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UFC 86 Video: Rampage Jackson at the post-fight press conference

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  • orlando says:

    so is juanito going to retire, or leave as rampages trainer like he said in the hype before the fight?

  • joetheacupuncturist says:

    ‘page said the same thing a lot of people (like myself) has been saying; that he won rounds 1,3,4 and even if its questionable and close ;the champ should have the tie. lets face it, the judges have to be better trained-they consistently screw up.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    I’m wondering the same thing, is Juanito going to follow thru or was it just B.S. fight hype. Either way, this was a great fight and very close. I definitely agreed with the judges overall in that Forrest one the fight. He pressed more, and you had to give him a 10-8 round in the second.

    For what it’s worth, fuck all you Forrest haters that said there was no way he could beat Rampage. Where are you now??

  • fightfan says:

    I agree 100% with Rampage. If you are the champ, then someone needs to beat the champ. And what Forrest did was good, but he DID NOT BEAT the champ. He put a good fight. I scored it 47-47, a draw….Forrest winning rd 2 10-8 and winning the last,with Rampage winning 10-9 rd’s 1,3 and 4.

    There is NO criteria on how to be a judge. It is the good ol boy system. The, I know a guy, and if yo know someone you can get into the commission and score fights. As of latelty, it is getting RIDICULIS…1 judge giveing such a lopsided loss to TANNER, when the other 2 scored it 30-26(which is a dominant beat).

    The Hammil rip off. But that was due to the fact the UFC PAID EMPLOYEES were brought in as judges to score(well the 2 that said Bisping won). The UFC trying to market Bisping couldnt have the deaf guy saying he should of won TUF go into Bisping’s back yard and win like he said he was going to do the whole time

    Now the Forrest thing. There has to be some kind of bias towards certain fighters. I dont think that these judges can be SO different and score fights SO DIFFERENTLY????? I know it sounds stupid, but I think it is a case of judges wither not caring or wanting a certain outcome or fighter to win.

    Forrest in no way won the fight.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    I gotta disagree. When you’re the champ you’ve got come out and DEFEND your title by beating the challenger convincingly. You can’t just show up, fight not to lose and expect to keep the belt. Look at Anderson Silva, even when he fought Lutter and it wasn’t for the title, he still came out and f’ed Lutter up!! That’s what the champ does. Same goes for BJ when he fought Sherk, he came out and put a beating on him.

    I give Rampage a ton of respect, but the bottom line is that Forrest pressed the action and kept the heat on the entire fight. I’ll agree it was real close, but Forrest earned that belt.

  • Anton K says:

    I too was disapointed in the outcome of the fight and I thought the overall performance by both fighters was poor. The fifth round was abysmal. Neither fighter pressed the action in any dramatic way. Fighters who play it conservative should be penalized. Rampage did not perform like a champion and Griffin was handed a victory.

    World championship fights should be seven rounds. Every effort should be made to ensure a decisive victory.

    Watching the fights last night, I couldn’t help but wonder: Has mma been ruined by the UFC’s overexposure? I was pretty bored through the whole affair.

    Hopefully Wandy storms in and brings some much needed fire back to the light heavyweight division.

  • Billy Bob says:

    Anton K #6

    How can you be disappointed with that fight? That was a top five fight of 2008.

    If you were pretty bored with some of the fights last night then you need to find a new sport to follow. Maybe you should go on youtube and watch marines throw grenades out of the humvees at herds of goats.

  • orlando says:

    I dont know what to say i like both of these guys as fighters…..they are world class. I just saw the fight not too long ago, and in reality it was a matter of opinion. Thats what judges do they give there opinion. I think if it was pride style Jackson could have won i think he connected more…..but forrest definitly got a 28-30 in the 2nd. I dont know what to say they fought a great fight, and it really could have gone either way.

    And yes Anton i agree the ufc’s overexposure could very well be the demise of MMA.
    Ive been in this for a long time, and from the moment UFC bought pride, and dissolved it…I think MMA as a business really began. Its no longer a true passion, and pure love. Its starting to be about money. We are going to see more, and more “tough” guys getting in there, and making the sport look ugly, and have first timers say “What the hell is this?”. Our sport is going through an evolution, and no matter which way you look at it….its positive, and even if it makes it seem negative its press, and its someone actually taking the time to maybe even sit down, and see what the hype is about. As much as i feel it is coming down its beautiful to me because im watching this thing grow, and its becoming so mainstream. I always find it funny people trying to school me, and talk to me about fights, and how they know all this stuff. Its weird because its everywhere now. Oh well i guess we just have to sit back, and see what happens.

