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Ultimate Fighter set for another five seasons

When Amir Sadollah beat C.B. Dollaway to win The Ultimate Fighter title, that made seven completed seasons of the reality show. Filming for season 8 with Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira as coaches has also wrapped up. The show is expected to debut sometime in September.

Now, we can expect many more seasons of the show to air in the future.

We will have twelve seasons of the Ultimate Fighter,” said Dana White, “We just finished shooting season 8.”

White still believes the show is great for grooming future UFC participants.

Ultimate Fighter is an amazing training camp for up and coming fighters,” said White.

With ratings continuing to drop over the past few seasons, it will be interesting to see if serious changes are made with the format. Besides format changes, The Ultimate Fighter needs to bring in higher caliber fighters. The UFC may be forced to spend more money to bring the guys in, but better talent will create better fights which will create better ratings.

Also, with Forrest Griffin winning the most coveted title in the UFC – the light heavyweight championship, I am interested to see if ratings go up based on Griffin’s win. Griffin’s victory definitely validated the credibility of the show. The victory proved that investing our time in the fighters can have a big-time payoff down the line.

  • Mike Rome says:

    Ratings did not drop last season.

  • Kuch says:

    I don’t think the UFC needs to start shelling out money to get guys on the show. This is supposed to be an opportunity for “newer” fighters to earn a contract.

    “More talented” and better established fighters have plenty of other promotions to ply their trade and earn a shot at fighting in the UFC.

  • David says:

    I think that finding the stars that would not have been discovered otherwise makes TUF worth it. Guys like C.B., Stevenson and Bisping would have made the UFC whether they were on the show or not, but guys like Amir, Manny and Rashad may never have had their shot. I’ll put up with bitching and stupid antics during the show if it gives guys who deserve a place in the UFC a shot that they normally would not have had.

  • DPK says:

    I think TUF is a great asset and tool for UFC and MMA, but they really need to shake some stuff up. Everyone is getting sick of titles being put on hold for 9-10 months so a champion can be on reality TV. Especially when 3 months of the delay is just for the show to air.
    Here are some things I think they could do to keep the show fresh.

    – Use guys who are retired as coaches, and in the Hall of Fame (Dan Severn(Hell he is 49 and still fighting around the country on small cards, so he is still up on his game), Mark Coleman (I know he is coming back), Royce Gracie, and Ken Shamrock (he should be retired). Matt Hughes, Randy Couture are coming to the end of their career and would be a good coaches again in the future (that will take some Randy/UFC making up)

    – Take the fighters out of Vegas, have them train for a week at top teams like AKA, American Top Team, Quest, Xtreme Couture, MFS, Jackson Submissions then have a round of fights and move to the next camp.

    – Set up the US house, and run it as the same time as an international house (Brazil, japan, or Britian, or all three), Give the winners of each house the standard “six figure contract”, Then have the winner’s fight for a half million dollar contract.

  • Gus says:

    I’d love to see Bas Rutten as a coach. That guy is the most entertaining person to watch. I think they screwed up this season by making the fighters fight as soon as they got there. Yeah it weeded out the weaker ones, I guess. But they should have done that before they brought them on to tv. Also, they needed to spend more time showing them in the house and there backgrounds so we could get to know them. Thats why I liked the first few seasons because you could really get behind the fighters you wanted to win. And thats why people still hate Koscheck.

  • stevefiji says:

    S7 was an awesome season…It ALWAYS comes down to one thing…. “the casting”.

    Some nice ideas by #3DPK. I love the international teams…. How about:
    Team Sambo from Russia
    Team Wrestling from USA
    Team Muay Team coached by Bas from all over the world and of course
    Team BJJ from …Canada….relax, just kidding!
    Of course they would all be well rounded but what rivalries, eh?

    I also agree about the 9 months being too long, but the coaches fighting really makes the show. That has got to be cut down to 6 months at the very most.

    As for the talent, well, with the explosion of MMA, i do not think that is a concern… if guys are not locked into exclusive contracts with other organizations, there’s not too many who wouldn’t take the shot of 6 weeks of free quality training and a shot at a big time UFC contract… i really don’t think you will need to pay more. There still plenty who wanna just fight the best.

