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5 Oz. of Pain on CBS Sports: IFL’s impact greater than some realize

bigfist1.jpgIn my weekly article for, this week I decided to take a look at all the former IFL talent that has migrated into the UFC.

Between Mike Dolce, Gerald Harris, and Dante Rivera on TUF 7; from Rory Markham, Brad Blackburn, and Reese Andy on the card for UFN 14; and Andre Gusmao debuting at UFC 87, the UFC has done some pretty big reaching into the IFL well.

Despite all the former IFL talent now being used by the UFC, the promotion’s best and brightest still remain on the sidelines. Fighters such as Roy Nelson, Vladimir Matyushenko, Chris Horodecki, and Jay Hieron are essentially in a state of purgatory right now as they wait and see what’s next for them.

I decided to take an extended look at the top remaining fighters that are still under contract to the IFL and offer analysis as to which promotions might be the best fit for them.

You can check out the article by clicking here.

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Also available is the “Head-2-Head” preview for UFC 86 featuring predictions from the staff of This is where you can find my picks for the event, along with my analysis.

Just a quick note, I tried to stay ahead of the game and sent those picks in last week. All of them remain the same, with the lone exception of the main event. In the H-2-H preview, I pick Rampage winning via unanimous decision. However, I’ve since changed the pick to Rampage winning via TKO late in the fourth round.

You can view my picks by clicking here.

  • SteelFan714 says:

    No love for Jim’s brother Dan Miller? All he’s done when given a chance on the national stage is produce a Sub-of-the-Year candidate in his first appearance, and snag the IFL title in his second.

  • Ian says:

    How is it possible that I agree with about 99% of the positions you take in editorials, and consider you the single best written word interviewer in the world of MMA, but when it comes to predictions, we’re about as polar opposite as it comes? :)

    Example: My thoughts on Cote vs. Almeida.

    Almeida is better in every aspect of MMA, including striking. You read that right and will see it tonight. This will be 1/2 round of domination from a superior fighter, ending in Almeida’s submission of choice.

    Side note: I really like the head 2 head format thing you guys have over there. Very clean and nicely laid out.

  • portland mma says:

    Good article Sam, I honestly didnt realize all the talent the IFL had.


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