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5 Oz. Feature: Jesse Taylor still belongs in TUF 7 middleweight final

i1.jpgLas Vegas, Nevada — Thursday’s airing of the final taped episode for the seventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter” brought mixed emotions for me.

On one hand, I think Jesse Taylor is the biggest idiot in the world for blowing the biggest opportunity in his life over something as trivial as alcohol.

On the other hand, I think Taylor is a good person whose punishment might not necessarily fit the crime.

Taylor clearly deserved a reprimand of some kind for his post-TUF 7 celebration that, according to UFC President Dana White, involved kicking out the window of a limousine on Station Casinos property and then verbally accosting several of the casino’s female patrons.

White was one hundred percent correct in his assertion that Taylor’s behavior was unbecoming of a UFC fighter. And Taylor’s decision to commit such infractions on casino owned by the owners of the UFC clearly shows he lacks basic judgment abilities.

That said, I can’t help but wonder though if his decision to remove Taylor from the TUF 7 live finale and out of the UFC entirely was too much.

Taylor is neither the first fighter in the history of the UFC to get caught up in what industry insiders refer to as “the MMA lifestyle” and he’s not the first member of a TUF cast to ever destroy property.

Chuck Liddell has been depicted several times on video as being someone who might like to party a little too much. There have also been eyewitness accounts of him carousing in Las Vegas the night of/morning of a big fight. And when Liddell did his infamous Nyquil interview last year with a local television station, White felt compelled to go out to California and have a talk with his marquee star.

Not to mention, was it just several weeks ago where TUF 7 fighters were depicted causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the TUF Mansion simply because they were bored?

I realize the analogies aren’t perfect. For one, there are different conduct standards that apply to stars of the UFC in comparison to the fighters trying to break into the promotion. In this scenario, the UFC is no different than any other major sports organization when it comes to applying a double-standard.

I also realize the fighters caused their damage inside of the house as opposed to in public. So, since it was inside, the incident was only seen by million of television viewers as opposed to a few hundred patrons at a casino.

Oh wait, that doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Kind of like how it doesn’t make sense that Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver was never formally disciplined for his arrest in San Diego for assault or the fact that Rob Emerson was welcomed back to the UFC with open arms even after his pre-UFC past as a suburban gangster in the “Lords of South County” (or is it “Lordz” with a “Z”?) was brought to light.

Does the decision to boot Taylor while Emerson and Koppenhaver are gainfully employed send the message that it’s okay to strike a person on property that is not owned by Frank or Lorenzo Fertitta but it’s not okay to kick a window out at a casino owned by the Fertittas?

I’m not sure what message it sends because I’m really confused. I’m not saying Koppenhaver or Emerson shouldn’t be in the UFC, merely that if they weren’t publicly reprimanded, why was Taylor? Unless there are some things Taylor did that are being covered up, the decision to remove him from the finale was too harsh.

White made the point that “these are guys that aren’t in the UFC, they are trying to be UFC fighters.” While I understand his point that they need to make the right decisions when trying to get hired by the UFC, I would counter that they are already in the UFC. Every fighter that appears on TUF signs a contract that gives Zuffa to the option to pick up their contract at the conclusion of taping.

Zuffa holds an option to use the fighter but the fighter doesn’t hold the option to fight for another promotion if his option is picked up. So in my eyes, Taylor was already property of the UFC and if the promotion has shown a willingness to offer second chances to other fighters on its roster, why not Taylor?

In the end, Taylor has nobody to blame but himself. I felt he came across as a good person on the show that simply had some maturity issues to work on. Hopefully he learned his lesson and will make changes in his lifestyle and hopefully the UFC gives him a second chance.

Based on some of the comments made by White when he was dismissing Taylor and Taylor’s video interview that was made available immediately after the show on Spike TV, I feel odds are good that he will indeed be given another shot. I just believe he should have been given that shot and allowed to compete in Saturday’s middleweight final.

  • joe says:

    great article as always sam. i agree with your comments, i cant help but think this was done for tv drama reasons and also that the casino was their casino. either way JT will get his match with either or down the line when it can draw bigger money than now.

  • Derek B says:

    agreed 100%!

