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Wanderlei Silva’s next opponent could be Thiago Silva

200px-wanderleisilva.png After turning down a potential proposed light heavyweight bout vs. Brandon Vera at UFC Fight Night 14 on July 19, attention has turned to Wanderlei Silva’s next fight, which could take place in the fall.

According to the June 23 print edition of the Wrestling Observer, Silva’s likely next opponent is undefeated light heavyweight prospect Thiago Silva. The bout could take place in October despite the fact that Wanderlei Silva has reportedly asked not to be scheduled to fight again until December.

The Observer indicated that Wanderlei Silva was given a choice of facing either Thiago Silva or Lyoto Machida. A specific reason for while Thiago Silva is considered the more likely option than Machida was not given, although Dave Meltzer indicated that the UFC is having trouble finding willing opponents for Machida.

Silva returned to the UFC this past December following a nine-year stint in PRIDE. The fighter affectionately known as “The Axe Murderer” lost his re-debut at UFC 79, dropping a unanimous decision to Chuck Liddell. Silva bounced back with a win at UFC 84 in May, needing just 36 seconds to knock out Keith Jardine.

Thiago Silva is 4-0 since entering the UFC and holds notable wins over James Irvin, Tomasz Drwal, and Houston Alexander. He most recently fought at UFC 84 in May, where he submitted Antonio Mendes in the first round via punches.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    that could be an awesome fight, tho id like to see wandy take on lyoto too

  • dongbar says:

    Lyoto Machida > Everyone else at LHW

  • ak47 says:

    “Dave Meltzer indicated that the UFC is having trouble finding willing opponents for Machida”

    Doesn’t surprise me since Lyoto tends to make his competition just look bad, while putting forward a not-all-that-memorable fight.

  • fightfan says:

    Silva vs Silva….SWEET!!!

    Good fights and good fighters, not marketting horseshit like Bisping vs his 9th opponent(another scrub) or TUF fighter Sanchez and Grove fighting guys far beyond their talent level.

    I like a good brawl with a lot of action, just NOT when it is a “star” fighting someone that they heavily outclass, like a -500 favorite….And then have to hear Rogan and Co. talk abotu them like they are the 2nd coming of Christ and how OUTSTANDING they looked. When you place someone with nowhere near teh talent of his opponent, the fight is going to be one sided

  • Poor Machida. He’ll almost have to just get a title shot. It’s the best for both, Machida wants to be champion and will fight anyone and the UFC just wants him to lose. The best case for both is just giving him Rampage or Forrest.

  • laserline says:

    See I can’t understand why nobody wants to fight Machida.. eventually all roads are going to lead through him … I dont even think the UFC really wants him to lose because like his style or not he is probably the best LHW they have right now hence why people are ducking him left and right. My 2 cents.

  • matt says:

    Machida is gonna have a hard time finding opponents until he starts fighting instead of point fighting. He shows glimpses of a killer instinct but then fades back to Point karate mode. He’d be great in the WCL.

  • Chance says:

    If anyone thinks Wanderlei is ducking Machida,well, then the machida hype has gone too far.

  • Nick says:

    Pure Unadulterated Violence. I love that matchup! I cannot wait.

  • Derek B says:

    I say Machida vs. Alexander


    Machida vs. Jardine

  • Michael says:

    Has there ever been any talk of Machida moving to 185? Seems like he is a smaller LHW.

  • Derek B says:

    Batman vs. Machida

  • Dawny says:

    I like the idea of Machida fighting Alexander or Jardine. Machida has skills no doubt, but MOST UFC fighters come out to fight. They want to put on a good fight for the fans that will be talked about days after. That does not happen with Machida. Granted he is a good fighter, he is not entertaining. I bet if he were that more guys would want to fight him. Most guys wouldn’t mind risking a loss at the idea of a good fight. Think about it, Chuck and Wandy have been wanting to fight each other for a long time because they are both awesome fighters that put on a good fight for the fans – the loss is not a big deal in that case.

