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UFC 86 Rampage Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin updated fight card


UFC 86 just might be my favorite card of the year. There are so many built in storylines…

  • Rampage vs. Forrest is getting all the attention but what about Joe Stevenson making his return to the octagon for the first time since BJ Penn made blood squirt out of his forehead (that’s right, Joe Daddy hasn’t fought since Jan ’08).
  • There’s also the return of the King of Pancrase Big Dog Almeida, can his stand up hold off the heavy handed Cote?
  • Does anyone expect Kos and Lytle to go all 3 rounds? I sure don’t.
  • Aurelio vs the other Griffin is the match I’m looking forward to the most. Both these 155 lbers are BEASTS.
  • On the undercard, Gonzaga will try once again to make his headkick KO of Cro Cop seem like it wasn’t a fluke afterall.
  • And last but not least, the man who talks so much shit (even when he loses), Melvin Guillard is back in the UFC. If TUF noobs think Jesse Taylor is king of the knuckleheads, they need to get re-introduced to Mr. Guillard.

I cannot wait for this event.

Main Card

  • Quinton Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin (UFC Light Heavyweight Title)
  • Gleison Tibau vs. Joe Stevenson
  • Patrick Cote vs. Ricardo Almeida
  • Chris Lytle vs. Josh Koscheck
  • Tyson Griffin vs. Marcus Aurelio


  • Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Justin McCully
  • Corey Hill vs. Justin Buchholz
  • Cole Miller vs. Jorge Gurgel
  • Melvin Guillard vs. Dennis Siver

Fight card subject to change; bouts will be added as we confirm them.

When: July 5 ’08
Where: Mandalay Bay; Las Vegas, NV
Watch: PPV

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  • mikee says:

    Very good card. Hopefully after Gurgel takes this one to a boring decision too, they might let him go! Who knows, maybe he’ll surprise me.

  • Jay K. says:

    Koscheck, Gonzaga and Saunders are on their way to an easy payday. Those three fights are a no brainer as to who’s going to win.

    Jay K.

  • The Legend says:

    Saunders/Rollins got moved to UFC 87.

  • JJ says:

    “If TUF noobs think Jesse Taylor is king of the knuckleheads, they need to get re-introduced to Mr. Guillard.”


  • HexRei says:


    Don’t underestimate Lytle. The guy is very tough with a lot of experience and although he will probably never be champ at this point, he took Hughes and Serra both to hard-fought decisions and has only ever lost to decision or cut- the guy has never been KO’ed or submitted in 45 fights and he’s faced the best in the business.

    And I for one don’t think Kos’ chin is as hard as Lytle’s, given his KO loss to Fickett. Lytle has boxed professionally and has strong standup and if he can defend Kos’ takedowns we may see that be a major factor. This is definitely not a gimme for Kos.

  • PokerFace says:

    Who gets the winner of Jackson vs. Griffin?

  • Evan says:

    “If TUF noobs think Jesse Taylor is king of the knuckleheads, they need to get re-introduced to Mr. Guillard. ”

    well done

  • Ehyo says:

    Kos didnt get KO’d by Fickett. He lost by RNC towards the end of the 3rd.

  • HexRei says:

    Oops, you’re right. Long time since I watched that fight. Still, the knee precipitated the choke. The guy can definitely be rocked.

  • jackson187 says:

    @ #4:

    Get drunk and smash a window… you’ve punched your ticket out the UFC
    Come to a fight tweaked on coke… and Dana invites you over to his house the next day to show you his stable of white ponies

  • Rich S. says:

    “Does anyone expect Kos and Lytle to go all 3 rounds? I sure don’t.”

    maybe it will. maybe it won’t.

    but i DEFINITELY expect it to get FOTN honors.. there’s no doubt in my mind..


    i’m giving it to Lytle, triangle choke..

  • saerbarnet says:

    What in the hell is Melvin doing back in the UFC?

  • Jay K. says:


    Lytle’s no pushover, but I don’t see him winning this fight.

    Even considering Kos’ improved stand up, he’s no match for Lytle. Therefore, this one will go to the ground where Lytle will get worked with a quickness a la Matt Hughes style.

    Jay K.

  • Al says:

    Is that also Corey Hill’s debut?

  • DougDrex says:

    If anyone doubts the importance of TUF as a method of finding MMA talent, just look at this fight card. There are only two fights that do not have at least one fighter who has appeared on a TUF season.


  • aaron babb says:

    Corey Hill fought some Veres guy a couple months back on an undercard. Expect him to be spoonfed for the time being.

  • Rich S. says:

    no, Corey Hill debut’d with a TKO victory a few UFN’s back..

