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Future UFC event coming to Oklahoma City

hfordcenter.jpg A UFC event appears destined for Oklahoma City in the next six-to-eight months, according to a published report.

UFC President Dana White is quoted as confirming the news in an article on

“We’re working on bringing a live event there,” White reportedly said at last Thursday’s Associated Press Sports Editors’ convention in Minneapolis.

It is uncertain at this time whether the Oklahoma City show would be televised on pay-per-view or would be a Spike TV special. The Ford Center, with a seating capacity of 19,599 is the venue most likely to be booked for a UFC event.

Oklahoma City has proven to be a growing hotbed for mixed martial arts, as former Oklahoma State wrestlers and current Team Takedown fighters Jake Rosholt, Shane Roller, and Johny Hendricks have all performed in front of large crowds when competing locally for the Masters of the Cage promotion.

The market also turned in one of the highest ratings for EliteXC’s debut CBS telecast on May 31. The show’s main event between Kimbo Slice and James Thompson drew an 11.1 share during the 10:30-10:45 p.m. ET time slot. It was the highest rating of all CBS affiliates.

  • Ram Maramba says:

    I’m three hours from OKC and Bricktown. My MMA nipples are hard with excitement!

  • bcolflesh says:

    Sam – you’ve “exceeded your email account quota”.

  • Jason says:

    First the Sonics and now UFC. I’m excited!

  • Evan says:

    IN…already planning a road trip and I have a pair of clamps and a ball gag for Bam.

  • Simco says:

    OKC has invested millions in development and subsidizing in the last decade to create the new, younger city that makes this possible. This is another very big step and I imagine the UFC is being taken care of fairly well for even considering this event.

  • Babalu says:

    SWEET!!!! I was at UFC 4 in Tulsa, now the UFC returns To Oklahoma! thank you Dana!

  • KS says:

    Better yet…. maybe a crowd that won’t boo when it goes to the ground 😉

  • Evan says:

    KS…I’m already volunteering to do crowd crontrol for that

  • B-Leshosu says:

    I just went pee in my pants a lil bit. Thank you for making my work day at my shithole job sooooooo much better. I hope it is true. I really really do.

  • Jason says:

    Yeah OKC wasn’t that special when I was growing up but they’ve spent a lot of money renovating the city lately and it’s already bringing in attractions. I don’t think they’ll have trouble selling tickets either.

  • pitbull17 says:

    count me in, i’m only 2 hours away, the day tickets become abailable i’m buying as many i can possibly afford

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    Well, UFC 88 and 89 in September and October are in Atlanta and England, respectively. So UFC 90 in November is a possibility.

    No way they would have UFC 91, their NYE show anywhere but Vegas. Same goes for their Super Bowl show which would UFC 93.

    So the possibilities are UFC 90, UFC 92 in January or March’s show which would be UFC 94.

    Unless it’s a Fight Night. Fight Night 16 should take place sometime around December with FN 17 following around March.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    Oh, by the by… I’m in Dallas so either way I’m there.

  • Next up, Wichita KS…we are building a new stadium/dome…hopefully the UFC can find some reason to come to Wichita.

  • rick says:

    count me in! I cant make the one in nebraska but Oklahoma City is even closer! Get the UFC in the MIDWEST Please!


  • aceyeager says:

    i also live 3 hours feom okc. i cant wait to see the ufc. and its not the sonics its the okc thunder

  • aceyeager says:

    and also a crowd wont bo when it goes to the ground is correct. okla. is all about wrestling. osu


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