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Another setback for MMA in New York

UFC President Dana White has been quoted in several interviews this year as saying that the sport of mixed martial arts will become regulated in the state of New York and that a show at Madison Square Garden was possible before year’s end.

Well, unless the UFC has plans on running an underground show, a New York event is not expected to happen until 2009, at the earliest. reported last week that the Committee for Tourism, Arts, and Sports Development in the State of New York voted against a proposed bill that could lead to the legalization of MMA in the state. Several committee members tried to change their votes after the official session had come to a close and it was decided that the bill would go up for a re-vote on Wednesday, June 18.

However, a source informed Five Ounces of Pain earlier this afternoon that the vote in fact did not take place as scheduled and that the bill to legalize martial arts has been tabled and likely won’t be re-introduce until early-2009.

Our source indicated that the bill is now expected to be subject to a public hearing, which is perceived to be a step back.

When asked why the vote never took place as had been anticipated, the source indicated that it is believed that lingering labor issues between Station Casinos in Las Vegas and Local 54 “Unite Here” could be a culprit.

Several other sources have revealed to Five Ounces of Pain in recent days that the UFC had been working on several deals pertaining to potential regulation in New York, including the expansion of the promotion’s offices in New York as well as a possible long-term agreement with Madison Square Garden.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Politicians can say what they like about MMA, but state-level politics mixed with union bosses is far more disgusting and unhealthy. Nobody should have to wallow in that mud.

  • Cobra Kai says:

    Another case of unions screwing up something good.

  • DPK says:

    As a resident of New York, and a fan of MMA this is just bullshit. In the mean time, succesful MMA events will continue to be run in New Jersy, Connecticut, and Montreal, and New York the largest media market in the country, not too mention Albany, Buffalo, and Syracuse as potential venues are all missing out. Now I have to go write another letter to some politicians

  • StayDown says:

    I find this to be ridiculous. First of all, I won’t blame this on a Union. The lawmakers wanetd to pass it and then backed off. Just goes to show that they don’t care what the general public thinks or wants. They do this for themselves and for the lobby groups that support them.

    The income generated from a UFC event in NYC would be huge. In that city and in the Garden…you would have to put on the biggest show in UFC history and it would bring record numbers.

  • Ken says:

    apparently the customary payoffs have not been made to enough politicians and union officials.


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