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UFC 86 Video: Forrest Griffin’s comments from the post-fight press conference

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  • Anton K says:

    Rampage couldn’t beat “a dude who’s just trying to put it together?” I love Forrest but that comment doesn’t reflect well on the entire division.

  • thomas says:

    anyone notice how many times forrest says “you know” while answering the first question

  • Derek B says:

    There’s “NO WAY” Forrest won this fight in a decision. The judges need to lay off the cocktails and focus on the fights. If anything the fight was a draw. Both fighter sustained equal damage (Jacksons leg, Forrest face).

    I’m really not interested in fights that go the distance anymore because you can’t expect the judges to equally score the fights. Watch a boxing match and you’ll notice that the judges are all usually on the same side and are usually scoring the matches all the same.

    Why is it that MMA has lop-sided scoring in their fights? I don’t have the slightest clue or answer for this. I think they need to bring in old MMA Fighters and have these guys judge the fights and also do seminars for upcoming judges so these guys understand whats going on in the fights.

    Also why isn’t the UFC doing their own stats during these fights? Why not display the individual stats for each fighter after each round?

    Punches Thrown
    Punches Scored on Opponent
    Takedown attempts
    Takedowns scored on opponent
    Submission attempts on opponent


  • CrazyCanuck says:

    Totally agree on the stats part – it’s totally missing from the fights and it leaves the watcher wondering how things get decided when there are no numerical facts.

  • Jrok says:

    I don’t know if you have ever been in front of 100+ people giving a speech but it happens to be a little nerve racking. This is why the verbal filler “you know” came in. He did not even know he was saying it. I know everyone thinks rampage won but you need to review the tape. I have watched the fight 4 times being biased and loving rampage. He lost a decision that could have gone either way. Very similar to the Ortiz fight. Rampage’s pre-fight trash talk starting making people beleive that rampage was far superior in fighting than forrest was. 5 rounds gives any fighter an effective amount of time to come back or fall off. No excuses are allowed. Congratulations Forrest Griffin!

  • Ultimate Trainer says:

    This fight was great, but to say Forrest didn’t win is beyond retarded. First of all, it wasn’t staged. The UFC had so much to gain if Rampage won, he has A superstar personality, great PR spokesperson, he has action figures, shoes, clothing lines, equipment lines, he was going to be on the Mickeys liquor talls, he was going to speak for the UFC on Larry King,… I mean Dana White was looking at Rampage as his golden poster child for UFC. Also I’m pretty sure, along with other fighters I work with who REALLY ARE UFC/ WEC, and YES IFL fighters whom say that the fight was set up from the start to make Rampage look good.

    I myself beleived Rampage would win but hoped Forrest Griffin would win because only TOTAL douche bags Don’t root for the underdog.

    Does anyone else notice the pattern of intelligent, geeky, technical fighters gaining the upper hand in all MMA fight leagues. Whereas the self promoting bad asses of yesteryear are dropping like flies?

    The fight was strategic, cunning and well calculated on behalf of Forrest Griffin. Also remember that power from punches start at the toes, how can that happen if Rampage’s leg was hurt in that second round. Forrest was rocked by a few punches, but he TOOK THEM with ease. He gets rocked in all his fights by punches that would END some careers, but he has the fucking balls to keep standing. He noticed the PATTERNS of Rampages offensive strikes and countered with precision. He played the defensive card as long as he could, which is smart. and he even countered the force of Rampage’s signature slam so as to ease the impact. He hooked his arms when Rampage took him to the ground to delay any barrage of elbows and punches which was smart, and he stayed VERY tight and fluid during the stand up so as to avoid any set up for Rampage’s devastating power hits.


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