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Post-UFC 86 Press Conference Notes

The Las Vegas Sun dropped a few notes on their site from the UFC 86 post-fight presser. The show garnered an attendance of 11,172 with a gate total of $3.2 million. That places this show at #6 out of the top shows in Nevada history.

According to UFC President Dana White, Patrick Cote has earned himself a title shot. The plan is to have Anderson Silva fight with Yushin Okami, then slide Cote into the title fight against the winner.

In an attempt to muffle the cash register sounds going on in White’s head, he commented nonchalantly on a Griffin-Jackson rematch:

Rampage wants a rematch. Forrest said he’d give him a rematch. A rematch would probably be good for everyone involved. But there’s a lot of different things involved.

There are a million different scenarios we can do. It also depends on his (Rampage’s) leg.

White also mentioned that the UFC is trying to do shows in Chicago in October, and Boston in November. These two shows will come just after the UFC’s October 18 card in Birmingham, England. So maybe a Fight Night in Chicago, and pay-per-view in Boston the following month.

  • Evan says:

    “Patrick Cote has earned himself a title shot. The plan is to have Anderson Silva fight with Yushin Okami, then slide Cote into the title fight against the winner.”

    Cote is going to have to wait awhile then.

  • Paul Balsom says:

    Not if the UFC are going to let Silva fight as much as he wants to. He wants to fight at least 6 times per year, and this Irvin fight is a result of his complaining to them, I’m sure.

  • Jim says:

    #2: So, that’s what, eight or nine rounds a year for Anderson Silva? =)

  • eazye says:

    Well the Irvin fight won’t leave the first. If he fights Okami in October, that fight won’t last too long either, I don’t think. Put Anderson either on NYE or the January card.

  • RUSH says:

    I’m a big Cote fan and I definitely don’t think he’s ready for Silva… put him in there with the winner of Bisping-Leben for the title shot

  • DPK says:

    Silva v Cote better be free, or be surrounded by a great card, I ain’t paying for that fight.

    Rampage v Forrest II on the other hand will be a great fight, I just pretty sure someone else will jump in line first.

  • MMAFan says:

    Based on his performance last night, I would tell Patrick Cote that he does not deserve a title shot against Anderson Silva. And this comment comes from a fellow Canadian. Personally, I would favour a Jackson/Griffin rematch for the title before any other contenders vye for the belt. Last night’s fight was that close and difficult to score, as the flood of controversial responses to the decision continue to fill the comment pages of MMA websites.

  • ACK! says:

    Cote vs. Silva… Yuck. Who wants to watch that garbage?

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  • Anton K says:

    Cote earned a title shot? With that performace? This is getting ridiculous. Anderson Silva might just kill him.

  • C-los says:

    Rampage did not lose that fight. If you know MMA, everyone should agree with this. He should get an automatic rematch and he’ll beat Griffin again. The UFC needs a white champion and Griffin is a popular fighter that the UFC can market. Jackson is not as marketable as Griffin is and tha’t why he got robbed. Jackson’s corner told him he did not lose, go to and you will hear Junito (Jackson’s trainer) tell him that he did not lose. Junito has over 20 years of experience. The UFC is wack and I will not support it until they give Rampage the reamtch he deserves. One of the most notable fighters left UFC and his name is Randy Coutore…hint, hint. He left because UFc has become a market machine and there is no credibility in the sport anymore. Go to Elite xc, that is where is at now.

  • jake says:

    C-los your pretty stupid if you think a guy won the fight just because his corner says so even if he has 20 years of experience so what rampage only hurt forrest once and when he did forrest regained guard and got right back to his feet but when griffin hurt rampage he dominated him he mounted him and was going for subs rampage couldnt do anything than when when rampage was on forrest rampage got caught in a triangle and he couldnt keep forrest down. Forrest landed more strikes with his punches and kicks so think what you want but griffin won that fight dont say rampage got robbed he talked trash the whole time building up to this fight and he couldnt finish him like he said and looks like rampage might have to find another trainer because juanito said if forrest wins he would retire FORREST GRIFFIN WON THAT FIGHT RAMPAGE WAS NOT ROBED.

  • Noah says:

    Jake, you are right, Rampage was not robed. I didn’t see him wearing a robe. Also, Rampage was not robbed, it was a good fight but I gotta say that Forrest edged out the win.

  • deemanie says:

    Man,please forest did not win if u call leg kicks winning then, I guess he won look at rampage face and look at forest face.


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