    I think Jesse deserves another shot. I think he deserves to be in the Finale. He’s trying to get help and is doing everything he should be doing by going to the AA Meetings and what not. He made a big mistake and I think he should be granted the opportunity to fight in the UFC again. He is one of the toughest fighters in the house, and I think he would have done well against Amir.

    Dana White made a wise decision by doing what he did, but I’m sure that he could have just had a talk with Jesse and explained that what he did was unaccepted, but I think he knew the rating would hit the roof if they had a surprise at the last episode. I feel it’s all about the ratings of the show. Noone knew that any of this happened until the show aired.

    If Dana wanted to he could have kept Jesse’s outburst hidden away from the public. I think Jesse is a tough guy and he deserves a shot in the UFC.

  • JoHn says:

    i agree, i think the punishment was a little harsh, but in the same hand, he should have known better than to act like an idiot, i also agree with your comparison to the house and viewers, but he was also the biggest contributor to the damage to the house, if he wasnt made an example of no telling what would have happened in future shows or after

  • Two Toes says:

    “I’m not sure what message it sends because I’m really confused. I’m not saying Koppenhaver or Emerson shouldn’t be in the UFC, merely that if they weren’t publicly reprimanded, why was Taylor?”

    It wasn’t that long ago that there was no policy regarding these kinds of incidents. Just recently they adopted a new policy and brought all the fighters in and read them the riot act. The Emerson, Koppenhaver and Liddell incidents took place long before they put said new policy on the books.

  • woooburn says:

    sam, my initial reaction was similar to yours, with a few differences.

    dana left the invite there… under the condition that he get his act together. if he had simply said “get the hell out, you’ll never fight in the ufc” than i would have said he’d gone too far. i’d like to think that dana, who’s had his own problems with alcohol in the past, had felt sorry for him, but also felt like he had no other course of action. plus, i think the “i’m a ufc fighter” line was the straw that broke the camels back. i think jesse fully deserved the punishment he received. if i were applying for a job (which is essentially the premise of TUF) and i slipped up like that, i would fully expect to suffer the consequences if my perspective employer found out. and at the same time, if my current employer (who i’ve been with close to ten years, and made alot of sacrifices for) knew that i’d done something similar, i’d expect to be given a little bit of leeway, based on my reputation as a good employee (in the same way that chuck was given a pass for his antics). does that make sense? ha… i just compared myself to chuck liddell.

    in the long run, it’ll make jesse taylor a better person, and a better fighter. had he not been reprimanded, it only would have led to future incidents. look at his demeanor when he showed up to meet with dana. he was only apologetic once he realized what he’d lost. with that said, i thought he showed tremendous class in owning up to his mistake, and you could definitely tell it hit him like a ton of bricks. bonehead or not, you had to feel for the guy.

    but all these things aside, the most overwhelming feeling i got from the episode, was that it was simply a case of timing, and tv ratings. this wasnt exactly an eventful season (no one got kicked off, no shocking upset knockout to end the season). i wouldnt be surprised at all if the ufc viewed this as an opportunity to hype the last episode. that’s a big leap, but this is “reality tv”, so anythings possible. still doesnt excuse jesse’s actions by any means, but i also wonder if the same would have held true if it were c.b., or amir… fighters that dana has been championing the entire season.

    i also thought it was telling that amir was the only one who showed concern for jesse (asking “is he alright”?) when he met with dana. no question who i’ll be rooting for in the finale. humble classy guy.

  • Evan says:

    I wonder just how bad it got in that hotel though…if he’s dumb enough to tinkle on the floor like a puppy imagine what a drunk ego acts like to women.

    But I think he should and will be back.

  • PokerFace says:

    Cmon Dana, he’s a bad ass. He has a drinking problem. Put him on anabuse and at least let him fight on the undercard at UFN14. Better yet, you obviously are concerned about your competition, so give him a fifth and put him in against a HW.

  • RealDrew says:

    I had the same thoughts. Jesse doesn’t really deserve any sympathy but from what I can gather he didn’t do anything worse then Emerson or War Machine. What it comes down to is that Jesse was dumb enough to do this crap on the Fertitta’s property.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Emerson and War Machine getting the boot too.