    Dana has already said he has another show ready to unveil. I’m sure that will be the new ground breaker and the TUF format stays generally as sort of a minor league developmental program.

    Again, it’s all in the casting. Survival of the fittest, baby… 16 people in a house fighting each other and it will generally produce sparks.

    What teams in Football and Baseball win? Increasingly, its the ones who draft well… The TUF format is the UFC’s biggest ‘ace in the hole’ against the the Afflictions of the world… it gives them an opportunity to develop low cost, quality ‘names’ so they can leverage their negotiations against the higher cost veterans. So they keep the vast majority of their talent for less.

    Also, if Affliction, et al. wants a guy, he will generally be a veteran who 1) is a UFC castoff 2) generally believes he has a higher value than he is really worth and 3) better be paid damn well because he knows he’s likely burned his bridge with Dana and Zuffa for a looooooong time unless his name is Couture or Fedor. So TUF indirectly keeps the cost of competing much higher for the ‘other guys’ in tryingto grab national and international market share.

    Long live TUF

    Cheers Mates

  • orlando says:

    Man i hope the next season after this has heavyweights i have a guy who i know could very well make it to the finals. Im just hoping that we get the notices on time….!!!

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Mike, Gary did not say ratings dropped last season. The exact phrasing was:

    “With ratings continuing to drop over the past few seasons…”

    According to this chart by, Gary is correct in his assertion that the ratings have dropped over the past few seasons:

  • Evan says:

    Good news…I think everyone made great points here…I know I will always continue to watch the show and I think critics take it too seriously. I simply look at it as a minor league tournament type system.

    And if the future seasons continue more along the lines of last year which features less and less “in house drama” well then that’s even more reason to support the show.

  • Rich says:

    This is old news. They announced this with Spike back before Christmas.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    They did not announce another 5 seasons at Christmas. At the time of re-signing they announced that the term of the show had been extended for several more years before a new fight series would launch.

  • Evan says:

    “This is old news. They announced this with Spike back before Christmas.”

    Dana was quoted that it would be at 10 seasons…12 is new.

  • samofspades says:

    How much longer are you going to continue to incorrectly spell CB’s last name in your posts?

  • Kuch says:

    The only problem with bringing in legends to train the fighters is that some of them may still use “outdated” techniques. Bas Rutten would be awesome on the show though.

    I think that instead of putting the champion and the #1 contender on the show, they should have the guys fighting for the #1 contendership. That way the title isn’t on ice for 9+ months.

  • […] the one doing the sucking back then, the shoe is on the other foot now and Spike has commited to five (yes, FIVE) more seasons of TUF. As usual, everyone is talking about hopeful big changes in the format but I’m no longer […]

  • Rich says:

    Respectfully Sam, listening to the audio from that conference call that was streamed on Yahoo on the 25th October (around the end of season six). They state they’ll have two seasons every year up to and including 2010 then they’re going to do one season in 2011.

    AND reading the press release from that announcement on the UFC website here clearly states there will be 12 series of The Ultimate Fighter.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Well, you’ve got two people, one being myself, who don’t recall White saying there would be 12 seasons. Do you have a link to the press release?

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Rich, I was wrong. You are indeed correct. That said, Dana White giving a new quote and re-asserting their desire to continue with the TUF concept is still newsworthy in my opinion.

  • Rich says:

    Fair bones. Maybe ‘Ultimate Fighter still set for another five seasons’ would be more apt.

  • truth says:

    I find that I grow to loathe a much higher % of TUF fighters instead of liking them. July 19th C.B. Dollaway has really earned more air time???, bullshit. They end up with preferential treatment alright. I fear Jesee Taylor will bring to the table the more boring aspects of Sherks and Hughes fight style.

  • truth says:

    And… I pay $44.99 and I don’t get to see Corey Hills fight, exciting tho he lost. Hint to UFC, show the people with charisma. Corey Hill=charisma. Koscheck= could catch Bin Laden but he’ll still get booed.


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