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TUF 7 Finale Results


Here’s the results of the TUF 7 FINALE event:

  • Kendall Grove def. Evan Tanner via Split Decision
  • Diego Sanchez def. Luigi Fioravanti via TKO (punches) Rd 3.
  • Amir Sadollah def. CB Dollaway via Armbar Submission Rd 1.
  • Spencer Fisher def. Jeremy Stephens via Unanimous Decision
  • Matthew Riddle def. Dante Rivera via Unanimous Decision


  • Dustin Hazelett def. Josh Burkman via Armbar Submission Rd 2
  • Dean Lister def. Jeremy Horn via Guillotine Choke Submission Rd 1.
  • Drew McFedries def. Marvin Eastman via TKO (punches) Rd 1
  • Rob Kimmons def. Rob Yundt via Guillotine Choke Submission Rd 1.
  • Matt Brown def. Matt Arroyo via TKO (punches) Rd 2.

Tim Credeur vs. Cale Yarbrough – canceled due to Credeur testing positive for the ADHD drug Adderall.

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  • Rich B says:

    I’m CB, and CB doesn’t tap. CB was giving CB a self high five, but CB missed.

  • Patrick says:

    Amir is the win. The Win. RVA!

  • DPK says:

    That arm bar didn’t look that bad, he definitly tapped, but I don’t think he had to, and he realized it as soon as he did it. We’ll see more of CB, he just needs to work on his submission defense. Great job Amir, look forward to seeing more of his fights.

  • fightfan says:

    CB tried to get over on people. CB didnt tap. Until CB seen the replays and relized that the camera caught good angles of CB crying UNCLE again. Therefore CB could try and deny it.

    Although CB’s intention was to deny deny deny, especially if the camera didnt show a good replay of it.

    Amir for President. Add him to my list of favorite fighters. Not cause he is the best, just for his accomplishment on TUF 7 as a ROOKIE and his class!!!

  • fightfan says:

    AndI am so sick of the praising of Diego and Grove by Rogan and Goldie. I mean they are treating them like they are the 2nd coming of Christ.

    I mean Tanner looks HORRIBLE and Luigi is about the SLOWEST man on earth. Sure ANYONE WILL good against fighters like that. Tanner is HORRIBLE!!!!

    They are ruining the fights for me on top of Grove and Sanchez’ nuts so BADLY. It is getting ridiculis. God, they both had decent fights, nothign SPECATACTULAR, ESPECIALLY against the competition

  • Kogepan says:

    worst card ever.

    Evan Tanner vs Grove in a ‘loser goes to EliteXC fight’ as the main event? WTF…

  • Tertio says:

    Dude Burkman lost via armbar you got it wrong.

  • says:

    CB didnt show much of anything during the season. he struggled with everyone he fought. He wasnt the goldenboy that they played him out to be. K. Grove sucks and struggled the distance with a stale over the hill fighter. Diego needs to realize that the only nightmare he delivers is the one i’m gonna have tonight remembering how lame that fight was. Wow i can barely kick the poop out of an ex-overweight-marine.

  • fightfan says:


    Eastman looked like me way back at UFC IV. Me and my buddies order every PPV back then. I drank an entire 5th of Bacardi. And well my buddy just said now that I looked just like Eastman just did staggering around helplessly.

    Good times….Good times

  • Patrick says:

    I enjoyed the fights, a free night of mma is always cool just to sit down and watch and some of the fights were pretty entertaining for sure.

    Easy fix for the people who keep whining about shit: Turn the t.v. off, it’s not like you paid for the damn ppv or something here.

    Gettin sick of the constant whining, at least the fights tonight were legit unlike the CBS fights. Meh. Meh to everyone!

  • fightfan says:


    Evan Tanner has been spotted at the blackjack table ALREADY. He is down half his purse so far. He said he already bought a couple cases of tuna and a few loaves of bread for after the bender and when he is penniless

  • says:

    true, its a lot better then watching the fixed fight cards of the dieing, soon to be dead sport know as professional boxing. Don King killed that sport and what was birthed was a the UFC and i rest well with that

  • DPK says:

    The judge who scored the fight for Tanner, should never be allowed to judge an MMA fight again, and this is coming from someone who thought Tanner would win, and wanted to see Grove lose and be out of the UFC.

    Rogan was way off his game tonight, I usually like him, but he just wasn’t into it tonight. The highlight of the night was the Tanner is in competition with Kimbo for the best beard in MMA comment, and that was ripped of

    Overall I liked the fights, can’t bitch about free MMA. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sanchez fight Alves

  • Mike says:

    VA represent admir is the forest

  • jesse says:

    Another Update…………………

    Evan Tanner is now working as a lumberjack.

