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Torres: Faber fight will happen at some point

Miguel Torres and Urijah Faber put on very impressive performances at the last WEC event. That leads to the inevitable question of if the two champions will eventually face each other.

I know me and Faber are going to fight in the future,” said Torres, “It’s going to have to happen. The people would love to see it. I would love to do it. I know that he would too.”

Torres was also quick to say the fight is not going to happen just yet. He wants the fight to become as big as it possibly could first.

It’s just a matter of the motivation of the paycheck. The WEC has the two best fighters at 135 and 145. They’re not going to want to put a superfight together for a while. They’re going to let me dominate my weight class and let (Faber) do his thing,” Torres said.

Holding off on the dream match for a little while is both a good and bad idea. If both fighters are successful, the fight just gets that much bigger. However, as we’ve seen all too much (see: Mirko Cro Cop vs. Gabriel Gonzaga) , if either fighter loses, the match-up could quickly fall apart.

  • DPK says:

    It would make sense right now, both are coming off high profile wins. The only bigger fight for either man is with Kid, and that probably isn’t going to happen right away. I would hate to see a fluke upset or injury derail this great fight.

  • rob says:

    Totally agree with #1 – – although I’d like to see Torres fight once at 45 to see how he can carry the weight. I’d like to see the WEC come to the East Coast with that main event (even though it probably won’t happen)

  • nickd says:

    That would be a hell of a fight. Agree with Rob I would like to see Torres get a fight at 145 first to get used to it but I would say that’s unlikely. 10lbs is a big difference when you’re that small.

  • woooburn says:

    yeah, torres could fight pulver first. jens had mentioned wanting to fight nogueira next, but he’s apparently been suspended for a year.

    as for faber… they’re kinda running out of guys to fight him. i doubt it’d happen, but i wouldn’t mind him fighting a one off in the ufc (on one of the weaker cards) to avenge his loss to tyson. could test the waters to see what kind of draw he’d be.

    crazy how much weight class hopping has been tossed around lately.

  • Darrin says:

    I wonder what weight this’d be. Would it be 135, 145, or a catch(140)? I think 140 would be the best idea, but I doubt it’d happen that way.

  • fightfan says:

    Torres is one of the best fighters I have seen in a LONG….time!!!! I say he defends that 135 belt for at least 1, probably 2 years. I dont see anyone beating him, anywhere, especially no one the WEC has on their roster.

    As for Faber, I wouldn’t take that fight for a long time because I dont see Faber winning. I would like to see Torres show he is a bad ass and fight up 2 or 3 weight classess. That would be sick watching a BW beat up on a WW or even MW

  • Wildgoat says:

    I would love to see Torres fight Pulver at 145 first, that would really tell us a lot about his ability at that weight. I also want to mention that Leonard Garcia is a free man. Hopefully, the WEC will bring him back. It appears that he has been cleared of any wrong doing. If the fight he had with Huerta is an indicator, he would give Faber all he could handle, I don’t know if he could beat Faber, but it would be just as intense as Faber vs. Pulver or Garcia vs. Huerta

  • Wildgoat says:

    #5Woodburn, there is know way that Faber is going to fight Griffen again. The first time they fought was at 135. He was given his rematch at 145lbs and didn’t take it. If you saw the past fight griffen vs aurelio you could understand why. Griffen is now a solid 155 he looked bigger and stronger than ever in that fight. Faber doesn’t cut to get to 145, he is naturally 140. Faber’s chance to avenge that lone loss has come and gone.

  • Ross says:

    Damn-that would be a great fight, my money is on Torres, even though he got rid of his pimp stache’.

  • Rich S. says:

    if this happens..

    this could essentially be the greatest fight in MMA history.. period..

    i’m much more excited about this one than GSP/Penn or GSP/A. Silva..


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