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UFC 86: Quick Results

UFC 86: Jackson vs. Griffin
is finally here, taking place TONIGHT at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Undercard fights at approx 8 pm EST and 5 Oz of Pain will post results as they happen.

Main Card

  • Forrest Griffin def. Rampage Jackson via Unanimous Decision.
    New UFC Light Heavyweight Champ!
    The leg kicks left Rampage hobbling throughout the final 3 rounds.
  • Patrick Cote def. Ricardo Almeida via Split Decision.
  • Joe Stevenson def. Gleison Tibau via Submission (Guillotine) Rd. 2.
    Yes, Joe Daddy won with a Guillotine Choke AGAIN.
  • Josh Koscheck def. Chris Lytle via Unanimous Decision.
    Lytle’s face was a bloody mess.
  • Tyson Griffin vs. Marcus Aurelio via Unanimous Decision


  • Gabriel Gonzaga def. Justin McCully via Submission (Kimura) Rd. 1
  • Cole Miller def. Jorge Gurgel via Submission (triangle) Rd. 3
  • Melvin Guillard def. Denis Siver via KO Rd. 1
  • Justin Buchholz def. Corey Hill via Submission (RNC) Rd. 2

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  • Thank you for screwing me on the undercard. Always appreciated.

    Yes, we’re a news site. I’m aware. Still annoying.

  • Patrick says:

    How the fuck did Gurgel get triangled by Miller =(

  • el asso wippo says:

    miller is pretty lanky…

  • el asso wippo says:

    Think Gurgel should just stick to being a trainer…

  • el asso wippo says:

    Everyone i thought would win did except the main fight havent seen heard from that yet…

  • Jennifer says:

    Rampage was robbed, no way did Forrest win

  • IMHO I had it Griffen 47 (won 2nd round 10-8, and 5th round) – 47 (1rst, 3rd, 4rth) Rampage….

    but really I can see the 1rst wasn’t so decisive. Best fight of the night, where as every other fight flat out sucked. This could have easily been one of the worst undercards ever.

  • MoreThanUFC says:

    It was a draw, no doubt about it. Those scores were just awful.

  • el dood says:

    Wow… almost literally too close to call. Could’ve gone either way; for either side to think it was decisively theirs is just blatantly biased. Hell of a fight.

    Rest of the card was definitely underwhelming.

  • 1 More thing:

    I truly believe that there should be an immediate rematch. I mean, Rampage won 6 straight before this, and really didn’t do anything to decisively lose this fight. Heck at the end of the day, Forrest got more hurt during the fight….Rampage’s leg healed up later on into the fight.

    Also, this might start some controversy but where does “out-working” someone mean that you’re winning a fight. This is what separates MMA from simply put, Olympic boxing. Griffen definitely out-worked Jackson for most of the fight, but if he gets literally rocked during every exchange not involving a leg kick, then I can’t really say that, that fighter won the fight. Really, this is the type of cliche’s that moved me away from boxing (see Hopkins vs. anyone).

    I tuned in tonight wanting to see fights, and I tune in to see someone get outworked, but beat knock a guy clear across the octagon only to lose.

  • MoreThanUFC says:

    I mean 49-46? So QRJ only won round one? Are you kidding me? Are those judges related to Cecil?

  • Matt C. says:

    Cote wins by split (meaning Almedia won according to one judge) and Rampage can’t get one judge to call the fight his way. Unreal.

    The legs kicks were a great strategy but how many of Forrest’s jabs and hooks whiffed?

    Rampage threw fewer punches, but a higher % landed.

    At least it’ll make for a huge re-match.

  • One last thing, for some reason I’m getting the bad feeling where some fighters feel as though they’ve won a majority of the rounds (1,2) and choose not to fight for the third, or maybe a significant part of the fight. Best example of course tonight was Josh Koshchek, which I might be able to invoke th “Holmes vs. Ali” rule, but still was he not just taking off the last two minutes of the fight.

    Shouldn’t the UFC invoke something like yellow cards, or warnings for this type of behavior. Maybe like three offenses then you’re suspended.

  • stevefiji says:

    Forrest won Rd 2 (10-8) 3 and 5, Rampage 1 and 4… thats 48-46….Man, the judges had it so damn accurate its not even believable, they ALWAYS screw this stuff up. TUF has their first real champ, the UFC has its first soon to be mega, mega star, and the world has its first real ROCKY…. I will sleep happy tonight. Great job to both guys, the rematch will set new records. Griffin vs. Fedor (we can only dream!)