    (BTW, Congrats Amir!)

  • Mike says:

    the next forest griffen my bad

  • Rich S. says:


    Tanner looked way better than in the Okami fight, but, obviously, he’s done.. and that sucks.. because i really like Tanner..

    secondly, fightfan, saying Luigi is the slowest man on earth is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard.. i don’t like Luigi, i’ve never liked him, but tonight, his punches were fast, and they landed on point, it’s just all the power was in Diego’s hands.. not his.. GREAT JOB DIEGO..

    thirdly, Marvin Eastman is in the UFC for one reason, and one reason only, and that is.. to get KO’d.. first Vitor, then Lutter, then Rampage, then there was some kind of miracle in which he beat heavy-handed Terry Martin, and then right back to his KO-ness with McFedries..

    fourthly, i never liked CB, i had Amir the whole way, and i’m glad to see him pull through.. he looks a lot better since the show ended.. but i think he should go WW because the UFC’s MW division is just too BEASTLY for anyone less than perfect to survive in for long..

    fifthly, seeing Horn lose to another low level sub, the guillotine, makes me really sad.. he needs to hang ’em up and coach full time now.. he can’t wait to get fired because the UFC will never let him go.. kinda like Elvis Sinosic.. no matter what they do, there’s always a fight for Elvis or Horn here in the UFC..

    and sixthly,
    fightfan, you are a straight up DICK.. to joke about someone’s struggles with alcoholism or gambling is down-right sick..

  • Chris says:

    Yeah Hazelett won the fight for sure.

  • Echolocating says:

    What was with the judge who scored it 29-28 for Tanner? I know the UFC can’t do anything about the judging, but I’d be surprised if there isn’t a response from the athletic commission. The other 2 judges scored it 30-26 for Grove. You can’t have judging be that diverse. If that’s the result of professional and accountable judging, you might as well let people off the street judge fights. The result would be no different.

    Other than that, the card was pretty good. Better than good if you consider that there really wasn’t any major headliners to raise the excitement level. I cannot wait for July 19th. 😉

  • mattio says:

    Tanner was so much smaller than Grove that every kneestrike he threw was going to hit Grove’s groin. That just isn’t fair. That just tips the scales toward one opponent over the other.

  • mmaking says:

    Grove looked good against any over matched, over the hill fighter. Feel sorry for Tanner, he seems like a good guy, but he needs to hang em up.

    Im glad Amir pulled it out! CB is going to be a contender one day, but the deserving fighter won it! I can’t wait to see what they have planned for Amir. I think he needs to move down a weight class!

    Diego looked awesome. Improved stand up, was super aggressive and he took some good shoots from lf. I was very impressed, i think he is back! I would love to see a rematch with kos!!!

    Hope July 19th is awesome, but bofore than, cant wait for boris to shock the world again and beat page! I love page, but boris has something that most fighters lack: the will to survive!!! I’m taking boris in a rear naked choke victory in the third round!

    Page will be back, i see him and lidell in a crash course, after lidell disposes of evans!

  • maddog says:

    The ufc must have hired elitexc judges

  • pitbull17 says:

    @ #6 kogepan

    dude stop watching UFC then, this was a decent card, Grove has a lot to learn but his striking looked crisp. And all the other people saying this was a bad card must be Kimbo fans because this was a way better card than what the trash that was on CBS. Diego looked good, he showed a good chin and was aggressive like he was before he fought Koz. Amir suprised alot of people by pulling an armbar on CB twice!!!. I was happy with this card especially for the ultra-low price of FREE!!!

  • mmaking says:

    Ya, that judge who gave a round to tanner must be ralted to murgliota or something! That was horrible!!!

    Grove won all three rounds and showed some mental toughness, something he lacked against cote and rivera.

    A side note! Did anyone else see tito in the crowed wearing some 80’s white and black pin striped slacks, he look super gay!!!! Jenna must be on top!

  • maddog says:

    Loved the card. I am talking about the judge that had tanner 29-28

  • mmaking says:

    in a lose, i was impressed by stephans, he looked great in his loss to thomas and than totally overwhelmed miller, unfortunately he loss tonight! He will bounce back. Fisher look like the typical fisher, i still dont think he will get a championship shot! that weight class is way to loaded! Frankie edgar exposed him, so i dont see much of a future for fisher.

  • fightfan says:

    Rich S.

    Straight up, down, sideways, inside and out…your mom dont seem to mind. Not my fault you are in love with Tanner. Yeah its my fault he is a degnerate alcoholic and gambler.