    Jay K. – “Even considering Kos’ improved stand up, he’s no match for Lytle. Therefore, this one will go to the ground where Lytle will get worked with a quickness a la Matt Hughes style.”

    we all know Lytle’s a boxer.. but his BJJ is phenomenal.. i’m predicting that he’ll make Kos look like Burkman in the Hazelett fight [that is, if it goes to the ground, after all, 70% of his wins came by submission].. transition after transition.. omoplata’s armbar’s and triangle’s coming out of no where.. i could see why someone who hasn’t seen many of Lytle’s fights would count him out.. because he has some bad luck.. but he’s found new life in care-free-go-for-broke fighting after his last victory came in at just over the 30 sec. mark.. i think he’ll lay it all on the line and take this as being the fight of his life.. but.. we’ll see.. i know Kos doesn’t play around..

    and as for your comment on GG getting an easy win over McCully.. i don’t know about that.. as far as i see.. GG could EASILY become a victim of lay’n’pray here..

    i’d like to see who agrees with me here: i think Lytle has had one of the hardest careers of any non-title holder in UFC history..

    i mean, he started off with current MW champ Robbie Lawler.. that was a down-right AMAZING fight.. but a loss.. then he moves on to fight Tiki.. gets a win.. skip a fight.. and then he’s facing Karo freakin’ Parisyan.. loses a UD.. and moves on to Joe Freakin’ Riggs.. loses via cut.. then, he makes it all the way through TUF and gets Matt Serra.. and loses a split decision that i thought he won.. so now he’s got 3 straight losses [in the UFC], and they give him MATT HUGHES!!! so he loses a UD.. and then gets a beautiful win over Jason Gilliam.. and moves straight on to THIAGO FREAKIN’ ALVES!

    idk.. i’m sure he -asked- for some of those fights.. but still.. that’s one tough career.. i’m just glad they keep him around.. every one of his fights is entertaining..

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I try to leave sentiment out of it, but I’m backing Lytle all the way. I thought he was a class act on TUF and he’s done well against formidible opponents. I don’t have anything bad to say about Kos, but “Lights Out” is my man in this one.

  • Rich S. says:

    oh, and.. i pick Guillard to win.. one word.. Gogoplata!!! :)

  • C-Pop says:

    Why is

  • C-Pop says:

    Why is there only 9 fights.
    Sorry it took me 3 comments to spit that out.

  • Dayzah says:

    was wondering the same thing , im going too this event so I hope they throw something else on here =( wtf..

  • Nate says:

    Favorite card of the year? are you kidding?
    UFC 84, Hello!
    UFC 84 good card before the fights.. then it became card of the year(so far). Every fight on the card was exciting, most were awesome. They televised ALL the fights, that means most were fast and awesome. (2 decisions, but they werent lay and pray snoozefests at least.)

    I am looking forward to UFC 86 because of 1 fight: Rampage vs Forrest
    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Everyone knows it is going to be AWESOME. I also kind of want to see:
    Gabriel Gonzaga
    Chris Lytle
    Ricardo Almeida
    and Corey Hill (2 knockouts, both in @ 30sec)

    Everyone I recognize on the rest of the card are guys I hate to watch & I think are boring for the sport. I never liked Joe Stevenson, too much lay and pray. Guillard, is horrid. I want to see Tyson Griffin because he beat Urijah, but his last 4 fights were decisions. Ugh. I cant wait until July 19th. Someone want to shed some light on the other fighters to contradict? I welcome it, but I dont see it happening.

  • Nate says:

    ps: nice comment on Guillard, hilarious.

  • Cobra Kai says:

    Guillard needs to be out of the UFC. His only win since 2006 was to a guy at Rage in the Cage whose nickname is “short bus”. The guy has fought 20 fights in 2 years and is 10-10. He is tough but not exactly UFC level.

    Gurgel needs to be out of the UFC as well. If miller beats him there should be no question about it. All of his fights in the UFC go to decision. He is 3-2 in the UFC but all of his wins have been against guys who are 0-1, 0-2, and 0-3 in the UFC. Gurgel must have pictures of Dana and Tito making out, I have no idea why they are trying to keep him in the UFC.

  • HexRei says:

    @#26 Guillard fought in RITC because he had lost those last two fights (in addition to the drug test and being a douche to his last two opponents, both of which I think hurt his career in the eyes of the UFC). Dana told him to go get a win somewhere else and not to come back till he did.

    That’s what he’s done. At least let him show what he has in this next fight… the kid is exploding with potential, he just needs to learn discipline and humility, and maybe during his 6 month forced vacation from the UFC, he has.