  • egad81 says:

    Dude… If that didnt feel like the FIX was in I dont know what does.
    UFC owned by Casino People…. GO FIGURE

    All they talked about was Forrest vs Bonner changing the sport…

    Looking forward to Fedor

  • darkmetal says:

    Didn’t Rampage promise to give Forrest his purse if the fight went to a decision? And didn’t his coach say he would quit if Rampage lost?

    I wonder if either will happen…doubtful.

  • jgrose23 says:

    5percent, that is just stupid. Koscheck dominated 14 minutes of that fight and you’re going to whine because he avoided getting caught for the last minute!?!?! Give me a break!!! He was still doing damage in that last round. I’m surprised Yves didn’t stop that fight in the second round.
    You know what else they should do, make offenses in the NFL throw the ball up 21 points with two minutes left in the fourth quarter. Assanine…

  • xx2000xx says:

    That was a 10-8 round and there is no debate about that. Forrest won, it’s not like his fight with Ortiz that was very debatable.

    This is what the UFC wanted, Chuck beats Rashad, and guess what the next title fight is? Shogun vs Chuck would be fantastic, but nope, he’ll beat Rashad and that is the next big PPV.

    Fine with me though, Rampage said he’ll never do a 9 month layoff again, basically bashing TUF and the whole process. He loves to fight, and he loves the $$$ even more.

    An 8 year old can figure out how the LHW is going to play out, and it should be this way too. Machida will get the shaft, but he will get his due later.

    It breaks down like this: If Chuck wins, he gets a title shot. While that happens Rampage vs Wanderlei fights, and the winner will fight the winner of Chuck vs Forrest.

    I bet you anything that is how it will play out, as it’s too marketable. Look for Silva vs Rampage at the end of the year. It’s almost a lock. How fun would it be if Forrest beats Chuck and Silva beats Rampage? Now that’s a main event.

  • that guy says:

    like stevefij said..forrest won 3 rounds..whether you like it or not, he won those rounds.. i wished for a good fight and this was a good fght no complaints here. you people want judging to change and so on …well get used to the fact that its someones opinion based on what they see..some see things we don’t and some don’t see the things we see…
    and i trust that no fights are fixed, ala boxing or elite xc..
    ufc personnel want this to be as clean as possible but bad judging, when it happens, is out of their control…
    just glad more than ufc isn’t a judge..a draw …come on..

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Guys no more fix talk. Any mentions of a fix without evidence to back up your claim will result in a deleted post and a possible site ban. If you think that the judges got it wrong, feel free to comment about that. However, baseless accusations will not be tolerated.

  • Jeremy says:

    well looking at some of the online scores, scored the fight 48-47 jackson, and sherdog’s guys went like this: Desantis 49-46Jackson and Breen and Fridley both scored it a draw.

  • Two Toes says:

    Lol at the people upset because a Tuffer is now UFC champion. Boo fucking hoo. 48-46 was spot on judging.

  • mike wolfe says:

    So maybe Couture correctly predicted, again, the result of a main event. And maybe Griffin’s win over Shogun wasn’t a fluke. And maybe Griffin has a legendary chin. And yeah, I did tell y’all so.

  • el dood says:

    Again, this thing could’ve gone either way. But round 2 was SO decisive… Forrest chopped Q down and then rained on him for the final 3 minutes. While it was agonizing to watch Forrest try (very unsuccessfully) to finish the thing, the domination was still unquestionable.

    Rest of the fight was pretty close, with Rampage getting a pretty clear advantage. But not quite enough to overcome that round 2 debaccle.

  • Two Toes says:

    “And maybe Griffin has a legendary chin. ”

    No need to exaggerate dude.

  • king mah mah says:

    @ all you so called “hardcore fans”, none of you chose forrest for this fight, but I DID!

  • king mah mah says:

    @ 11, Give me a break dude, rampage got dominated most of the fight. Deal with it!

  • mike wolfe says:


    That was a shout-out to ttt. See previous posts leading up to the fight. I’m not exaggerating, just rubbing it in a bit.

  • MMAFan says:

    The Jackson vs Griffin match elevated this PPV from a 1 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10.

