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St. Pierre vs. Penn getting close

The potential dream match-up between B.J. Penn and Georges St. Pierre has a definite chance to become a reality. According to UFC President Dana White only one (big) hurdle remains.

If St. Pierre buzzsaws through (Jon) Fitch then yes, we’ll do Penn vs. GSP,” said White.

White also confirmed that he and Penn discussed the match-up on Saturday and ran through many of the details.

I talked with B.J. – we met for most of the day,” said White.

B.J. Penn vs. Georges St. Pierre has the potential to be a fantastic match-up. A properly motivated Penn against a peaking St. Pierre? Wow, this could be one of the best and most skilled fights on the planet.

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  • sven says:

    I’m all for this fight if BJ drops the LW belt. But him having two belts would be horrible for the UFC. Both of these divisions are just too deep to have a guy only defend its belts once or twice a year.

  • Funky k says:

    I dont think bj should get to fight gsp for the belt, thats a little unfair to all the other welterweights who worked for that shot. plus gsp will beat him again, probably a lot worse then last time if he doesnt get poked in the eye again.

  • DPK says:

    #1 – I agree with you, if BJ wins the WW belt, he need to vacate one of his belts, but it could be either belt. For the record I think GSP will beat BJ, but it will be a great fight.

    Assuming GSP takes care of Fitch (and I think he will), I see this fight happening either in November against the Affliction card, or on the New Years Eve show. The great thing is, If they do it against Affliction it might be free… probably not, but I can hope can’t I.

  • steve24 says:

    What about Thiago Alves? He’s in line for a shot too! I’m not a huge fan of fighters jumping weight classes because they think they have cleared out the division. Penn still has a good matchup with the winner of Huerta/Florian and GSP still has a good matchup with Sanchez/Alves. A Penn/GSP fight would be nice but then you would have to give the top contenders in each weightclass a fight to keep them busy and then all of a sudden that top contender loses to a non-top contender. It screws up everything!!

  • DPK says:

    What about Thiago Alves? That is easy, if he makes 170 and beats Diego Sanchez in October he’ll get the next shot at the belt, and I don’t think there is any doubt about that. If he misses 170 again, then I think he will be forced to move up to 185, and right to the end of the line at that weight class.

  • Gus says:

    Just looked on and saw that the release date for ufc 2009 Undisputed is shown as MAY!! 22 for preorder! I know this is off the subject and most may already know, but some care. That sucks. They say sometime in spring and then pick close to the last day of spring.

  • Winrar says:

    BJ doesn’t deserve a shot at GSP. He hasn’t won a fight at WW in a long time, he should have to pay his dues just like anyone else.

  • joho says:

    This will be a great fight if BJ keeps focused but it will be a non-title bout there is no way the ufc would mis out on only have 1 champ for both divisions fighting max 3-4 x a year

  • Nick says:

    I am a big fan of both GSP and BJ Penn and I for one want to see this fight. But a little part of me kinda hopes that Fitch takes Georges head off and screws it all up, just because they are disrespecting him so much by assuming that he loses this fight. It would be pretty funny

  • Gabber says:

    I think this could be a great fight, but I would really rather see it at as a catch-weight fight. I don’t think BJ will be nearly as dominant as a 170, I think his conditioning is fantastic as a 155. That way it has no effect on any of the belts. Give it off as a super fight and roll on. 😛

    I still think the new GSP takes this.

  • Nelson says:

    While a rematch between B.J. and GSP would be awesome, why is the White so willing to let him move up so soon? B.J. established himself as the undisputed king of the 155 lb weight class with his win over Sherk, but one defense does not clear a division. He hasn’t had the dominance over the lightweight division the way Anderson Silva dominated the middleweight division. And the LW division is much more stacked than the MW division, so why let him jump up so soon?
    Even if Penn is wiling to take on more fights a year to defend both belts, why not wait until he takes on the Huerta/Florian winner first?

  • cyph says:

    Look at all the GSP fan not wanting this fight. In their hearts, they know Penn will take the second fight. Penn will keep the fight standing and that means it’s lights out for GSP.