  • Pleau says:

    Had Jesse only destroyed the limousine window and harassed female patrons of Station Casinos he might have been granted a second chance and not been pulled out of the finale. It was how it ended that put him over the top. “Don’t you know who I am? I’m a UFC Fighter” is unprofessional in the highest regard and brings with it a lot of the stereotypes that the UFC has tried not to be over the last several years. Part of me says thank god that the show hadn’t aired before this rampage. Had many people recognized him from TV, this occassion surely would have been put out in some form of media– Newspaper, TV, etc. Being in the UFC does not give someone license to behave that way. I agree with C.B, who said of the night that he’s lucky he didnt get arrested.

  • ak47 says:

    Anybody else think they might have kicked him out just to add some drama to the show? They certainly marketed this episode that way.

  • Mike C. says:

    #5 I think you are right about the “I’m a UFC fighter” comments being a big part of the problem.

  • bubbafat says:

    If I kicked out any of your car windows and got charged, my boss wouldn’t fire me. If I kicked out my bosses car window , that would be a different story. Words to the wise, don’t kick out car windows(especially if it’s your bosses), and when the boss opens his liquor cabinet to you, don’t go over the top(especially at his house).

  • John says:

    I pesonally think Dana is correct for pulling Jesse out of competition. He needs to set Jesse on the right track. It’s not like he won’t ever fight in the UFC. He needs to know from the beginning that is no way to represent the UFC!

  • joe says:

    all really good points. i think the only way this gets settled is a loser leave town 3 way match between JT money, war machine and the South county lord. lol

    In all seriousness, I think if JT gets his act together, in a few years it will only make him a better face because it gives him nore of a story. controversy sells

  • Gabber says:

    I don’t know man, Dana did leave an open invitation for him to get his ass in check and “give him a call in a couple months”. He realizes the dude fucked up huge and based off how he beat everyone else, he’ll probably get another shot.

    Also, don’t forget that Dana gave them some ground rules before he took them out on the town about being a representative of the company and acting proper. Jesse broke the rules.

    It would have been a different story if it all didn’t go down at a Fertitta Casino either.

    Jesse was an idiot. The whole week leading up to the “incident” I kept saying “Please don’t be Jesse, it’s way too believable it would be Jesse” I guess I was right. How brutal is that, you have the world by the short and curlies, you go out and get bombed, probably get shot down by a couple chicks and go on a tirade.

    How sad.

  • bjjdenver says:

    I would say his punishment is about right.

    What they should do is add him to their anti-affliction show, in an undercard fight.

  • Taylor Kresge says:

    I disagree. Dana specifically talked to the guys about being responsible when hanging out around town. The message Dana sends is that when he tells you something you better listen, and when you blatantly ignore it, he will punish you.

    It’s his company, he can decide what kind of fighters he wants to keep.

  • marc says:

    I think Dana did exactly what he should have done. He did leave the door open for a return in the future. Being kicked off the finale is probably the best thing that could have happened to Jesse as he will probably give up drinking (obviously he has a drinking problem). Jesse will come back sober and maybe even work proper nutrition into his routine. I’m willing to bet when he DOES return he will be a force to reckon with and probably even say that this wake up call was the best thing that could have ever happened to his career.

  • kg says:

    you don’t $hit where you eat

  • Zack with a ck says:

    He’ll be back. He’s apparently already going to AA meetings and saying all the right things. It’ll make a great story and he’s got tremendous notoriety.

    I’m on board with the idea that Dana was inclined to be less forgiving with Jesse because he thinks his style is boring.

    I really like the big goofball, and apparently so did others in the house. I’m willing to bet we see him on an undefard or UFN before the end of the year.

  • joe says:

    Hey Sam , hey guys- no one seemes to mention that JTs style was pretty boring. we all know the ufc hates that lay and pray mentality. didnt he win all his matchs by decision? maybe his style had something to do with it too?

  • seth b says:

    A tough situation to put a kid like JT in. Lock them in a house for 6 weeks with no outside influence or contact, give him all the free booze he can put down, and it is ok to trash everything (house, pool, gym, hall).

    My first question, without seeing JT’s interview as it would not play for me, is did he have a drinking problem before being put in this position by Dana?