  • xx2000xx says:

    Wow, my god Sam. The site is having problems loading up for the first time ever for me, and that’s a good thing :-) Sherdog is down along with others, and you are right there with them.

    You now hit the big time :-)

  • king mah mah says:

    The whole card was pretty good i thought.

  • that guy says:

    @11…you need to not listen to the commentators..everytime they said forrest was rocked you took it to heart….rampages leg was rocked!! forrest chin got rocked

  • docholiday says:

    judging controversy aside, rampage’s performance was extremely disappointing (trigg may have been spot on with his pre-fight analysis). looked like a completely different fighter vs henderson.

  • stevefiji says:

    Just a quick follow-up to #22 Jeremy (must be trying to stir up fake controversy) May… next time you should use both your hands AND toes to count because Mike Fridley had scored it, quite correctly so, at 48-46 Griffin and not a draw as you claim. Time to go pound a few more fake vodka shots my friend:-)… Cheers Mates!

  • king mah mah says:

    I’m still laughing at the self proclaimed “hardcore fans”, by not picking Forrest in this fight. I knew Forrest would win!

  • DPK says:

    No issues with the Forrest v Rampage scores, I had Forrest winning 2(10-8), 3, and 5. I think he just showed that maybe the Shogun fight wasn’t a fluke. A re-match would be good, personally I think Machida deserves the next shot, but I see UFC setting up a Forrest v Chuck fight if Chuck beat Rashad. They will use the TUF student v teacher angle to promote that. Rampage will probably end up fighting Wandy or Shogun. One of the guys watching the fight with me had money on Rampage, and even he thought Forrest won.

    -I was disappointed by Alemdia, but Cote earned that win
    -I was surprised that the docs didn’t stop Lytle, but glad they didn’t
    -Nice win for Joe Daddy, I was surprised that he was getting handled up to the sub
    -Tyson Griffin’s next fight should be Sherk, or the Florian v Huerta loser its time he stepped up to the very top of LW.
    -Who does Gonzaga fight next? If UFC wants to test Carwin, I think that would be a good fight.

  • Jeremy says:

    #34stevefiji – not trying to cause any controversy, just mis-read his round score. Relax my friend. Luckily it was just that, since I drink about as much as our friendly chew contaminator.

  • Charlie says:

    I wonder if Rampage is giving all his fight money to Forrest lol. If you guys remember, Rampage said on TUF “I BET MY WHOLE PURSE OUR FIGHT DOESN’T GO FIVE ROUNDS!”

    if any of you journalists get to interview rampage, you should ask lol

  • stevefiji says:

    One final comment as i dont like guys who dominate posts….

    To Jeremy – > big hugs, I am a happy camper right now and it was certainly an honest mistake on your part, you musta had tears in your eyes with joy from Forrest’s victory and you just dyslexia’d (if that’s a word) a 10-9 round…no worries mate :-)

    To #14 (5 Percent body fat) It was obvious to everyone that Koscheck didn’t want to bleed the poor guy anymore,…hell, Koshchek looked like Bozo the clown from all of Lytle’s blood in his previously blond curlies. He respected Lytle huge and anyone with a brain who was watching felt that fight should have never gone a 3rd round. All it did was add 3 more months of heal time for Lytle before he can fight again with that ‘Goat Vagina’ (and what a great line that was by Joe Rogan, eh?) on the top of his eye.

    To 5 Ozs of Pain – I must also send out bigtime Kudos, the site is rockin, the traffic is exploding and you couldn’t deserve it all more. You guys are doin a fantastic job!

  • mike wolfe says:


    I think you’re right about Koschek laying back a bit in the third round. Lytle’s a pretty good guy, and Koschek had the fight in the bag at that point. Koschek’s trying to soften his image somewhat, so beating down a guy who’s already lost wouldn’t help either of them.