    GSP VS Fitch will be a boring 5 rounder. Bet on it. Unless GSP keeps it standing, which seems unlikely nowadays.

  • paddiosf says:

    I think it’s a slap in the face for the other WW like Alves/Sanchez..What happen to them in the belt chase..I like the previous comment that BJ should take on Huerta/Florian winner first..

  • Dave says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that Dana White is giving BJ Penn this fight because BJ wants the fight and it will be a gigantic payday for the UFC. I’m sure dana iron’d out the details (will he keep two belts, what happens if he loses) when he met with BJ.

    I think BJ will take this rematch if he comes in just a little bit more in shape, and if he comes really in shape he will kill GSP. GSP will not want to stand and trade with him and if BJ has the cardio to keep him at bay with the wrestling, it will be a long night for GSP…I would predict stoppage in the 3rd round.

    I don’t care what anyone says, GSP is mentally weaker than BJ Penn. And penn will be REALLY motivated for this fight.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Let ’em fight, and let ’em fight for the titles, too, if they want to. If Penn won the ww belt, it would be his obligation to defend both under the same timeframe as if he only held one title. If he wants to step up and prove he can hold both belts, that’s part of the deal. I bet he’d agree to that. Let him establish his legacy if that’s what he wants to do. Fighting careers don’t last too long, and I’m curious to see how far he can go.

  • Zach says:

    Penn should have got the W the first time, and this time he will stop GSP. Id love to see Penn beat GSP, but id rather see him continue to destroy people at 155, let penn beat florian/heurta then a few others first.

  • drdsanders says:

    Would I love to see BJ/GSP..yep
    Has either one cleared out their divisions..nope
    I’m against fighters getting premature title shots (Couture/Sylvia, Serra/Hughes, Florian/Sherk) and against puting titles on hold for marketing purposes (usually done to promote TUF) Penn vs GSP for the WW title could arguably fall into both categories but…I would still love to see this fight more than any other matchup which includes either GSP or Penn.

  • Hardcharger says:

    LOL at BJ keeping it standing. GSP got 4 of his 5 TD attempts in the first fight, and his wrestling is even better now. And even after BJ poked GSP in the eye, blinding him for Rd 1, he never hurt GSP with any strikes. The punch that broke GSP’s nose was a clipping shot, and GSP was never hurt by Penn’s strikes.

    GSP is much better now than he was in their first fight, which was 2+ years ago. Penn has gotten in better shape since then, but only at 155. GSP wins this rematch easier than the first time.

  • JOe K. says:

    Is it fair to let BJ get two belts if he wins and GSP to maintain keeping one belt? Penn has a lot more to gain than GSP.

    I think GSP will most likely beat Fitch but when everyone is prophesying they are assuming for sure that GSP will win. I think if BJ fights the winner of Florian/Huerta and GSP beats the winner Alves/Sanchez.

    The only real bad thing about this fight beyond the championship “fairness” is that: All the Penn fan boys will be talking about how Penn will destroy GSP for the next 4 months.

  • BlueJay says:

    Fitch is gonna work GSP! Baby James is overrated! Florian will be the next LW champ… Believe that

  • jj says:

    With the huge pool to draw from for lightweight talent outside the UFC, it’s a shame and an insult to those fighters in the lightweight division that are going to get screwed over on their title shots. BJ hasn’t even defended the title yet!

    Instead of putting the whole lightweight division on the back-burner why isn’t the UFC out there getting some more credible lightweights? Oh right, even if they found someone good they’d have to have to push them through their stupid reality television show to actually make them known enough to sell the fight. Is the UFC ever going to get off their ass and make a real program for marketing their stars? Sure, it’s a fantastic opportunity for the up and comers, but look what it does to the fighters turned coaches…

  • revjames13 says:

    This is the greatest fight in MMA history (or at least has serious potential to be.) It has to happen and it has to happen now when they are both in their prime. Otherwise, it will always be up for debate who was better when they were at their best. Well, they are right now and they need to fight each other.