    My second question is why do they not give these fighters time to re-acclimate back into society. Six weeks is a good amount of time to be out of contact with everything but the house and can make the house seem like it is normal. It is not normal, and it is possible that JT saw Station as an extension of the house where it is ok to get crazy because it helps ratings.

    Just my 2 cents from someone who got crazy a time or two in his youth and fortunately never ran into anyone powerful who thought that they could make money off of my craziness, even at the cost of my future.

  • Ian says:

    My gut reaction to the whole thing was that Dana found an excuse to get rid of somebody he deems a boring fighter.

  • bjjdenver says:

    Where is everyone getting this boring fighter stuff. If my memory serves, he took his opponents down and had non-stop gnp. It isn’t like he just laid there and did nothing, like Bradley did in the fight-in, or Dante did in his fights.

    He may not be Anderson Silva, but I would hardly say he is boring.

  • KOB says:

    Hey you pi** off the boss and that’s what happens. I understand they are fighters and all, but to do it at the same casino that’s owned by the guys who are about to cut you a check, that’s just stupid. Then you are asking for it.

    He may have said some really bad stuff to the girls too because I love how they never really detailed it or showed film from it. Casino security can see and hear everything that’s going on.

    And even if you think it’s harsh that the guy was kicked out of the main event at least they left the door open for him. But Dana is right. If he’s like that now, it would only get worse if he didn’t control it.

    These guys all party after fights in Vegas and you always see them partying afterwards. You don’t see them kicking out windows from limos or acting stupid like that.

  • joe says:

    yeah bjj we know he’s got great skills but do u think 90% of the viewers know that? to most, him and bradley are the same beast. im i right?

  • TMAC says:

    I think there is more to the story than was reported on the final episode. I have zero inside information, however from listening to Jesse’s interview, reading a couple TUF participant’s blogs, and watching the show again there are a few things that seemed to have been glossed over:

    1. Jesse says in his interview that before returning to the casino in the limo he had been kicked out of a club for being obnoxious. The show didn’t mentioned this, but its one more incident that night that made Jesse, TUF, the UFC, etc.
    2. One of the fighter blogs from a fighter who didn’t go out that night, but was awaken by police (perhaps casino security) looking for Jesse in the middle of the night. On the show Dana mentions calling “my security guy” so it appears for a brief period Dana knew Jesse was causing a ruckous, but Jesse still needed to be tracked down. That’s not a good experience to put your boss through.
    3. Reading between the lines my take is that Dana essentially had to “cover” for Jesse with the limo company, Station Casino security, perhaps even the police. I’m not saying Jesse committed any serious crimes, but Dana was clear with Jesse that whatever he did that night he could have been arrested for in another situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesse’s antics would have gotten him arrested at just about any other casino where Dana didn’t have the ability to call in a favor.

    Bottom-line is that the fact that security at the Station Casino had to get involved was Jesse’s final straw. This isn’t a casino owned by Dana White or the UFC, its owned by the Frettitas. Jesse showed disrespect by being a jack-ass in their place. Remember in the movie casino when the big cowboy dude put his feet on the blackjack table and told Deniro to “F— off” when asked to take his feet down? He was beaten with the telephone receiver and told to apologize for disrespecting his boss’s friend’s casino. Jesse committed a similar act of disrespect by causing a ruckous not just in Las Vegas, but at a Station Casino. (BTW – Station Casinos were built on their reputation as friendly to Las Vegas locals, word getting around that UFC fighters are known to cause scenes at Station Casinos would be a very bad thing.)

    Again take the act in context. The night before Dana had taken out the entire cast and showed them the spoils of being a UFC fighter. He took them to dinner, clubs, etc. He gives every cast a glimpse of this rewarding their 6 weeks of hard work and giving them an incentive to go back to their home gyms and train harder. Dana even mentions on the show that he gives them all “the talk” before taking them out on this reward night. For Jesse to turn around the very next evening and pretty much act in a manner exactly the opposite of what he had been told to do by his boss, the punishment fits the crime.

    No employer wants to hire someone with an attitude of entitlement, and that is precisely the attitude Jesse, alcohol-fueled nonetheless, showed in the worst possible place(s) to show it, where word would get back to his boss. If one of my employees committed a similar act, I would cancel their promotion as well. And that essentially is what Dana did.

