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Gamburyan still wants Diaz

It’s been a little over a year since the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 finale, and Manny Gamburyan is determined to get a rematch. A chance to avenge the loss against Nate Diaz is clearly Gamburyan’s top priority.

Fighting Nate Diaz is my first goal. I’m down. Whenever, wherever,” said Gamburyan.

Both Gamburyan and Nate Diaz are undefeated since the conclusion of the show. Diaz has won four straight, and Gamburyan has won two straight. Why not make the fight soon? Neither guy has anything too interesting coming up that would be more appealing than a rematch. Considering Diaz won the fight based on an injury, there is definitely some unfinished business.

The UFC left a little on the table by waiting a year and a half to have the Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar rematch. Had the second fight been six months after the first fight, it would have done much bigger business. I’m not saying Gamburyan vs. Diaz is an overly appealing match-up, but it is certainly more intriguing than watching Gamburyan fight Rob Emerson.

  • screwface says:

    i think were forgetting diaz caused the injury, so to say he won by it as if to diminish the victory in some way is not a valid point. gamburyan doesnt deserve his rematch at this stage. if diaz loses 1 maybe then. but for now diaz is headed straight for the top.

  • godzillad says:

    Nick won the season by choking out Rob Emerson, Corey Hill, Gray Maynard and tapping Manny (he did), then went on to choke out Junior Assuncao, Al Robinson, and Kurt Pellegrino with a probably triangle choke victory soon against Josh Neer.

    Manny tapped out Noah Thomas and beat Matt Wiman and Joe Lauzon by decision, then beat Jeff Cox and Nate Mohr.

    OK, one of those is impressive and one of those isn’t. Kimura’ing a pro wrestler, laying on two guys, leg locking a b level kickboxer and choking out a 40 year old can don’t mean jack.

    Tell me why this fight makes sense? Nobody use the “Well Manny was winning” excuse because that would make you a hypocrite. Nobody is demanding Sylvia get a rematch with Nog because he was winning until he lost. Nobody is demanding a Herring/Erikson rematch because Heath was losing until he won.

  • truth says:

    Nick or Nate who are we talking about. If the style is get my face pounded into hamburger til I get a sub, I can’t see Nate taking that to the top of the UFC lightweight division. Didn’t work for Nick.

  • Al says:

    Can’t say I have any interest in watching Manny fight anyone to be honest.

  • Jay K. says:

    Don’t really care to watch a dirty fightin’ midget.

    I’d rather see Nate climb the ladder with his pipsqueek voice thankin’ his brother after each of his victories.

    Oh yeah, middle fingers are a must. LOL!

  • DPK says:

    I’m not a Diaz fan (Nick or Nate) by any means, but nothing good would come out of him fighting Manny again, and I think Manny is the only one who really wants to see this fight. There are enough other good fights out there for both guys, LW is loaded in UFC.

  • mike wolfe says:

    I’ll watch it. Sure, they’re both pinheads or worse, but it’s an interesting match up, and both have won against legit opponents. They’re bound to meet up eventually.

  • Jason says:

    I don’t care much for either of them. Let them fight on the preliminary and then cut the winner and the loser! I know that won’t happen but I don’t like either of their attitudes or their fighting styles. I can’t put too much blame on them when you see who they’re related to though.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Yeah, this fight isn’t worth it for Nate right now. He’s kicking ass in the LW division and Manny doesn’t deserve a fight with him right now. The way Nate beat Pellegrino in his last fight was sweet and he should be fighting somebody top 10 next for sure. Plus, he looks to have a lot more talent than his crybaby older brother.

  • Rich S. says:

    right now, there is absolutely no reason why this match should happen.. Manny’s fighting low level competition [and starting his matches off with cheap shots to win ;)] while Nate just beat Assuncao and Robinson [which is no easy feat, although, he made it look easy] and then he choked out a title contender in Pellegrino.. do you see why Nate and Manny should fight again?? neither do i.. not right now, at least..


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