  • Jim says:

    #11: How long does Batman have to plan? =) If it’s short notice, Machida by decision. Otherwise, Batman by KO. Heh.

    Poor Wanderlei. His only choice is to fight a countryman. Isn’t Thiago Silva a Chute Boxe product, while Machida trains at Black House (or where ever Anderson Silva and the Nogueiras train)?

  • SayDown says:

    Like others have said, fighting Machida is a lose lose really. If you beat him then people will likely say that someone found his weak spot and he was over rated. If you lose then you lost to a guy that is typically a boring fighter.

  • Nick says:

    Great matchup. Really hard to pick a winner I think as its tough to know just how good Thiago Silva is. I guess we’ll find out if this one materialises.

  • Jez says:

    Wanderlei and Machida are friends, so I doubt he would fight him.

  • Rich S. says:

    sorry Thiago…

  • aaron babb says:

    I’ve thought that Thiago Silva vs machida seemed like a no brainer matchup since Machida beat Tito. Rogan and Dana White should easily be able to promote that as title eliminator type of fight. Winner gets the next LHW title shot. I’d buy that card. Plus Thiago has a style that will make Machida engage. Of course Wanderlei has an aggressive style as well. Machida has to be in there against an aggressive striker. That’s really the only place he hasn’t been tested yet.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I don’t really understand the criticism of Machida. If a guy can win without getting beaten to a pulp, why wouldn’t he? Stated another way, what kind of idiot would choose to take a beating if he could win without it?

  • woooburn says:

    i think i read somewhere that they offered vera a fight with machida (for his first go at 205) and he declined it as well.

    i think machida/jardine would be a good option for them to put together, as long as it’s on a card with more interesting matchups. if not jardine, then griffin if he loses next weekend. forrest seems like a guy who wouldnt hesistate to accept a fight with him.

    regardless, i’m excited for this silva/silva matchup. too bad it’s so damn far away.

  • matt says:

    #21…Forrest turned down a fight with machida already when UFC went to Ireland.

  • woooburn says:

    damn, really? nevermind me then!

  • Zack with a ck says:

    I’d bet two bits on the dollar that Machida fights either Jardine, Gouveia, or Shogun next.

  • RUSH says:

    Did Thiago and Wanderlei train at Chute Boxe at the same time??

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    I agree with #15 – it’s a ‘lose/lose’ fighting Machida. I have to say the guy has incredible speed . . . so if you get your track shoes on and somehow use your Jedi Mind Trick to get him to engage, and you have a good striking game, you’ve got a chance to score a win. And possibly break a land – speed record.
    The Machida lovers would have a point about his fighting style if he had finished Tito. Otherwise, it’s a chipper’s convention and it’s not as interesting to us cavemen who like to see strength vs. strength. We apologize. And no, you can’t have back fire or the wheel. Try and take either and we will beat you up. Once we catch you.

  • irishcaveman says:

    #I am a HUGE Machida fan but I must admit you have truly addressed the machida issue in great form.

  • Nate says:

    Wanderlei isnt getting anything easy. The next matches are going to be tough for him. Though he is a freaking crazy man. I love watching him fight.

  • Chris says:

    I like this fight for sure. Solid fight. And as for the Machida thing, i totally understand why people don’t want to fight him. Yes, he is a great fighter by all means; he just tends to have not the most exciting fights. And then on top of that, he will usually go to a decision and that’s hard to promote someone like that. I personally like Machida and realize he is great but i do agree with his fights being not so exciting.

  • dudemeister says:

    It’s actually pretty simple. Here is the best strategy to use against Machida – throw a leg kick and he will move back and then unleash a barrage of punches straight to his chin! BANG! KAPOW! ZAVAK! KAPUT! Knockout!
    But on a serious tip – Anderson Silva never has a boring fight. He would be the opponent for an action packed match up . The Dragon vs The Spider

  • MMAKansas says:

    Countryman or not… Lyoto trains with Anderson Silva OF Chuteboxe, and I think that he would simply frustrate Wand all the way to a decision or get knocked out in the 2nd round.