    Listening the Jesse’s interview its clear he is making efforts to change his life in positive ways. Admitting that alcohol is a problem in his life and taking steps to eliminate that problem should be applauded and rewarded by the UFC, in time. Removing alcohol will definitely help to improve the mental and emotional aspects of his game Dana to accurately told him to work on, but there is more to it than that. Jesse mentioned in his interview that he called Dana 3 weeks after being kicked off the show, only to not get through to Dana. It did sound like Jesse got the non-verbal message Dana was sending him, “3 weeks isn’t enough time to get straight all the things you need to get straight.” I hope we see Jesse in the UFC before long, but at the same time this is a fractured young man with tons of potential and from all accounts is really a good kid. Let him heal those fractures, no need to rush the comeback.

  • woooburn says:

    i would guess that the “boring” tag came from dana’s comments during the recap of his win over dante. he was discussing how dante did nothing during the fight, but then he said something alot the lines “jesse didnt look like much of a world beater either”. even though i dont necessarily agree with him, i’d take that as an indication that he wasnt impressed with him. whether that led to him using the situation at the casino as a vehicle to get rid of him, simply on the basis of his fighting style, i think is a stretch.

  • Evan says:

    “hey guys- no one seemes to mention that JTs style was pretty boring. we all know the ufc hates that lay and pray mentality.”

    and yet the UFC gets blasted for Sherk being boring (this was said before and after the steroid mess)

  • DougDrex says:

    I happen to think the punishment fit the crime in this case.

    J.T.’s biggest mistake (as others have mentioned) was making it known that he was a UFC fighter. When representing the biggest organization in all of MMA, you better have better control of yourself than he did that night.

    Dana’s punishment was not a permanent ban from the UFC like other former TUF competitors have received. He openly stated that J.T. would get a second chance if he proved that he was more mature.

    The bottom line to me is that J.T. now has to take responsibility for what he did, grow as a man and competitor, and come back better than ever before.

    It’s just that simple…

  • jimbo says:

    I think the point is being a dumb ass steakhead is ok in the “controlled setting” of the house
    its good for ratings. However the UFC doesnt want their fighters behaving like NBA, NFL, & pro baseball players in public. Talented or not. The Ufc is doing a good thing by being tough on this type of behavior and for that matter their roid/ drug policies. Holding their “employees” to a higher standard will go a long way in the legitimisation of the sport.

    Just my 2cents

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Jesse will be back unless he does something comparably stupid during his “time out.” His departure–which he had coming–is a big blow to the finale. I like Amir, but Jesse is bigger and stronger, and was the clear favorite in that match up. Jesse’s style in his TUF fights was ground and pound, but he always stayed active. CB, on the other hand, is much more the “lay and pray” style, and that makes for a less interesting fight, especially against Amir, who didn’t defend his take downs very well in their first fight. The other fights better be good, because the finale is likely to be three rounds of Amir on his back with CB doing very little, especially during the last round. Yawn.

  • pp says:

    let’s put it this way. if it were CB in JT’s shoes, CB would not have been kicked off the show. i’m 100% certain of that. enough said.

  • I think that maybe the difference between the other offenses you mention Sam is that Jesse started dropping the ” do you know who I am ?” line blah blah…I am a UFC fighter. I agree that there where worse offenses than his but, to go that route is probably the worst thing they could do in that situation. Jesse would be fighting in the Finale if it wasn’t for droppin that .

  • jb says:

    Nice article Sam (as always).

    He’ll be back. Dana left the invite out there and I think he’s too smart not to bring a good fighter back.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    TMAC is spot on.

    Dana White was absolutely correct in saying that unchecked, Taylor would have been a lunatic.

    I really hope he gets his head straight because he’s a tough, talented kid who made a mistake and had to pay the price.

  • Kel says:

    Don’t know if this has been covered already, but it was obvious that JT has issues with alcohol based on what was shown on the show. There probably could have been an intervention or something to let him know he was f’ing up while the show was going on. If something was done, this situation could have been avoided (most likely delayed).
    Now, this is easy to say when there aren’t ratings(= $) involved. If there I am also, in no way, making excuses for his poor judgement and actions. The punishment did seem a bit harsh, but I think that there may be more to the story, or he was trying to make an example. I wonder if Dana White spoke with the other fighters that were there that night?

