to fight Brandon Vera, but Vera chickened out. It would have been boring watching Machida run away like he does anyways. BJ Penn rocked Machida several times during their fight in Pride and if Machida didn’t run so much BJ would have KO’ed him!

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    CaptainAmerica1967, there are so many things wrong with your post, I don’t even know where I would start…

  • Toxic says:

    People aren’t avoiding him because he runs away; they are avoiding him because they know he will shut them down and exploit every mistake they make. Ortiz looked like a total chump for most of the fight (his awesome last minute sub attempt redeemed him), Lyoto trashed Sudowtfever. I think part of the problem is that they aren’t putting him up against fighters who can really challenge him. In the UFC he’s fought a bunch of B grade talent, Sudoj in his first UFC fight, and an slightly over the hill Ortiz for his final fuck you from Dana White. Not exactly the guys to bring for a good fight against a guy of Machida’s caliber.

    They are locked in a cage; there is no running away. And if the opponent can’t even land blows on the Machida, that’s their problem.

  • platypus says:

    uhm….machida and penn did not fight in pride. uhh….penn did not rock machida. uhh…captain america, did you even watch the fight?….

  • double A-ron says:

    @ # 5, I agree with you 100% about the ufc cards and top fighters fighting each other. Its as if they have the ppv’s to set up the next ppv’s. These shitty matchup fights should be done on spike and every fight on the ppv should be for a belt or atleast #1 vs #2 contender. ufc to me is starting to get short on talent. yeah they got a lot of fighters, but the talent pool is limited. I would much rather watch these smaller fights on Hdnet. It is something new and different and u never know what you are gonna get to see. Ufc on the other hand u know how it is gonna start with the same music to the same rediculous commentating and emptying out your pocket. Maybe they will step it up a bit when these other organizations start stepping it up

  • Goomba says:

    Machida probably wouldn’t have too much of a problem going to Middleweight, but that is where Anderson Silva is. Lyota, Silvia, and the Noguieras all train together a lot.

    As for not pushing him enough, its not because they don’t try. Sokoudjou was brought in to try and push the pace with Machida, knowing he would always push the action going for a knockout like he did against Lil Nog and Arona.

    They expected Ortiz to shoot in and keep Machida on his toes, but instead he just jumped back to avoid the takedown, rather then kneeing Ortiz and sprawling.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    I would LOVE to see Machida fight an aggresive striker with a decent ground game. The most aggresive striker he’s taken on is Sokoudjou, whose ground game was almost non-existant.

    Pit Machida against a Wandy or a Rampage or a Shogun… someone who will push the fight and get inside but won’t be completely lost on their back when Machida goes for the takedown and I almost guarantee you “The Dragon” won’t come out undefeated.

  • sobral311 says:

    now we know dana really nervous now,desperate guy fuck off dana.

  • bubbafat says:

    He’s doing this as a personal favour to DW? I hope he got it in writing ’cause what goes around don’t always come back around. And BTW you really think Vera chickened out or did he wisely decline to fight one of the top fighters in the world at 205 on 4 weeks notice. I call that respect.

  • tricky dicky says:

    sobral311 – sure looks that way..

    he pumps up silva at 205, talks about letting him hold both belts and it seems silva himself has no intention of going for it.

    Dana is full of horse shit.

  • JohnS says:

    # 13 since u dotthink it is possible to run in the cage do u think that Starnes was running in his last fight?

  • sven says:

    Good all this weight class jumping is starting to make my head hurt.

    And wow a seconds sven. I was confused at first because I didnt remember making post #2.


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