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Affliction reacts to UFC’s opposing show

After Affliction put together its mega-card for July 19th, UFC decided that Affliction could not have the night all to themselves. A few weeks ago, the UFC put up counter programming featuring one of the world’s best fighters in Anderson Silva. What does Affliction management think about this?

I think it’s flattering. It means they are paying attention to us,” said Affliction VP Tom Atencio, “It means we are a threat to them. I think people will tape (the UFC) and watch ours.”

That may be what Affliction is saying publicly, but I am sure that behind closed doors they are none too happy. The opposing show will definitely hurt the overall pay-per-views in the short term. However, as we saw back in the late 1990’s with the pro wrestling Monday Night wars, having competing shows can actually increase overall viewership in the long run. Plus, the real winners will be the fans as both companies will be forced to put on the best possible shows all the time to keep people tuned to their program and not the competition.

  • Are you having a laugh?. says:

    It sucks that the UFC is trying to kill Affliction. The UFC needs respectable competition and lets be honest Elite XC aint it.

  • godzillad says:

    Competition between pro wrestling organizations and MMA organizations is very different. One is a sport and one isn’t. You can’t have half of the best fighters in one organization and half in another. Unlike pro wrestling, MMA is a competition. It has standings. There’s a reason the ABA and the NBA merged. There’s a reason the AFL and the NFL merged. There’s a singular goal in sports that is noticeably absent in professional wrestling.

  • Yes sir, I still don’t see how the UFC show hurts Affliction that much. No one is going to buy Affliction outside of this blog due to their shitty non-advertising strategy.

  • Are you having a laugh?. says:

    #2 what pro fight sports don’t have different factions or org’s? Boxing does, kickboxing and MMA do. If all the MMA org’s merge is it under the UFC banner with Dana dictating everything?. Acording to a lot of the best fighters in the world that isn’t an option. If fighting was a round-robbin thing where everyone fought everyone and you had different cubs bidding for fighters it wouldnt matter so much but in the UFC Dana calls the shots including who fights who, how much they get paid and in reality he almost decides who is the champ is or at least who fights for the belt. If there is a rival org with as much respect (or money) fighters have options and can stand up for themselves a little more. All we need with this scenario is cross promotional fights and official rankings.
    I’ve loved the UFC since day one and Dana has done a great job as far as sanctioning the sport goes but to be honest the days of exclusive contracts and Dana White and the UFC calling the shots are done, bring on the days of MMA as a cross factional, cross promotional world entity, yes I’m gonna say it, just like boxing (but without the bullsh*t).

  • coleman says:

    im just happy to see that comcast will be showing the affliction ppv. its aleady displayed in the on screen programming guide on my dvr.

  • mike wolfe says:

    #3 Huckaby is absolutely correct. I have never seen such a major event within a particular sport that is so unadvertised. It’s like Affliction is trying to lose money for a tax write off or something. I don’t get it.

  • Freddy Flint says:

    Does anyone know how ticket sales are going for the Affliction Banned event?

    I personally am not going to bother watching the UFC event. The opportunity to see Fedor back in the ring against a solid opponent is just too tempting.

  • maddog says:

    you are correct. look at the poll ufc vs. affliction only 1143 votes and that has been up for weeks.

  • Dr. Stoppage says:

    Maybe Gary Shaw will move up the Elite XC show to July 18th.
    That would be hilarious.

  • Jackyl says:

    I’m sure that they are not happy to have an opposing show. But at the same time I think it does show that the UFC is concerned. Normally Dana doesn’t even acknowledge the other promotions. This is obviously an attempt to piss in their cheerios. It is true though that not many people outside of the hardcore fans know about or will buy the Affliction card. Not to meantion the mighty internet leaks. I’m thinking about buying the show though just to show my support. They have a good card put together with some of the best HW talent out there. I’d love to see them put another one together. Fedor vs Barnett!!!!!!!!!! Fedor vs Arlovski!!!!!!!


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