    Forget the belts, forget the other guys who “deserve” a shot, this is an epic, superfight for perhaps the #1 P4P title. Fitch is the only clear #1 contender and he is getting his shot right now. Alves didn’t make weight in his last fight so he can wait. There are no real challenges for BJ at LW since he KO’d Sherk. There are about 10 guys all at the same level down there (not counting Sherk) and that level is nowhere near BJ’s. Sure it’s fun to watch him dominate, but it’s time for him to take care of business and go after the guy who presents his biggest challenge.

    And that would be Mr. St. Pierre, who I’d have to say is the most well rounded fighter in the game bar none. That doesn’t mean he’s the best, there’s always the X factor of willpower, but GSP has the best functional wrestling in the game, great kicks and overall striking, ever improving jits, with excellent takedown defense and sub defense. He’s just the definition of an athlete.

    BJ, on the other hand, is a fighter. He’s got the best jits in the game. Incredible takedown defense and great stand up. As far as striking goes, BJ’s got better fists and knees, but GSP has better kicks. Now that BJ’s cardio has vastly improved it’s no longer his achilles heel. GSP has the advantage there to be sure, but it’s nowhere near the factor it was in their last fight.

    As far as a battle of the wills go, I think it’s pretty even. I don’t for a minute buy into the notion that GSP is mentally weak. The Serra fight was the best thing that could have happened to him. GSP will come ready to fight and BJ is going to need his A+ game to beat him.

    But BJ is a very special fighter, the kind that comes once in a blue moon. As awesome an athlete GSP is, BJ, I think, is actually the more talented fighter. It’s the X factor. GSP is the favorite in the fight. He has to be because of the last go around. Even though it was razor close, there’s always the chance that GSP can put his wrestling game in full effect and hold Penn down the whole fight.

    But this would be five rounds and not three. Remember the last fight ended with Penn working a sub at the bell? Also, Penn can win by KO, but I don’t really see GSP knocking him out. Jesus, Penn went to a close decision against Machida, the guy nobody wants to fight at LHW. No one has ever come close to KO’ing BJ and I don’t think GSP will either. So BJ has the edge there.

    The thing BJ has going against him is that, unless he softens GSP up with strikes, he won’t be able to take him down, whereas GSP can take him down, not necessarily at will, but once BJ gets tired, almost whenever he wants to.

    So, it’s BJ who needs to press the pace and not let GSP keep a long range stand up going in the opening frame. I could see GSP firing off leg kicks and circling away a lot, waiting to get deeper into the fight before he goes for the takedown. He won’t be like Sherk and go for it right away and then give up on it. It’s up to BJ to move forward and catch GSP with some big strikes. The only way to beat GSP is to take him out of his game with strikes first. Then BJ can work a submission. If GSP is allowed to fight his fight he will be extremely hard to submit, even for BJ, the best in the game.

    BJ has to make this a war, not an athletic contest. GSP wins the athletic contest every time. But in a do or die fight, you have to give it to Penn.

    BJ Penn by third round sub.

    This is the greatest fight possible for fans of MMA. Everyone should be rejoicing that this is going to happen. Dana White was a fan of MMA first, before he became a mogul. He wants to see the fight, like any other fan of the sport in their right mind would. If BJ wins, he vacates the LW belt. There, that solves all the problems. Now let’s get it on!

  • romano says:




  • sven says:

    I love it when people on the internet talk trash about other people for being on the internet as if they are any diffrent.

  • The Prodi-G$ says:

    I just wanted to say this post by 22 revjames13 was really good and smart. Fans always take for granted certain matchups can happen later. But what if BJ and/or GSP suffered some upset by holding it off?? Then it takes away from the potential super fight b/t 2 guys right now heavily regarded as 2 of the top 3 pound for pound fighers in the world. Why risk that? Just do it while we got the chance. Afterwards, if BJ wins then yes strip BJ of the LW title and let the winner of Florian/Huerta fight the winner of another top LW fight (say Griffin vs. Sherk or something?)… and then you got a new LW champ. And if and when BJ loses his WW title… he could go down and fight the new LW champ who will be more established then.