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    There are very influential people in Vegas who, although they’e adopted “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, brook no fools causing an outrageous p.r. problem.
    Dana White and the UFC are headquartered in Vegas and there is a spirit of cooperation based on “keeping a lid” on the fun, family fun and wild fun in Vegas.

    The word is that Jesse provoked security at four different, reputable establishments during a single night. Each of these establishments made appeals to UFC security without engaging Vegas P.D. and Jesse just kept on trucking.

    Dana told Jesse to come back after a “couple months” of getting his ‘stuff’ together. If Jesse is smart . . . well, nevermind . . . if someone can conceive of some rudimentary cave drawings for Jesse and instruct him to come humbly to Dana after a couple months and Jesse can show that he’s got a support structure around him taht will put some serious speedbumps between him and stupid, he’s got a chance.

    But pride is a killer and Jesse might fall on a sword needlessly.

  • Echolocating says:

    Caplan, are you stirring the pot again? 😉

    If you think Taylor’s punishment was too much, how else could he have been reprimanded? Make him have a time-out in the corner of the room? Give me a break.

    Dana did the right thing. Taylor needs to get serious about being in and representing the UFC… and being a decent citizen in general. I’m glad Dana knocked the stupid out of Jesse. It’s a really good message to send out to the masses and I’m a little surprised that you’re not recognizing (or acknowledging) that fact. This is a good thing, Sam, not a bad thing.

    When Taylor comes back, and we all know he will, it’ll be like a clean slate for him… and the fans of the UFC. Had Dana let Taylor continue, I would have less respect for Dana and possibly none for Taylor. I want to see a more mature and respectable Jesse Taylor next time, don’t you?

    It’s called tough love, Sam. 😉

  • Dr. Stoppage says:

    I’m looking at it like Jesse’s been suspended.
    He screwed up in a way that’s bigger than the show,and could have been charged.
    Dana made an example out of him,and I thought it was effing great television.
    While it sucks for Jesse,he now has an opportunity to learn from it and succeed.
    I’m already looking forward to seeing Jesse and TUF 7 winner Amir fight down the road.

  • Simco says:

    If I went on a job interview and kicked out the windows of my boss’ car as I was leaving I wouldn’t expect to be hired.

  • fightfan says:

    As I have been saying ever since seeing it, Dana and the were just waiting and even searching for a way to bring CB back into the program. Jesse is a boring fighter, while they hyped CB as the second coming of Christ.

    When Dana got the call from Lorenzo or security at the casino, they “found” their way to bring back Jesse. I will betca that they were reading and rereading contract agreements and LOOKING for ANYTHING to get rid of Jesse or anyone for being stupid.

    I mean they want them to destroy the house, etc, etc.
    And LASTLY and probably most PERTINENT…………

    If the UFC LH Champion can go on a nationally televised TV morning show in Dallas Texas and slurr his words to the point that you couldnt even understand him…AND that was when he was straight out PASSED OUT, SOUND ASLEEP. Any punishment or penalty there, ABSOLUTELY NOT. If anything Dana and the UFC did whatever they could to push that under the rug.

    I mean the face of the UFC doing that and NO REPURCUSSIONS!!!!!!! WOW. Poor Jesse gets what happened to him. Many are arrested, have criminal records and are still in the UFC and able to fight, etc, etc/

    Just terrible what they did yo Jesse. I guarantee you if it were Forrest of Rampage who did the SAME THING, nothign would of been done about it. togh break for Jesse because he wasnt marketable

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    fightfan, you’re ridiculous.

  • Davey D says:

    #27 TMAC. That is very, very well put and I feel exactly the same.

    In any situation in life. I feel you need to weigh the positives and negatives with what we come across in our life. If the negetives out weigh the postives, then there is no reason to consider going that route.

    In Jesse Taylor’s case. Dana had to decide should I keep someone who, on camera, destroys a limo…harasses female patrons at a Casino that is owned by Executives (his closest friend’s BTW) who also own the league JT is dreaming of being a part of…and finally, tells security that he’s a UFC fighter and the whole bit. There are NO positive outcomes resulting of those issue’s at the current moment (then) so Dana did what he had to.