  • Layne Kieschnick says:

    Evan Tanner is one of my favorite fighters because of his heart and solid game — Man, the dude is 39…put him in the octagon when he is 25 along with Grove and he rips him up in the first round GUARANTEED.. That man does not give up…& mad props to Rampage Jackson..Great fighter — but you gotta be kidding me, Forrest win by luck??? Dude, that guy is the real deal…I’m calling Forrest by an apesh*t flurry of punches to the head while Rampage is on the ground gettin’ beat down!! YEZZIRRRRRRRR

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    I think that was meant as a compliment.
    By the way,I’m a recovering alcoholic and I thought it was hilarious.

    All hail the Amir-bar.

  • pitbull17 says:

    nah man it’s not your fault tanner has an alcohol problem, but it is your problem that your an asshole. You don’t have the right to talk shit about anybody who has the balls to step in front of millions of people and fight, because you don’t do it, so shut up, you wouldn’t say it to his face cause he’d whip your ass so don’t say it from the saftey of your moms basement, loser!

  • bjjdenver says:

    Fightfan, why don’t you go back to Sherdog? You aren’t funny and your remarks are uncalled for.

    As for CB being a contender…

    I picked him to win the season, but it is evident that he is a target for submissions. I see no way he contends at 185, a division loaded with slick bjj guys.

    Congrats to Amir, a guy with no pro fights wins TUF. Awesome.

  • double A-ron says:

    @ # 13. lol, U r right about Everything u said.What fight was that ref watching? I thought the Sanchez fight was pretty good and so was the stevens-fisher fight all the others were one sided and easy predictions, but all were worth the money. Rogan I think is getting hard to listen to him. They need to put Florian back in there to commentate.

  • king mah mah says:

    Had to work and missed the show, but i really wanted tanner to make a come back. Diego is ready for kos and will win that rematch!

  • JollyDV says:

    First let me say that I love this website. I read it everyday for the updates and opinions from the writers. I don’t always read the comments, but sometimes do. Mostly after a fight card I do read them to get the views of other fans. I often come into the website with an opinion but after reading the writers views and the comments made, I have found myself changing my opinion. I realize that maybe I wasn’t seeing the whole picture. etc. My point is that I am not an expert, nor will I ever be, and by keeping an open mind I am able to learn from others who enjoy this website and the comment section that is allowed.

    That being said, I came here this morning and read all the comments, then left the website and read USAToday. The whole time in the back of my mind the comments were still rolling around in my head and I came back to post. Everyone of us who leaves a comment has something to offer. I have gotten much from others who comment. Everyone’s opinion is valued. If someone decides to post a comment poking fun at someones weakness, in todays case disease, then they can. It may be funny to some, but not to others. It was done in poor taste, it was low, it just wasn’t nice. Keep in mind this is just my opinion. What was the point? I understand if you make fun of his performance in the octagon, but not making fun of someone’s addictions. In turn, other posters address it in their own way, which starts a bunch of hateful comments. I hate that.

    Sam wrote an article the other week after the EliteXC CBS card, and in the article he said something to the effect of some people don’t know where to draw the line with their comments, but that this is the internet and there is no line. How very true. I initially chose to ignore fightfans comments, but others chose to tell him how distasteful his post was. Instead of realizing his faux paux he still thinks it okay to post personal attacks that aren’t true. The post was a straight up lie, and he did not see Tanner in a casino gambling, etc. I am not sure, but I believe that can be construed as libel.

    So, just a small request. Keep all the fight opinions coming, but not the personal attacks and lies that defame others. Help keep this site enjoyable and informative for others. And sure, anytime “the line” is crossed, just stand corrected and let it go. Please.

  • C-Pop says:

    Lighten up, I don’t read comments to get facts/scoops (blackjack table Tanner), i read it for the humor.
    He came into the cage looking homeless.
    That is not the Tanner I ever want to think of.
    He was a shell of himself and looked terrible.
    If anyone wants to make some jokes about that feel free.
    If no one did, I would not read the comments.

  • JollyDV says:

    ok, I will lighten up.

    But he didn’t make jokes about Tanner looking homeless or a shell of himself or even that he looked terrible. He said he was in a casino and had gambled half his purse away. If you think that is funny, fine. I don’t.

    I guess we are just two different people that read this site for different reasons.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    I’m with Jolly.

    Cracking jokes about Tanner going back to chopping down trees or being the white Kimbo Slice is fine.

    But making fun of a mental illness, which addiction of any kind is, is crossing the line.


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