    This whole idea of not wanting a fight to happen b/c it’s not the “right time” is silly. Waiting will only risk it being tarnished in the future. These guys are in their prime and 2 of the best guys in the world… let them fight and settle it!!!!


  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    Revjames and Romano pretty much said the same thing except Rev doesn’t come off like a complete moron with little to no working knowledge of his keyboard.

    Romano, the Caps Lock key should be the third key down on the far left-hand side, thanks.

  • steak knife says:

    If BJ fights @ 170, he’s going to show up as a fatso.

  • Wildgoat says:

    I’m sorry, but last time I checked, GSP still has to fight a very game Fitch, nothing in GSP arsenal tells me this is going to be easy. Shit the man needs some type of great motivation just to get up for a fight(GSP vs. Serra-2) I hope GSP looks at this fight the same way all the people making comments here do, Win or lose, Fitch is going to hurt GSP. Therefore, I don’t see this match-up happening anytime this year. GSP could’t handle training for Penn after the beating he is going to get from Fitch. Everyone is making a grave mistake doubting Fitch.

  • cyph says:

    Fitch will expose GSP. People here are thinking that GSP is some amazing unbeatable talent when he beat an over the hill Hughes and avenged an average Matt Serra (whose claim to fame was knocking out GSP).

    Funny how that is huh? GSP gets a boost for demolishing an opponent who wasn’t ranked in the top ten until he smashed GSP. Doesn’t that make GSP average rather than Matt Serra a top ten fighter? That’s like BJ Penn turning Stevenson into a #1 lightweight by getting knocked out and then avenging the loss.

  • Rich S. says:

    this really sucks..

    BJ is too hyper..

    he defends the title ONCE.. and he feels he has to move on.. same thing back when he won the WW title..

    there’s no one left in the LW division that can beat him, that’s pretty much for sure.. but there are plenty of people that could face him to make a GREAT SHOW/FOTY..

  • maddog says:

    bj won the first fight.

  • Mikemick says:

    I’m not sure if this is about “deserving a title shot.” This is about making a super-fight happen. Right now, both fighters are on many peoples top 5 pound for pound list. BJ is capable of fighting in both divisions. There is an opportunity for a superfight. Fair or not fair, if you can make a superfight happen all of the other rules about who is next in line are thrown out of the window. Their first match was very close which adds to the drama. You figure this fight will happen one day. Should it happen NOW and be like what Liddell vs Wandy should have been 3 years ago, or should they delay it and possibly get the Liddell vs Wandy that we got past year.

    OK, this wouldn’t be as big as Liddell vs Wandy 3 years ago, but I’m just trying to make the point that superfights have a window of opportunity. Once that window closes you sometimes never get it back (like Liddell and Wandy both going on a 2 fight losing streak and then finally meeting).

  • revjames13 says:

    I’m not counting out Fitch by any means. I think he’ll put up about as much of a fight as Kos. Many say that GSP dominated that fight, but it was closer than people think. Kos finished the first round on top and stole that round in the eyes of the judges (but not me, since GSP controlled the first 4 min.) The second was all GSP. But the third was even for the first half and then Kos gets a single leg and it looks like he’s going to get the takedown. If he does, perhaps he steals the fight. But he didn’t and GSP closed it out strong. But he didn’t dominate Kos.

    That’s what I think is going to happen with Fitch. He’ll put up a very game fight, but he just won’t have an answer for GSP’s overall skill level. Something people need to know about GSP is that he gets better as the fight goes along. Fitch will look strong early, but GSP is going to pull away from him in the later rounds and leave him for dead.

    At this point in his career I don’t think it’s possible for GSP to be “exposed” as anything but an amazing athlete. If anyone gets exposed it will be Fitch. He’s got great numbers, but his biggest wins are Alves and Diego. Those guys are very good, but GSP is a horse of a different color. He could make Fitch look bad.

  • Rich S. says:




    i want to focus on this part right here: “WHINEY INTERNET GEEKS”

    what’s funny about that.. is that you summed YOURSELF up, with something you were trying to use to put others down..

    good job, buddy… good job :)


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