  • Anton K says:

    On Forrest’s victory: Yes, it was a matter of opinion, but I feel it was slanted Forrest’s way from the get-go. Rampage would have had to knock Forrest out to win. Too bad he didn’t. Too bad he didn’t seem to have a game plan, either.

    One of the judges actually gave Forrest round one, which IMHO is an absolute travesty.

  • j mac says:

    i agree with anton forrest had this fight in his favor before the cage closed give him a 10-8 round for what laying on him? he couldnt connect for shit you have to beat the champion and all forrest did was beat the champions leg whose face looked worse there was one round that could have gone eather way but rampage did not look good at all eather he looked like he was not in good shape hopefully we get a rematch then we can see the real rampage way to go forrest white americas new cinderella man

  • Anton K says:


    That’s a pretty funny image. But still, sorry, I was underwhelmed by the entire production. Forrest barely beat a clearly uninspired champion. Rampage did little to live up to his nickname. And, in the fifth decisive round, neither fought to win. They fought not to lose and that’s bad for the sport as a whole.

    Top 5 of 2008? Top five of what? The Shamrock/Le fight being the standard? Is that what u mean?

  • jaydog says:

    I agree with Anton K:

    The fight was underwhelming because the champ got his leg messed up in Rd 2 and couldn’t “rampage” all over his opponent for the remaining three rounds. When he could engage, he landed solid shots (but not with the power that he’s capable of). So, he lost his title for that. Not satisfying at all. I’m not saying Forrest’s leg-kicking and outside shots are dirty, they’re just kinda Lyoto-esq. He didn’t “beat the champ.”

  • hbdale309 says:

    I thought Rampage won every round but the 2nd. There was no way that 2nd round was a 10-8 round though, lol at that. I had Rampage winning the 1st round 10-8 though, b/c he nearly finished Forrest. These judges were terrible… just awful.

  • THORAZINE says:

    hdbale309… you’re the 1st poster on the 2 sites I go to, that sees the fight the same way I do! I like them both and am very unbiased. Forrest won rd 2 and that was it. I had Rampage winning rnd 1 in decisive Fashion. Forrest won rd 2 decisively and Rampage squeaked out wins in 3,4,5… strange, it was just a wierd outcome to me.

  • derreckla says:

    The wied thing about it was the crowd was disapointed and even forrest thought he lost. Did Dana do this so Chucky could be champ again because he can’t beat Page?

    This night of fights was TERRIBLE! I want my $45 back…

  • DPK says:

    “Beat the Champ” – seriously, I want the judges to score the fight as if they don’t even have a clue who the champ is. That should have no relavance on the scoring of the fight.

    For the record I thought Forrest won, but the 3rd round was close enough, that I though it could end up a draw.

  • KT says:

    That was rip off, Dana White and Joe Rogan wanted forrest to win so bad! You could tell this during the fight rampage was knocking forrest everywhere and Joe Rogan says “Griffin is winning this fight” Bull shit! Forrest had a decent 2nd round and the 5th round was a draw. Rampage wone that fight!

  • Le2key says:

    Yeah, I agree with joetheacupuncturist. I really do think Rampage won, or at least lose by split decision. Can’t believe it was unanimous, judges were probably wacking off to the octagon girls.

  • dieslow says:

    That decision was beyond bullshit. Honestly, if you wanted someone who could judge a fight, maybe you’d have judges who have fought or maybe still do??Seriously….Take a second and think about it???? Not two fuckin old ass white guys and some old lady that probably find the fights to be too violent and would probably rather be golfing more than judging. Forrest had “won” the fight before they had even announced that the two would be coaching on the Ultimate Fighter. I say hats off to Rampage, Forrest couldn’t beat him on one leg. This shits a scam just like the NBA, go get Tim”Fix it”Donahueghy to ref that shit. This shit went from UFC to WWE…..ya’ll just lost one fan

  • heffdogg says:

    Forrest won and hes a warrior give him his respect


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