    In the end, this is all on Jesse Taylor. He has to change and apparently already has started. This is good. Over time, he’ll be accepted if he can stay sober. In my opinon, he deserves a chance to compete in the UFC at some point in time, just not tomorrow night. He earned it yes, however, simply squandered that chance by acting like like he did.

    Dana White and his crew will decide when the time is right, we can only guess that will be. That’s just some things are and that is the way it should be.

  • bjjdenver says:

    Responding to the comments about me questioning JT being boring.

    Sure, he isn’t the most exciting, and not my style of fighter, but he was usually very active striking from guard or wherever.

    Bradley and Dante basically didn’t strike.

    I just didn’t think he was that “boring”, that they would look for a reason to drop him.

    And whoever mentioned Sherk, i think he gets a bed rap for being boring. Basically the same story, gets you down and pounds on you.

  • Derek B says:

    They should have had CB fight Paul Bradley to see who goes to the finale.

    I bet if they didn’t kick Paul Bradley off the show for his outbreak…he would have been one of the fighters to make it to the finale.

  • joe says:

    anyone hear if theyre going to bring Bradley back?

  • bjjdenver says:

    Bradley signed with EXC.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I can’t believe people are criticizing Jesse as boring and not CB. Nothing Jesse did on the show, whether in or out of the octagon, was boring. What did CB do in the octagon that was exciting? His fight with Credeur was sloppy striking and lay and pray. (Somebody please tell me why Credeur chose not try a few submissions, for pity’s sake). Same with CB’s first fight with Amir. The only thing CB did outside the octagon that was noteworthy was talk about himself in the third person, and that was annoying, and not even interesting.

  • Zack with a ck says:

    Mike – go over to Sherdog and you’ll see tons of people calling CB boring and overrated. I don’t think he was boring, but he was definitely overrated. Jesse would have kept him warm for 15 minutes if they had fought.

    I also think Jesse had a pretty active gnp, and was definitely damaging guys. However, if I speak for myself, I have to say I’m over the Tito/Hughes style of fighting – wrestling, strength, and gnp. Thankfully, once you reach the top 10 of any weight class these days it doesn’t cut it anymore.

  • joe says:

    how dare u dissrespect CB Dalloway! CB Dalloway will kick your fat ass with his hands tied behind his back !

    CB Dalloway

  • sven says:

    I really dont care if Jesse deserves to be there or not. I’m just glad he’s gone. He’s jsut too damned boring.

  • JOe K. says:

    I agree, whether or not JT deserved to get kicked off, I’m glad he did. If I was Dana I would have been looking for any excuse to get him off of the show. It’s his style of fighting that gives the ground game a bad (or boring of which it is totally not) public image. If I wanted to see a Jesse Taylor fight, I would just go to my local highschool and watch 2 fat wrestlers lay on each other. He was the most boring one dimensional fighter.

    I thought CB was a little boring as well until that last fight. Now I think CB is a welcomed addition to the UFC roster.

  • Tom S. says:

    Fitting punishment,I heard about this incident here in vegas before the show even aired.After kicking out the window that night he fought two security gaurds in the palace station,then when vegas metro got there he started fighting the first cop on the scene.the ufc just did not release that info for some reason.

  • ManOfSteele says:

    That was the worst articles Sam has written. First JT is not a UFC fighter. Second he carried himself in a manner that is unprofessional and dangerous. Sam don’t start feeling for the idiots. Your articles are better than that.

  • saerbarnet says:

    First of all: I have not read any comments so this might or might not have been said already but here I go.

    Jesse Taylor was in no way known for being a great fighter. And he was certainly not known to be a UFC-fighter when he pulled the stunts he did after the last episode. What you seem to forget in your article is that this did not happen this week. It happened a while back when no one knew who the fuck Jesse Taylor was.
    If you ran a company would you like if someone you might hire ran around doing stupid things(while drunk to the boot) screaming that he worked for your company? I don’t think so.
    However I see no problem if the UFC decides to bring Jesse Taylor back in to the octagon when he has matured to the point where he doesn’t piss himself or harass women while drunk.
    I see the same talent that everyone else does in Jesse Taylor. I also see that he needs to visit a fucking psychiatrist to get a fucking grip of his drinking and acting like a little kid pissing himself and doing stupid shit expecting not to get reprimanded for it.
    If it was any other idiot doing these things on youtube instead of Spike TV you would all call him an idiot and expect him to be fired. Just because he’s on a reality show it doesn’t make it more okay.

