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Affliction planning to have additional shows

Affliction MMA – scheduled to have its blockbuster inaugural show on July 19th – already has the wheels in motion for the follow-up card.

We’re looking at the end of October / early November for the next show and after that – probably February,” said Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio.

The fact that Affliction is already thinking about it’s next card can only be good news to MMA fans. Sure, that can all change when the final numbers come in from the first show, but after seeing the line-up for next month, I can’t see any reason why we all aren’t hoping for success – or at least enough positive signs that will cause Affliction to keep going.

  • DPK says:

    Competition is great, but I have to admit that a little part of me hopes Affliction puts on a great show, but it bombs financially, folds, allowing Fedor, Barnett, AA, Rothwell, Belfort to become free agents and sign with UFC – I know it won’t happen, but that is just something that I have to admit to thinking about.

    Now that I got that out, I am really looking forward to this and future cards, and getting to see the talent that Affliction has assembled.

  • drizzle says:

    “planning to have additional shows”?

    Well don’t give the schedule to the UFC this time

  • Music City Beatdown says:

    YAMMA had also planned a second show, but all we hear is crickets……….

  • James says:

    end of October/beginning of November… Hmmm….when is Randy supposedly free-and-clear from his UFC contract again? Yep, towards the end of October. Guess we need to pay attention in the weeks leading up to October to see if Randy is trying to get fight-ready.

  • platypus says:

    my friend and i will be splitting the affliction ppv, its a siiiick card

  • Ian says:

    Still no word on if Comcast is going to carry this on the East Coast.

  • Evan says:

    “Now that I got that out, I am really looking forward to this and future cards, and getting to see the talent that Affliction has assembled.”

    the thing is…they have no fighters under contract. Their all loaners.

  • mike wolfe says:

    #6 Ian:

    I just checked the Comcast home page. If you look at the programming tab and then click on “pay per view”, the Affliction event is listed as available. Hooray!

  • Sean says:

    The fighters on the Banned Card, are they signed to non-exclusive multi fight deals or single fight deals?

    It will be funny to see the UFC sign a few of the fighters after the banned show…

  • Ian says:

    Great find Mike!

    Thanks for the good news.


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