  • Zack with a ck says:

    Machida has grown on me. Call me goofy, but I liked the fight with Tito. Machida’s style is like the old Pixies/Nirvana formula for writing college rock -quiet/loud/quiet/loud. He heightens the tension in a fight by alternating between the boring inactive defensive moments and the sudden moments of agression.

    And to be fair to the French-Canadian Caveman above at #26, Lyoto nearly finished Tito twice in that fight. Tito isn’t exactly a pansy.

  • HexRei says:

    @#31 You’re not goofy, I liked it too. I don’t see anything wrong with the way he fights, there’s not reason to plant your feet and swing for the fences when you can kick ass the way he does.

  • HexRei says:

    That’s not to say Machida doesn’t throw hard punches, I just meant he doesn’t just stand there in front of the other guy and rely on his chin as his only defense.

  • Mikey Gilz says:

    Silva vs. Silva would be a good fight to watch. Although is it too much to ask for to give Wanderlei a can? I mean. He hasn’t fought a relatively easy opponent in years. Just give him somebody he can whip up on to give american fans a chance to get behind him. Let him fight Jardine 6 more times…… on the next card.

    As for Machida…… it’s called Mixed-Martial-Arts

    You don’t like his karate?…. Go watch Boxing.

  • paddiosf says:

    Wow, what a matchup but most of the Brasilian fighters are freinds or former training partners, Thiago and Wanderlei where at Chute Boxe..Anderson, Machida both have trained together, Shogun/Wanderlei may not want to fight each other because of there’ll be interesting to see how the matchups line up..

  • DPK says:

    I think that Machida should get the next title shot against the Forrest/Rampage winner, and that Silva v Silva should be for the next title shot after that. If they aren’t going to give Machida a title shot then I’d like to see him in against either the Forrest/Rampage loser, or Shogun.

  • defsteve says:

    “UFC 89 – Card Subject To Change” 😉
    Birmingham, UK
    October 18th 2008

    Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami (MW Title)
    Wanderlei Silva vs Tiago Silva
    Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben
    Dan Hardy vs TBA
    Terry Etim vs TBA

  • defsteve says:

    I meant Wanderlei Silva vs Thiago Silva


  • MoreThanUFC says:

    31… Anderson Silva trains at and owns Black House with the Noguiera bros. He hasnt been at Chute Boxe for a long time.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    Zack with a ck and Hex, I’m with you guys.

    Machida has REALLY grown on me in the past year and a half. His fight with Tito was great.

  • Zack with a ck says:

    If Wandy beats T Silva, I’d rather it be Wandy that faces winner of Rampage/Forrest on NYE than the winner of Chuck/Rashad. That’s probably wishful thinking on my part, and they are obviously looking to set up a Chuck/Rampage rematch.

    Funny that both matchups – Chuck/Rampage or Wandy/Rampage – would both be bizzaro rubber matches

  • Hooner says:

    Three people you will never see Wand fight: Shogun, A.Silva, Machida.

    Why???? — He’s friends with them.

  • king mah mah says:

    I like Wanderlei, but he’s losing credibility being friends with machida! Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amundson says:

    wandy just said he would fight anderson silva actually

  • semper fresh says:

    Machida is a runner. I dont like watching his fights. I hope he looses and retires. Thiago use to be part of chute boxe. Not sure if silva will except fighting another chute boxe person. That academy does its best to avoid this. I have never heard nor seen two chute boxe academy fighters competing against each other. Its not like here in the states. Where you are willing to fight and take your training partners family all at once. They respect each others. Dont think this will happen. But thiago fights threw a different camp. Silva has his own camp. So I would give it a 30% chance of actually happening. Regardless. Machida is a lame fighter to watch. If he is friends with wandy. I hope wandy gives him a talking about giving a good fight for the people. Machida is lame.


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