  • joe says:

    #56: “First of all: I have not read any comments so this might or might not have been said already but here I go.”

    you dont read anyones comments up to this point and were supposed to read yours like your the voice of reason. funny stuff man. u can atleast browse what we been discussing

  • Eric says:

    CB Dollaway was shown in the video with Jesse Taylor as they walked into a lobby area. If Dana talked about character, then why should CB be given an opportunity to fight. Shouldn’t you be judged by who you associate with? If he’s associating with Jesse that night, didn’t stop him from acting like a fool and didn’t stop him from harassing women why should Dollaway be allowed back into the tournament? What was Dollaway doing as Jesse kicked out the window of the limo? Egging him on? We don’t know cause we weren’t there, but he wasn’t stopping him. If he was trying to stop him, they wouldn’t have strolled into the casino like nothing happened. Dollaway would have pulled him aside and they would have left the area. Dollaway isn’t to blame, but he certainly should not be rewarded. Taylor should still be in the finals and I really think Dana missed the boat on this.

  • DPK says:

    They should send him to WEC for a few fights, that way he can still earn his way in, and prove that he is sticking with his AA meetings. I am not against UFC enforcing a public conduct policy, even if this is just a start. It seems to be working for the NFL, when guys act stupid in public they get suspended.

  • dohfil says:


    Give JT a break Dana.


  • Mikemick says:

    Remember when Chris Leben got in trouble for breaking a door down in the house in season 1? It seems the show has changed a lot since then. Oh wait, it used to be about fighting, now I remember.

    I have no problem with Dana punishing JT. I do have a problem with the inconsistencies that Dana has shown with his punishments. If the line to be crossed was a little more black and white, maybe you wouldn’t have some of these screw-ups.

  • bjjdenver says:

    “CB Dollaway was shown in the video with Jesse Taylor as they walked into a lobby area. If Dana talked about character, then why should CB be given an opportunity to fight. Shouldn’t you be judged by who you associate with? If he’s associating with Jesse that night, didn’t stop him from acting like a fool and didn’t stop him from harassing women why should Dollaway be allowed back into the tournament? What was Dollaway doing as Jesse kicked out the window of the limo? Egging him on? We don’t know cause we weren’t there, but he wasn’t stopping him. If he was trying to stop him, they wouldn’t have strolled into the casino like nothing happened. Dollaway would have pulled him aside and they would have left the area. Dollaway isn’t to blame, but he certainly should not be rewarded. Taylor should still be in the finals and I really think Dana missed the boat on this.”

    Absolutely not. You don’t judge someone by who they associate with, which, by the way, was one night on the town after the wrap. If CB had a questionable background, then MAYBE you question him. You said it yourself, we don’t know what happened, so you just want to assume the worst? Maybe CB did tell him to settle down, but if you have been paying attention, JT is a wildman when he drinks and nothing is goint to change that. CB distanced himself from JT when it became apparent that he was in self destruct mode. You need to research this incident a little more and also realize, what they show you is an edited version. We have no idea what else may have happened that night and who was questioned about it at the time. Bottom line, JT was a jackass and as an adult, faces the consequences.

  • DamonO says:

    The prior incidents are maybe why Dana made the decision he did. I think he is sending a message out to everyone that he will not tolerate those situations anymore. When it comes down to it, it is bad for business. I believe that anyone who destroys anything from the show should be kicked off the show. I really don’t think it’s funny to see a bunch of guys all wrecking a house. They’re giving intelligent fighters a bad name when they allow these guys to do that crap. It’s not good entertainment. If I wanted to see that kind of show then I would go rent the latest episode of bum fights. That’s all they are is a bunch of drunk dumb asses wreaking havoc on a very nice house that was supplied to them to stay in while they work towards a greater future.

    Maybe the UFC wants them to wreck the house because it helps the ratings. Well I am not one who wants to see these guys do that. I would rather watch them do some good and maybe go and serve some food to the homeless.


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