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Fickett unable to take Strikeforce fight vs. Stewart

051208_sf_splashpage.jpg As mentioned by Adam Morgan on this site, Ariel Helwani of broke the news last night that the California State Athletic Commission did not clear Joe Riggs in time for a planned fight between he and Luke Stewart during scheduled for Strikeforce’s show tonight in San Jose, Calif.

Helwani followed up the report by revealing that Drew Fickett had been chose as a replacement for Riggs. However, in a strange turn of events, Fickett has been prevented from accepting the fight due to a previous contractual commitment, according to The long-time MMA veteran is already scheduled to fight Ryan Ford in Canada for the MFC welterweight title on July 25.

As of now, Stewart could be without an opponent for tonight’s show, which is scheduled to be televised on HDNet and will feature Gilbert Melendez defending the Strikeforce lightweight title against Josh Thomson.

If you’re a California-based welterweight with recent medicals, you might want to give Strikeforce a call.

We also now know the reason why Riggs wasn’t licensed. According to, Riggs took a prescribed percocet and a decision by CSAC was made not to clear him due to concerns that traces of the drug would still be in his system upon mandatory drug testing. It should be noted that it was Riggs’ camp who made the decision to notify the commission.

  • fightfan says:

    A prescribed PERCOCET???????? What a moron. He knows that it is on the list of BANNED medicines. He has also made it known in the past that Riggs has been ADDICTED to painkillers and has been struggling with them for a long time.

    And that is not why I said he is a moron. Moron because HE KNOWS that you cant have it in your system

    I know a little about opiate addiction(pain killers). And if you have been addicted to them at any point in your life……The only reason he would be taking them now is if he is still under the withdrawal symptoms and need it to be normal

  • bjjdenver says:

    If Riggs is in so much pain to take a percoset, which knocks me on my ass, then it probably is in his best interest to not be fighting anyways.

    I always pull for him, but I question his judgment when it comes to doing what is best for himself.

  • bjjdenver says:

    sorry, sp, percocet.

  • Sam Caplan says:


    What you say makes a lot of sense. However, another way of looking at it is that Riggs was willing to possibly fight hurt. If the guy just bowed out and made no attempt to gut it out, he’d get ripped for that. His back was possibly hurting so he decided to take something to get him to the point in which he could fight.

    To prevent a guy from fighting because of one percocet is crazy. Having covered the NFL, I am amazed at the differences between football and MMA. In the NFL, you’ve got guys shooting up pain killers in the locker room before the game like it’s no big deal. In MMA, a guy takes a pain pill and there’s zero tolerance.

  • bjjdenver says:


    Excellent point about the NFL, I think I am just a little concerned for Riggs overall health.

    I agree, having taken a legal, prescribed, relatively moderate painkiller, days before the fight, is a little bit over-doing it on the CSACs part.


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