  • Cobra Kai says:

    @ #27 – I know why he fought in RITC. My point is that he didn’t win a decent fight out of the UFC, it wasn’t any type test for him. It’s not like he even beat the champ of RITC. He beat the 5th ranked guy in RITC. I doubt he has learned any humility. He was being a douche at the RITC event.

  • HexRei says:


    I’ll agree, it certainly wasn’t a tough opponent. But then, there aren’t a lot of top LW’s outside of Zuffa-owned orgs and Japan these days. I didn’t see the RITC event so I can’t comment on his behavior but if that’s true it’s disappointing. You can’t get away with being a jerk for long unless you can win fights against top guys. But I still say, let’s wait and see. Maybe he’s still a douche, but has become a douche with a work ethic.

  • Cobra Kai says:


    Here is the fight if you want to see it:

  • Cobra Kai says:

    He is pretty humble in the video, but off camera he was not so cool.

  • true mma fan says:

    what i don’t understand is how just how is griffen even in the top 5 .he got mutilated by jardine then he gets a win over a out of shape first time in the cage shogun .yeah he did do a good job against shogun but nothing major yeah the win but being a all around mma fan shogun wasn’t shogun and being shoguns first time in the cage he showed a lil ring rust.
    then there is the next tuf 8 with mir and nogueria wow i just don’t understand how mir gets 2 fights back under his belt in the ufc which in my mind he looked horrible against lesner till the heel hook. to me he needs to prove himself to be back in the running against better opponents befor he gets a title shot but the heavyweight class doesn’t have anyone to impresive in it right now but still i beleive you have to earn your shot at a title and this is sorta becoming the downfall for the ufc cause they seem to be just makeing some bad mistakes on title defenses.
    this is just my opinion

  • Rich S. says:

    oh great, another Mir basher.. ok.. look at it this way.. who do YOU think should get a title shot??

    Heath Herring? HELL NO.
    Chieck Kongo? he lost his last fight.
    Eddie Sanchez? HELLLLLLLL NO.
    Antoni Hardonk? …
    Cain Velasquez? Yeah, after a few more fights. And the same goes for that BEAST, Shane Carwin..

    but in the mean time, to keep the champ busy/have another TUF/have a headline.. why not give Mir the opportunity.. plus, he never really LOST his belt in COMPETITION sooo.. i say he deserves it..

    “what i don’t understand is how just how is griffen even in the top 5 .he got mutilated by jardine then he gets a win over a out of shape first time in the cage shogun”

    Shogun might have been a little rusty.. and a little out of shape.. but WHEN Forrest beat him.. he WAS [not “widely considered”, he WAS] the best LHW in the world.. bottom line.. so, here’s how i see it.. if you’re coming off a victory [Forrest UD over Hector Ramerez] and you beat the best LHW in the world… why NOT get a title shot?

  • true mma fan says:

    ok i can see what you are saying on the MIR situation i am not a MIR basher but i just feel that they sorta need a tournament like in the original UFC with all the other heavyweights in the UFC to purley clarify who the #1 contender.i understand that hearing shouldn’t get a rematch and there is no one in the ufc HW division that really stands out but i just beleive that MIR needs one more atleast contender fight after coming back to get this title shot.thats why i beleive the UFC and mostly dana white is falling apart. and i think if they went with the original format of a tounament style situation and then we would have a stand out HW contender and it would also introduce The world to a few more heavy weights that are not well known or not known to the mma community.
    on the forrest situation yeah just cause ZUFFA and the UFC placed the placard of RUA being the “best LHW in the world” doesn’t make it so cause how can you be the best if you havn’t beaten the best and at the time HENDERSON was the EX champ of PRIDE and yeah i beleive that RUA sorta did get robbed by the decision during the hendo rua fight but a loss is a loss .
    to me even if you do beat the so called best in the world that isn’t the CHAMP i still beleive he still has to prove himself a lil more maybe one more fight against a UFC contender (someone who is proven in the UFC ) befor he got his title lyoto michida,thiago silva,chucky,rashad,henderson,or atleast a rematch with jardine and if he gets a win over any of them then in my eyes he deserves a shot at the title.

  • true mma fan says:

    and who the fuck is a hector rameriz anyways 6-2 record befor griffin and 0-1 record in the UFC they threw him to the dogs (griffin)just so DANA’s lap dog (griffin) could get back on a better fight track
    WHY didn’t griffin fight the sand man (james irvin) cause if griffin couldn’t beat the shit out of ramirez shit he would probably get stomped by irvin.


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