  • Rich S. says:

    this card is just… perplexing..

    first, i know Cole Miller’s sub’s are really good.. but i never saw him triangle’ing Gurgel possible.. so, that’s just weird..

    second, extremely, extremely, extremely sad that Lytle lost.. he just needs to take a few tune-ups.. and i KNOW he can be a contender.. IMHO, i think he could easily hold a belt in the WEC.. it’s just that the UFC’s WW competition is INSANE.. Lytle’s a great fighter and one of my favorites.. so it was horrible to see him dominated in that fashion..

    third, glad for Stevenson with the guillotine.. but he needs to watch it.. i mean, he was clearly losing the fight before that guillotine, so, maybe he should turn down the “cocky” and turn up the “ownage”..

    fourth, i really think Melvin’s telling the truth when he says he’s working on his ground game.. i mean, i know everyone on this site hates him [i guess just because he’s a cocky-coke-head] but no one can say that he wouldn’t be absolutely dominant with the addition of a good, solid ground game..

    fifth, never in 1 BILLION YEARS would i have seen Cote beating Almeida coming.. i thought if there was one person left, in this world, after Okami, that could stand a chance at possibly beating Spider, it would be Almeida.. but no, now we’re going to see Cote get mutilated.. i mean, i thought that this fight would pass the 3 min. mark.. i thought, either Cote will get some random KO, or Almeida will sub him with ease.. instead.. Almeida got him down.. and let him up, every single time.. i mean, cote just stood up out of his guard and walked away… WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?? Almeida’s one of the best MW bjj’ers around.. and he was letting this guy stand up.. and then.. after round 1.. he didn’t even try anymore.. what kind of gameplan is that?? “hmmmm, i’m a BJJ specialist.. you know what? i think i’ll strike with a KO artist for the next 2 rounds.. yea, sounds like a good idea..”


    i can’t stand Cote, and to see him win this fight, deeply deeply saddens me.. i mean, i would’ve put my house on Almeida winning..

    sixth, it’s a shame i couldn’t see Tyson lose.. he got YET ANOTHER DECISION.. isn’t that his 5th in a row??? how can someone have so much energy and so much skill, and NOT BE ABLE TO FINISH A FIGHT IN ANY ASPECT.. he’s working his way up the LW ladder only to get crushed.. i can’t wait..


    there’s one bad thing about forrest getting this belt..
    and that is.. we might have to see him take a devistating loss..
    i mean, the possible match-ups for him are just mean:
    Rich “Ace”

    those are the only ones i think would trouble him.. and i think he could beat all of them.. it’s just.. they all have a chance at knocking him the f out!!

    but.. i’ll enjoy this one while it lasts..


  • Rich S. says:

    “i thought that this fight would pass the 3 min. mark”


  • MMAFan says:

    #36 “Who does Gonzaga fight next? If UFC wants to test Carwin, I think
    that would be a good fight.”

    How about Gonzaga vs Kongo? I think the UFC could get more hype from a match that pits against each other the two fighters to beat Cro Cop in the UFC.

  • Maximus says:

    Hey King rah rah, Whats wrong with being a hardcore fan?

  • kirby says:

    One thing that always bothers me is people saying how Pride has 3 of the belts so that proves the Pride was better than te UFC. I’m not saying Pride wasn’t better or worse I’m just saying those people anoy me. My response will now be Forrest and Serra prove TUF is better than Pride was. So as a Rampage fan that’s my silver lining in this loss. Also congrats to Forrest and he better keep that belt shinny because Rampage will be taking it right back from him.

  • Nate says:

    4 decisions on the televised card? Not good.

    The ref seemed to do a particularly good job with Kos vs Lytle’s match.
    Koshcheck = 50% decision matches (w+l)
    Machida = 64% decision matches (w, he hasnt lost)
    Anyone with 50+ decisions sucks automatically. Many people complain about Machida, well I am complaining about Koscheck. Koscheck, if you are reading this, I am a coward online fan, but I dont like your style.. it sucks!

    “# 43 kirby” I think it is past your bedtime, your logic on the Pride vs TUF thing makes no sense. Anderson Silva is from Pride, how does that compare with Forrest or Serra (who lost his belt in his first defense), and Forrest who is the first person in 7 TUF seasons to win it “Naturally”.
    On another note, Dana is scheduling TUF guys like they are a K-Mart blue light special in aisle 4. They fill almost every card. I am sick of watching sucky TUF fighters. This card is a perfect example. Snoozefest 86 it should have been called.

  • Two Toes says:

    “I am sick of watching sucky TUF fighters.”

    You’re a moron. Tuf fighters went 5-1 on this card with 1 of them winning the LHW title.

  • E says:


    How come no one has mentioned that Gonzaga won via Americana. Big difference between a kimura and an americana


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