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UFC Fight Night 14: fight card updates


When: July 19 ’08 (same night as Affliction: Banned PPV)
Where: Las Vegas, NV @ The Palms Casino
Watch: Spike TV

Here’s the latest on the UFC Fight Night 14 event:

Main Card

  • Anderson Silva vs. James “Sandman” Irvin (non-title match at 205lbs)
  • Brandon Vera vs. Reese Andy
  • Frankie Edgar vs. Hermes Franca
  • Cain Velasquez vs. Jake O’Brien
  • Anthony Johnson vs. Kevin Burns
  • Jesse Taylor vs. CB Dollaway

may not be broadcast

  • Tim Credeur vs. Cale Yarbrough
  • Rory Markham vs. Brodie Farber
  • Brad Blackburn vs. James Giboo
  • Nate Loughran vs. Johnny Rees
  • Shannon Gugerty vs. Dale Hartt

Fight card subject to change; bouts will be added as we confirm them.

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  • Jeremy says:

    I have seen two more rumored bouts as well. MMAWeekly is reporting Nate Loughran vs. Johnny Rees and mmajunkie has Brad Blackburn vs. James Giboo. I guess the whole UFC trimming down their roster just kind of went out the door with this show, they have either signed or re-signed(O’brien) 7 guys so far for this show.

  • bjjdenver says:

    Outside of Edgar/Franca, I don’t see this as a card of great match ups. Of course you never know how fights will turn out, plus it is FREE!

    The funny thing about the prior UFC cuts, is people acted like these fighters were banned from the UFC or something. They are well known for bringing guys in as replacements or additions to cards, so I fully expected many, like O’Brien, to get another chance.

  • David says:

    “Non-Title Match” as if to notify us Silva is not going 5 rounds. How about scheduled for three rounds but they’re packing the bell up after round one. Silva by deadly strike in the first two minutes. Sandman sleeps forever

  • jamo says:

    has anderson ever had a fight at this weight?? cause if irvin is lucky enough to get him silvas out!?!?!

  • bjjdenver says:

    Silva has fought at 205 in the past, pre-UFC. Irvin is a small LHW, who has contemplated moving to MW. I don’t think size will really be much of a factor in this fight.

  • Hardcharger says:

    James Irvin walked into the octagon at UFC 65 at 226 lbs. That’s not small.

  • bjjdenver says:

    that is only about 10 pounds more than Silva. I don’t think Irvin walks at that weight now, but not sure?

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Silva’s weight relative to Irvin’s is less significant imo than whether Silva has the reach advantage. If Silva can’t use his Muay Thai clinch as effectively, that’s where he’ll be vulnerable. Both Irvin and Silva are listed at 6’2″ on the UFC site, but don’t know about their respective reaches.

  • Ian says:

    Anderson Silva walks around at 215. There’s not a huge size advantage.

  • jamo says:

    silva is defo more technical but irvine has that big punch,that bloke hits hard!! think silva will win cause he is so well rounded..but if he walks in to that punch there could be an upset??

  • Mad Maxman says:

    Silva by KO in the first minute!He’ll be just as wicked at 205 as he is at MW. Looks like a test fight for Silva to me. Can you say Liddell Vs Silva down the road.

  • jamo says:

    yeah can realy see that fight happening!! flight tickets to vegas me thinks!!lol

  • Kogepan says:

    wow, so its basically Anderson Silva and a bunch of tomato cans. thanks dana, now I’ll have something to watch on Youtube on monday morning.

    So I guess Silva is vacating the MW belt? Why would he move to LHW to fight a chump like Irvin? I would have expected a more high profile opponent.

  • glock says:

    Silva / Irvin ?? I dunno , I didn’t see that one coming. I guess Irvin’s a gatekeeper @ 205 now??

    I’m anxious to see if Anthony Johnson is for real…. he made Tommy Speer look like a Cub Scout. If he finishes in under a minute again, I hope Joe Silva puts him in with Diego Sanchez next .. I would LOVE to see that one, if Sanchez would take it…..

    Hopefully Frankie is back in good form .

    All in all, I think it’s got the potential to be a surprisingly entertaining and enlightening card.

  • aceyeager says:

    yea but at ufc 65 he fought lhw so he had to be at 205 or less at 1 point therfor small

  • aceyeager says:

    irvin will lose to another silva. thiago and anderson need to fight

  • HexRei says:


    Wait a second, you thinK Brandon Vera, Frankie Edgar, and Hermes Franca are tomato cans? Your credibility is now shot.

  • Rip says:

    I agree with HexRei, Anthony Johnson is going to be a stud in the near future also, if you don’t consider him one already!

  • thomas says:

    i dont think silva walks around at 215. hes not that big as to where he needs to cut 30 lbs to fight at 185.
    silva is 200-205 tops natural weight

  • Bryan says:

    Silva will come into this fight at about 210-215, irvin used to be a HW champ in WEC. He is a big LHW and will come into this fight at 230-235. Size is definately and advantage. Irvin has a punchers chance, and much more of one than Serra (as an example of big dog with a punchers chance). He has great power, above average boxing, a good chin and nobody knows how fast anderson is gonna be with an extra 20lbs packed on his lanky frame. I put 100 on Irvin at +425.


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